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ORNL, U.S. Air Force, hash out agreement

An agreement between the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory and Oak Ridge National Laboratory promises to save taxpayer dollars and speed the delivery of technological advances to U.S. air, cyber and space forces.

The recently signed memorandum of understanding will promote a cooperative exchange of technical requirements, science and technology information and result in leveraged program development between the two labs. Officials expect the agreement to improve the cost, schedule and performance goals associated with developing critical technologies for the nation through the coordination of related efforts and information exchanges.

ORNL’s Tim Vane, a member of the National Security Directorate and manager of USAF programs, sees great things coming from this


“This agreement provides an opportunity to establish a common and consistent path into our respective technology bases,” Vane said. “In some cases the Air Force Research Lab will be able to leverage prior government investment in technologies under development at Oak Ridge, and in other cases ORNL may be able to utilize Air Force technologies to meet the needs and requirements of emerging national and homeland security challenges.”

ORNL conducts basic and applied research as well as rapid prototyping to create scientific knowledge and technical solutions to meet national challenges. The Department of Energy lab develops technologies in the key areas of physical and biological sciences, clean and abundant energy sources, restoration and protection of the environment and national and homeland security. In recent years, ORNL has developed world-class computational capabilities that include state-of-the-art computers and unique modeling and simulation software.

The Air Force Research Laboratory is responsible for the discovery, development and integration of affordable technologies for the U.S. Air Force. The lab also oversees the development of basic and applied research as well as advanced technologies that support the Air Force. The leadership at AFRL believes that leveraging national capabilities and investments is critical to optimizing military transformation and meeting USAF research and development goals.

The initial period for the MOU is three years with meetings scheduled at regular intervals.

to share technical information and review progress toward identified goals.


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