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Rezoning passes 5-4
Fox Run, Sedgefield, subdivisions headed to Hardin Valley High

Farragut parents said they hoped for various outcomes, both before and after the Knox County School Board vote on rezoning.

Many parents attended the Wednesday, May 2, meeting at the City County Building in downtown Knoxville.

Many expressed what they wanted to come out of the meeting, and what path they’d like to see the School Board follow now that it has passed Knox County Schools Superintendent Roy Mullins’ zone proposal (5-4).

“I’d like to see them increase the number of children going from Farragut to Harden Valley from ten percent to twenty or thirty,” Joe Walker of Ridgeland subdivision said. Walker spoke on behalf of his subdivision to the Board during the public forum, held before the vote.

“We, the residents at Ridgeland, understand that a new high school has been built and must be populated. We don’t ask that you don’t send us to the new high school. We feel that there are a lot of positives, and if we go, we will work to make it better,” he said. “We ask two things. First, fix the roads and provide transportation routes that are safer than they are now. Second, if you are going to send students from the Farragut Middle School feeder to Hardin Valley High School, don’t isolate a few students.”

He urged the board to vote no for the proposal until a better transportation route could be established, and to accept an amendment made by Thomas Deakins, District 6 School Board member, to keep Farragut Middle School students zoned for Farragut High School.

During public forum, Fiona Hill of Hickory Woods subdivision asked the Board to approve all amendments made by all school board members because it would be a compromise between the community and Knox County Schools.

“One of the most profound values that parents should try to instill in their own children is that life is a compromise,” she said. “Even if you were to scrap the plan, form a task force or citizen committee, the end result would be a compromise. By accepting all of the amendments, you already have a compromise between communities and board members. We can then move forward to try to reunite as a county and focus on what is most important — providing the best education possible for all children of Knox County.”

She added, “I feel like no matter what the end result is, it will end up being a compromise. Not one person or individual board member is going to get everything they want. So that’s why I brought up the analogy that life is a compromise, because I truly believe that it is.”

Deakins was the only Board member to vote in favor of his amendment. After it was rejected, he addressed the Board and Mullins.

“Mr. Superintendent, I want to meet with you … and I want us to look at Farragut High School zone and look at taking more children out of the Farragut High School zone, not necessarily the town of Farragut, but the high school zone, and let’s try and make a bigger percentage going to Hardin Valley,” Deakins said.

After Mullins’ zone proposal passed, Walker said he hopes more Farragut students will be sent to HVHS.

“I hope that Mister Deakins will be successful at getting a larger number of students from the Farragut community into the new school so that we have a larger number,” he said. “I’m sure they’ll be some people that move, but it will eventually settle down.”

Cathy Edrada, a resident of Sedgefield subdivision, said she did not want more Farragut children to be zoned for Hardin Valley.

“Absolutely not,” she said. “I’m extremely disappointed the proposal passed, but more I do not want more Farragut students going to Hardin Valley.”

Breaking down the 5-4 vote, Deakins, Cindy Buttry, Robert Bratton and Rex Stooksbury voted against the proposal. Sam Anderson, Indya Kincannon, Dan Murphy, Karen Carson and Jim Williams voted in favor of the proposal.


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