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police reports

• March 5: Officers were dispatched to the Cracker Barrel off Campbell Station Road about an employee stealing money from the victim (Cracker Barrel). The complainant stated that the suspect had stolen about $400 over a two week period. The complainant stated that the suspect was then terminated. The suspect had written and signed a statement that stated he stole the money. The complainant stated that, as a representative of the victim, he was going to prosecute the suspect.

• March 6: Police were dispatched to Anchor Park off Turkey Creek Road. The victim stated that sometime in the morning, an unknown person(s) broke out the front passenger side window of her van to gain entry. The suspect(s) stole her purse with listed contents. The victim said she was at Anchor Park walking and when she returned to the vehicle it had been burglarized.

• March 7: Police officer responded to Parkside Drive. Complainant stated that the vehicle was taken out of the parking lot at an unknown time. She has no suspects.

• March 7: Officers responded to Seasons Café off Kingston Pike to an alarm call. Upon arrival officers noticed that the front door of the business had been forced open. After clearing the area, manager of the business noticed the cash register and $400 had been taken.

• March 7: Officers responded to an alarm call next to Cents-Able Cleaners. Officers arrived at the Café to find the business had been broken into by unscrewing the lock barrel and unlocking the door. The suspect entered the business and took approximately $100 from the cash drawer and possibly an unknown amount of money left over as the deposit. This deposit would have been in the top drawer of the desk, which had been gone through by the suspects. The complainant reportedly contacted the employee the next morning to verify the deposit was there and how much it was. X-ray was called to the scene to take pictures and prints.

• March 8: Officers responded to Knoxville Utilities Board to a report of natural gas coming from a gas line that had been damaged during some new construction. Officers closed several roads along Campbell Station and around the incident except to emergency personnel and vehicles. Representatives from KUB responded and was able to turn off the escaping gas; however, approximately 80 customers lost service, not including the 8-inch pipe that had been broke. Suspect mentioned that they had decided to clear some extra brush around this area when the accident happened.

• March 8: Police officers responded to Watt Road on a burglary. Complainant, the property manager for the victim, advised he came to the residence to check on the property and found the front door busted in and every door, cabinet and drawer was opened as if someone was looking for something. X-ray tech Finch responded and processed the scene. Complainant could not advise if anything was missing at the time of the report. There was no suspect information at the time of the report.

• March 8: Police officer reported that vehicle number 1 was in the turning lane on Kingston Pike at Newport Road attempting to merge into the east bound lane of traffic on Kingston Pike. At that time vehicle No. 2 entered the turning lane from Newport Road onto Kingston Pike. Vehicle No. 2 then collided with vehicle No. 1 in the rear causing no damage to vehicle No. 1 and very minor damage to vehicle No. 2.

• March 8: Police reported that a suspicious female came into the Rush Fitness Center off Kingston Pike and asked to use the restroom. The witness said the woman was not a member of the club. While the woman was in the restroom an employee at the club said the lady was seen opening a locker in the female locker room. The witness further stated when the women left the club she got into the vehicle that was the suspects vehicle. The victim stated when she went to leave the fitness club, she found that an unknown suspect had taken her car keys out of her locker in the female locker room of the club.

• March 8: Police were advised by the victim that he parked his Chevy pickup truck behind the victims residence off Thornton Drive. The victim further advised, he exited his residence the next morning and discovered the camper top removed from his vehicle by an unknown perpetrator. The victim advised, perpetrator entered through a rear window on the camper on the camper top and unbolted the item from truck’s inner bed liner.

• March 8: Police were dispatched to Red Mill Road. The victim stated that her son came in and she asked him if he had found a job. The victim stated that her son became angry and started an argument with her. The suspect stated his mother is on him about finding a job. Both parties were advised of their Domestic Laws of Tennessee.

• March 8: Police officers were dispatched to Sedgefield Road. The victim stated to officers when he arrived at the suspect’s residence to pick up his children, the suspect would not let him take them because it was late and a school night. The victim did advise officers that he was suppose to pick them up after school but was unable to because of work. The victim also stated to officers that they did have a court-signed document on when the children are to be with the victim but both did not have a copy. The suspect stated to officers that they have not been to court on who gets the children when. The victim left the residence and stated to officers that he would return back to get the children in the morning with the documents. Officer stated that he needs to notify Knox County Sheriffs Office before.

• March 9: Officers responded to Evans Road. Victim stated to officers that several expensive saddles and horse equipment had been stolen from her horse barn during the night. The victim has no suspects; however, there was a set of tire impressions leading into the barn and several footprints in the area. The saddles were locked in a tack room with a pad-lock securing the door. The suspect had used some horse tools to pry the door open. Victim said she will be checking at tack sales in search of her property.

• March 10: Police officer was dispatched to Farragut High Baseball Field off Kingston Pike. Complainant stated to police that he and the victim were at the baseball field when an unknown suspect(s) opened the complainant’s/unlocked car door and stole items inside the vehicle. Complainant stated that the bank has already verified that the suspect(s) have stolen around $2,200 from the complainant’s/victim’s bank account. Complainant stated that he believes the victim’s house keys were in the purse as well and fears that the suspect(s) may attempt to break into his home.

• March 10: Police Officers were dispatched to Kingston Pike and Lovell Road. Arrestee was involved in a single motor vehicle crash on Kingston Pike west of Lovell Road. Upon officers’ arrival, arrestee was still sitting in the driver’s side seat of the vehicle. Upon interview with the arrestee, officers observed a strong odor of alcoholic beverage coming from the arrestee’s breath and person. Arrestee had red blood shot, watery eyes, unsteady on his feet, and had slurred speech. Arrestee attempted to do standardized field sobriety test, but was unable to complete the test due to arrestee’s safety and him almost falling down. Arrestee was transported to Parkwest Medical Center to determine the blood alcohol content, after the implied consent law was read to him.

• March 10: Officers responded to Farragut Commons Drive on an attempted suicide. The victim was not injured and stated that if he had a way to do it, he would have killed himself. The victim had been drinking all night. Victim was transported to Baptist Hospital by EMS. No further incident occurred.

• March 10: Police officer reported that the victim stated she discovered that her cable TVservice had been terminated. When she called Charter Cable, they told her their records that the suspect had terminated her service and possibly had obtained her social security number. Victim stated she has no idea who suspect is. She stated she tried calling the phone numbers suspect gave to Charter but got voice mail on both.

• March 10: Police officer reported that the complainant called in and advised that when she was on her lunch break from her job at Walgreens off Campbell Station Road she noticed that her vehicle had a busted window. The complainant advised that nothing was taken out of the vehicle, and was unsure if it was an accident or done on purpose. The complainant advised that she has no suspects at this time. The complainant advised that she currently does not have insurance.

• March 10: Police officer was dispatched to the Rush Fitness Center off Kingston Pike. Complainant stated that an unknown suspect(s) opened complainants unlocked locker inside the locker room and stole the contents. Complainant stated while attempting to cancel his debit card, he was notified that the suspect(s) had already attempted to use the debit card. Complainant stated the suspect(s) left the wallet inside of the locker but took the items inside the wallet.

• March 11: Police were dispatched to Newport Road. The witness call 911 complaining that her boyfriend was sick in bed. Officers arrived to find the victim in bed with labored breathing. Rural Metro transported the victim to Baptist West. The victim was possibly taking methadone and may have overdosed.

• March 11: Officer responded to Farragut Intermediate School off West End Avenue due to an alarm called in by Professional Securities. The school was checked by an officer, no obvious signs of burglary or vandalism were found. There have been zero prior alarms.

• March 13: Officer responded to Virtue Road to the report of harassing phone calls. Upon arrival, officer met with the complainant. Complainant stated that in September 2006, a roommate moved in with him. Since then, complainant has received numerous harassing and threatening phone calls from the roommates ex-boyfriend. Complainant said the calls are becoming more frequent and he had received six voice mail messages that day. In the messages suspect states “I’ll get you … and you will be sorry.” Complainant was advised to continue to document the phone calls and on warrant procedures.

• March 13: Police were dispatched to Pilot Gas Station off Campbell Station Road. Victim stated that he was traveling down Campbell Station Road and observed a motorcycle weaving back and forth at a high rate of speed behind him. Victim came to a stop at Campbell Station Road and Turkey Creek Road when the suspect pulled up next to him. Victim asked the suspect if he was okay or if he had a problem. The suspect became angry and cursed the victim. Suspect then pulled ahead of the victim and blocked the roadway. Suspect got off the bike and started toward the victim. Victim then jumped the curb and attempted to pass the suspect when the suspect when the suspect kicked the victim’s driver side door causing property damage to the victim’s door. Victim fled to the Pilot Gas Station off Campbell Station Road and waited for police. Victim stated that the suspect was a large white male riding a newer model sport bike that was red in color.

• March 15: Police officers were dispatched to Doctor’s Care off Glenleigh Court to a vandalism/theft call. The complainant stated that she was locking the business when she witnessed a white male with blue jeans and a striped shirt breaking into the coke machine with an unknown tool outside of the business. The complainant stated that she witnessed the suspect stuff several dollar bills into his pockets and get into a dark four-door sedan. The complainant stated that she was unable to get any other vehicle information. The victim stated that they were unable to inventory the damage at the time officers were on the scene.

• March 15: Officer was dispatched to Kingston Pike. The complainant advised police that someone stole his medication and his checkbook out of his car. Complainant advised the back window on the vehicle had already been broken and all someone had to do was to push in the plastic he had put in place of the window. Complainant stated he had no suspect information.

• March 16: Police responded to Amber Glades Lane. The complainant stated she received four phone calls on her cell phone from a restricted number. Victim stated that the suspect stated that she (the suspect) was crazy and that she was going to pull her eyes out while she was watching her plasma TV. Victim stated that the suspect sounded Asian. Victim stated that her estranged husband’s girlfriend is Asian.

• March 17: Police responded to Sonja Drive. Complainant advised that the suspect, her husband, was watching the grandchild, and was going to call the other grandparent to come take the child. The complainant did not want him to call and started pushing the male suspect; when she did he punched her in the nose. Rural Metro evaluated the complainant and determined she did not need immediate transport. No arrests were made due to officers could not determine the primary aggressor. Both parties were separated.

• March 17: Police were advised that copper wire ad been cut from a job site off Parkside Drive. There are no suspects.

• March 18: Police officers were dispatched to Ansley Court. Victim advised that she was out of town and left her daughter home and that she had a party at the house. When the victim returned home she noticed that items were missing from the home. There were several people at the house but no witness’s to the theft.

• March 18: Police officers were dispatched to Lanesborough Way. The victim stated that while conducting a child custody exchange at her ex-husband’s residence both parties became involved in a verbal argument. The victim stated that her ex-husband then stated to her that she (victim) would not see another day alive. The victim left without any further incident. Domestic Violence Rights were advised.

• March 19: Police were dispatched to Sonja Drive. Complainant stated he woke up in the morning and noticed his vehicle missing from his front yard. No suspects at this time.

• March 19: Police were dispatched to the Petros off Watt Road. Complainant stated he saw a white male driving a dirty white pickup truck drive off without paying for $49.38 in gasoline. The complainant could only describe the suspect as a white male, with red hair and mustache wearing a beige ball cap. She did not have any further description of the vehicle. She did not see his direction of travel.

• March 19: Officer responded to Augusta National Way on the report of an unusual incident that occurred at the Ingles Grocery Store off Kingston Pike. The victim stated that while standing in line to pay for her items she noticed a tall male standing in line just a few feet away starring at her. She then stated that she left the store and got into her vehicle. She then stated that she felt uncomfortable about the individual and watched him get into a black Chevrolet truck Tennessee tag 244-MNZ. The victim then stated that as she drove off the suspect got out of the truck and took a picture of her vehicle’s tag number. The tag on the black truck came back stolen out of Nashville.


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