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• This is a traffic concern: two students, one in a white pickup truck and one in a green van, almost had a collision in the Kroger parking lot on [a recent] Wednesday. It appeared they were racing for a parking place. If they must park over there and monopolize the lot, they need to be careful — there was almost a collision. Another traffic problem: people should be very careful about cutting in front of somebody changing lanes. They should be sure they have enough room. It happens all the time that they try to squeeze in, and we surely will have a collision one of these days.

• The caller who complained about the alleged high profits of oil companies is seriously misinformed. The inflation-adjusted price of gas today is less than it was in 1980. Compare this to medical expenses, which have increased by 500 percent. Also, the profits of big oil are not really that big. The 10-year earnings rate of Exxon is 16 percent. That of Microsoft is 23 percent. Mid-Tronic, the big medical equipment company, is 19 percent; and CVS, the drugstore chain, is 22 percent. An informed consumer knows that oil prices have not really increased that much. If doctors, hospitals and others were required to post their prices the way gas stations do, you would see that the price of gas has increased at a slower rate than that of many other products.

• I’ve lived in Farragut for almost 30 years and I’ve loved it. But I do have to wonder what’s wrong with the town of Farragut and whoever’s responsible for the traffic lights and so forth. Another light at the entrance to Town Hall? It’s a stone’s throw away from the one at Campbell Station and Kingston Pike. Could this be for the convenience of the powers to be at Town Hall? I’m also concerned about the one that they’ve proposed to put on Old Stage Road and Kingston Pike. If not one, but two very much-traveled curves there. I can see the vehicles rounding those curves from Weigel’s and running into the back of vehicles stopped for said light causing a chain-reaction. I also have to wonder about the lane change at Campbell Station and Kingston Pike: one left-turn lane and two lanes going straight. There are more people that turn left on Kingston Pike from Campbell Station than going straight ahead. Again, is this for Town Hall’s convenience? I wonder.

• I’m calling in regards to the May 3 presstalk: the first [caller], although an excellent [call], was actually a minute-and-45-seconds to speed-talk through the whole thing. What happened to the “recorded comments will be limited to 30 seconds?”

• Editorial freedom is a wonderful concept, but it does come with its responsibilities. With that in mind, the farragutpress has developed policies that will be followed regarding the publication of presstalk comments:

• Libelous comments will not be published.

• Malicious comments will not be published.

• Comments will remain anonymous.

• Recorded comments will be limited to 30 seconds.

• Names of individuals or businesses mentioned in the call will not be published (including public figures and officials).

• Comments mentioning names of public figures will be published as a “Letter to the Editor” and must be signed.

• The farragutpress reserves the right not to publish any comment for any reason.

• Because of space limitations, not every comment will be published. Also, portions of the 30-second message may be omitted, but the basic message of the call will remain intact.

• Vulgar language will not be printed.

That’s it. The forum is open for comments regarding anything you have on your mind — local politics, world affairs, sports, religion, community affairs, city-county unification or anything else.


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