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• March 19: Officers responded to Nassau Drive for a possible breaking and entering of the residence. Upon officers’ arrival, and further investigation, the suspect stated he and his wife (victim) were in the middle of a divorce and that she was getting some of her belongings. Officer spoke to the victim by phone, who was out of town, and she stated the suspect was not supposed to be there. Officer advised parties of their rights.

• March 20: Police were dispatched to Kingston Pike for a report of a stolen vehicle. Victim stated the suspect took their vehicle without telling her. It contained items belonging to the victim. The victim stated the suspect took the vehicle because they recently broke up and she has moved out of their home.

• March 20: Police responded to Newport Road. The complainant stated that the suspect threw a lit cigarette on her bed and told her he wanted to burn the house down at which time complainant and suspect got into a verbal argument. Suspect suffers from Alzheimers and was transported to Parkwest.

• March 20: Police were dispatched to Chancellors Lane. The victim stated she went to the suspect’s residence to try and serve civil process paperwork. The victim stated she saw the suspect backing into his driveway and tried to block the driveway with her vehicle, but the suspect drove around her and down into the cul-de-sac, where the victim tried to block the suspect in. The victim stated the suspect backed up, then drove at her as she waved the paperwork at him. The victim stated she was stopped at the time and felt the suspect was trying to hit her as he left the cul-de-sac.

• March 22: Police responded to Hidden Grove Road. Complainant stated that some unknown person(s) pulled out and stole all the electrical wiring from the house that was under construction with P.J.S. Construction Company.

• March 22: Officer responded to a theft at Boundary Lane. Upon officer’s arrival, the victim stated the theft occurred on March 20. The victim had a friend come help him move a safe from his mother’s residence, Dominion Circle to his residence, Boundary Lane. The victim’s friend brought a friend of his to help. The victim did not know him. The three of them had to empty the weapons out of the safe before moving it. The victim believes one of the suspects had to have taken the weapon while they were moving the weapons.

• March 22: Officer was dispatched to Baptist West Hospital off Parkside Drive for a car fire in the parking lot. Upon officer’s arrival, Rural Metro advised the victim had already had the fire out before they arrived on the scene. The victim stated when he started his car the engine started to smoke. He opened up the hood and flames shot out of the engine. Victim went inside the hospital and got a fire extinguisher and put the fire out. Rural Metro was advised it was coming from the fuel line.

• March 22: Officer responded to Midhurst Drive for an investigation. Upon officer’s arrival, the victim stated that he received a message on his answering machine from a female that said, “you are going to be dead in one minute.”

• March 22: Police officer was dispatched to Kroger’s grocery store off Kingston Pike. Complainant is a manager at Kroger’s. Complainant stated that the male suspect came in and attempted to take a 12-pack of beer. Complainant asked the suspect if he had anything under his coat at which time he dropped the beer in the store. As complainant was talking to the suspect he started to leave the store and pushed the complainant down causing her to hurt her hip. Female suspect was in the store with the male suspect but stated she didn’t know what the male suspect was doing and didn’t know his last name or address. Complainant was transported to Baptist West via private vehicle.

• March 24: Police were dispatched to the Petros off Watt Road. Complainant stated an unknown suspect stole $36 in gasoline from the business. Complainant stated the suspect was described as a black female wearing a black leather jacket and blue jeans. Suspect was driving a black Dodge Magnum and the complainant stated he could not get any tag


• March 26: Police officer was dispatched to S & B Associates off Watt Road. Complainant advised when he arrived at work he discovered that there were items that had been stolen. Items were stolen after unknown suspect(s) had removed a bolt from a cable, then pulled a trailer from the property.

• March 26: Officers responded to Newport Road on a disturbance call. Victim contacted officers after she had been confronted by her neighbor. Victim stated she contacted Knox County Animal Control on the neighbor that lives next to her. The victim was complaining about barking dogs. Victim told officers when the Animal Control Officer responded, the suspect came into the yard and began to question the officers’ presence. A few moments later the victim and officer were conversing when the suspect began yelling at the victim. Victim stated the suspect was enraged that she had called in on her neighbors. Victim stated the suspect also began to make threatening statements. Victim went inside her residence and dialed 911. The suspect was questioned and stated he made no threatening statements at any time. The suspect also stated he had permission to be on the property to take care of the dogs while the neighbors were out of town.

• March 26: Police reported complainant advised that someone got into his toolbox and stole items from inside. The toolbox was inside a building off Parkside Drive that was under construction but not lockable. The toolbox was locked to a post in the building but was cut loose and the tools stolen.

• March 27: Officers were called to the BreadBox off Lovell Road on a possible drunken person. Upon officers’ arrival, the suspect was observed in the parking lot. When officers approached the suspect, officers smelled a strong odor of alcohol on the suspect’s breath. The suspect had dilated pupils and was very unsteady on his feet. The suspect was arrested for public intoxication.

• March 27: Officers responded to the report of a man walking in traffic in the area of Smith Road and Kingston Pike. Officers found suspect walking on the sidewalk in a confused state. After doing a records check officers found the suspect to be a missing person out of Putnam County. Records contacted Putnam County and advised them suspect would be transported to Parkwest Medical Center for treatment. Rural Metro EMS also contacted the suspect’s daughter and advised her the suspect would be at Parkwest.

• March 27: Police reported that complainant stated when she came home form work she discovered her brick mailbox destroyed. Complainant stated that it looks like a car ran into it. Complainant e-mailed a request to Knox County Sheriff’s Office stating that she wished no further action from the Sheriff’s Office. She stated that she had found out who did it and would handle it.

• March 27: Officers were dispatched to Kittredge Court to investigate harassing phone calls. Upon arrival, the reporting officer met with the victim. The victim stated that he has been involved in a lawsuit for the past four years. During this incident, the suspect called the victim’s residence and left five messages on the answering machine. The suspect is allegedly the boyfriend of the victim’s former patient. These messages were vile in nature ranging from, “I’ll hang you by your (lewd) in court you son of a (lewd). I’ll be in your neighborhood and make sure that all of your neighbors know what an incompetent (lewd) you are”. While the reporting officer was interviewing the victim, the suspect called five more times. Additionally, on March 28, the suspect called the victim again and left yet another message on his machine. This time the suspect said, “How about I just come over to your house and kill you.”

• March 28: Police were dispatched to the Wal-Mart off Parkside Drive. A suspect was taken into custody after a check through Knox County Records revealed that this suspect has 19 outstanding warrants and a “hold” for Bradley County.

• Mar. 28: Police officers were dispatched to the BP off Watt Road. The victim stated that she was physically abused in Orlando, Fla. The victim further stated that she was unable to call for help until she was at the truck stop in Tennessee. The suspect and victim along with the witness were at the Travel Center located in Loudon County when the victim called 911 and then the victim crossed the county line and waited at the BP in Knox County. Officers from Loudon County and Knox County arrived on the scene. The victim was given a written statement of her rights and advised of her rights under the Domestic Violence Law. The victim became very upset that officers were not arresting the suspect and transporting her and the witness back to her home in Ohio. This officer did transport the victim and the witness to the Greyhound bus station in downtown Knoxville in order for the victim to find safe transportation back to Ohio.

• March 28: Police responded to Kingsgate Drive. The victim advised that he and the suspect (son) got into a verbal argument over the suspect having tobacco.

• March 28: Police responded to Kingston Pike. The victim stated that an unknown suspect broke out the passenger side window of his vehicle and took items inside the vehicle.

• March 29: Police reported that complainant advised she has had 90 accounts opened in her name with Dell Computer Company in Round Rock, Texas. She advised that more accounts are being opened every time she goes to the post office and gets her mail. Complainant stated that she has not had anything stolen from her. No


• March 29: Police were dispatched to Campbell Station Road. The victim stated that person(s) unknown jimmied open his front passenger side door and stole his portable CD player. The victim advised the CD player was laying in the passenger seat.

• March 30: Police responded to Kingston Pike. The victim stated that during school hours person(s) unknown stole an Ipod out of her son’s backpack. He does not have any


• March 30: Police responded to Southwick Circle. The victim advised that she left her diamond ring on the counter and that one of the suspects had taken the ring. During the investigation officer also found out that the new owners of the house (possible suspects as well) were present when this took place. The new owners were gone upon officers’ arrival.

• March 30: Police were dispatched to the Petros Truck Stop off Watt Road. Complainant advised that he went to pick up his girlfriend at work at the Petro Truck Stop. He parked his vehicle, and when he came back outside 10 minutes later, the vehicle had been stolen. Complainant had no suspect information at the time of report.

• March 31: Police officer reported that defendant was stopped for a traffic violation (inoperable taillights) at Turkey Creek Drive and Harbor Way. Defendant produced a Tennessee driver’s license with an altered date of birth. Affiant asked defendant about the altered license and defendant was observed to be nervous and fidgety. Affiant asked for and received consent to search defendant’s vehicle. The search resulted in the discovery of a small baggie containing marijuana (personal use).

• March 31: Officers responded to a single vehicle accident at Kingsgate Road. Officers determined that the defendant was the operator of the 2005 Chevy Cavalier that was involved in the accident. The defendant had a strong odor of alcohol and was very unsteady on his feet. After a field sobriety test, the defendant was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol. Officers transported the defendant to The University of Tennessee Medical Center where he consented to a blood-alcohol test. The defendant was then transported to the Knox County Detention Facility. Property was damaged in the accident.

• April 1: Police responded to the Petros off Watt Road. Complainant advised that unknown suspect(s) drove off without paying for gasoline. Complainant was unable to get a description of the suspect driving the suspect vehicle. No other information at this time.

• April 1: Officer responded to the Texaco gas station off Kingston Pike for an alarm. Upon officer’s arrival, the front door was left unsecured. The business was cleared and a key-holder responded to secure the door.


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