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Reader objects to red-light cameras

“Critics of cameras have been vocal in outlets where they hide behind shields of anonymity, but none spoke out during the public forum … .”

Opinions belong in an editorial. Although not in the same context, this is almost as bad as the former “No Regrets” column we endured on a weekly basis.

I am not the mythical warrior-critic running red-lights and hiding behind his shield, as you described, however I do NOT support cameras at red-lights.

According to the Knoxville News Sentinel, $1.2 million was generated by red-light cameras in Knoxville during the program’s first year (65 percent of which was paid to the manufacturer RedFlex). One million dollars would allow us to hire police officers for these intersections. A police officer can do more than take pictures and issue citations weeks later. Police officers stationed at intersections would have the same effect on safety as the cameras, but with added benefits.

Red-light cameras cannot: respond to local emergencies or power outages, block the intersection for fire trucks and ambulances, stop drunk drivers or deter crime.

A living police officer can! A human police officer can even assist motorists injured in one of those fabled rear-end collis-

ions so often alluded to by

those mysterious “critics of


This is quite simply another tax by our lousy local government so they can avoid any accountability and raise money for their pet projects.

I am Dr. CF Beets. I am not hiding from you. This is my opinion. It belongs on an editorial page, or in the trash with your article.

C.F. Beets



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