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Dare To Be Groovy At FIS, Reader asks, Why?

Dare To Be Groovy At FIS

The Farragut Intermediate School students recently completed the DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) program. After weeks of learning about the dangers of drugs and alcohol the students had a short assembly to commemorate their pledge to be drug free.

Officer Glenwood White and the Bomb Squad robot performed a demonstration and presented the essay winners in each class with ribbons and Rebecca Jameson with a special ribbon for her top essay in the fifth grade.

On Friday evening, May 11, the entire fifth grade participated in a Dare to Be Groovy Party at the school. A good time was had by all.

The FISPTA and students want to thank the following sponsors Pepsi bottling group Mayfield Dairy Farms Dominoes donated 15 pizzas, Pizza Hut, Papa Johns, Sam’s Club, Target, Dr. Chris O’Rourke and Dr. John Diddle.

The FIS Dare Committee

Reader asks, Why?

This is actually a copy of a letter I sent to all of the members of the Knox County School Board. I have a feeling they won’t read it, so I wanted to send a copy to you, too.

Please see below an excerpt from an article in the Tuesday edition of the News-Sentinel.

New charges against Butturinis by News Sentinel staff May 15:

“LOUDON — New charges were revealed this morning against West Knox County businessman Jack Butturini and his wife, Katharine, in connection with an after-prom party at their Loudon County home. Twenty partygoers were charged with underage drinking after deputies arrived at the home early on the morning of May 6, after the Farragut prom. The businessman said he went to bed shortly after his daughter, Katie Butturini, 18, and about a dozen of her friends arrived at the house about 12:30 a.m. after the Farragut prom.”

Dear Members of the Knox County School Board:

Please explain to me once again why my children are being rezoned to the new Hardin Valley High School when we own a house within the Farragut City limits? Oh yes, I understand, it must be to make room for children who live in LOUDON COUNTY!!! But because their parents have more money than they do morals, they are able to buy their way into the Farragut school system rather than attend the poorer, minority ridden school system they are zoned for. Meanwhile, children who should rightly attend Farragut schools, because parents like us OWN PROPERTY here, are forced to attend another high school that is outside of their community.

Thanks for nothing school board members!! You better believe we will ALL remember this come Election Day. Last time I checked, people who live in Loudon County can’t vote in a Knox County election, no matter how much money they have!!

Linda Pride



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