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• I find it interesting that according to the recent article published … [a Farragut businessman] was arrested due to alcohol consumption by minors at [an] after-prom party. Although this is a sad situation for anyone to be in, what shocks me the most is that the article stated that he resides in Loudon County. Well, no wonder Farragut High School’s so overcrowded when people are living in outlying counties yet attending Farragut High School. Ironically enough, we live in Farragut and my kids and others are now zoned for Hardin Valley High School. It is because of people like him that my kids are forced to be separated from the children that they have attended school with since kindergarten. Now my kids will have to drive approximately 11 miles each day to high school outside of our community when there is a high school four miles from our home. Not to mention that the requested route is a treacherous two-lane country road with no shoulders and driving curbs. Shame on you for not abiding by the rules.

• My comment is regarding the request I see by First Utility [District] that we continue to share on restricted water use. If we have such a problem with water use, I might suggest cutting back on the development and all these subdivisions; the density of those subdivisions in our area. Looks like we don’t have enough water for everyone. We need to not keep pressing it with future development.

• I just saw where gasoline just went up 10 cents a gallon in one day. This is ridiculous. I urge everyone to join with me in calling Congressman [John J.] Duncan [Jr.’s] office and asking for an immediate investigation into big oil companies and their profits. I guarantee you the prices will drop 25 cents a gallon the minute the first CEO of a big oil company stands before Congress and tries to justify this outrageous rip-off.

• Public land should be just that — public land. It shouldn’t be for a [YMCA] that has limited membership. It shouldn’t be for a developer to build apartments or anything. They should be left for the public, and if anything’s developed it should be open to the public.

• I was calling about the Concord YMCA article [May 17 issue story and] Through the Lens. I wanted to comment on the fact that it seems odd that TVA has allowed all of its land use for private developers in the last 50 years. But this one use, the YMCA, which seems like such a benefit to the community, can become such a problem when the YMCA really does contribute to our community and we should support it and its programs for the health and betterment of our community.

• Is there any way we could get a traffic light on the intersection of Concord Road and Northshore? They’ve got some really peak hours that are just terrible to get out there. It’s an accident waiting to happen.

Editor’s Note: As we have reported in farragutpress, a round-about is slated for the intersection.

• Let’s see, gas prices are now 18 cents above those of last year. That’s a six percent increase. Nationwide, the cost of electricity is up seven percent. College tuition is up 55 percent over the past five years. Cable TV is up over 50 percent. My home is worth 45 percent more than I paid for it in 2002. In inflation-adjusted terms, on the other hand, gasoline is less expensive than it was in 1980 when gas was nearly $3 and a dollar was worth twice what it is today. How about milk prices? According to a USDA study, milk prices will be up nine percent between now and this fall. That’s an annualized increase of 36 percent. Maybe we need Congressional hearings on milk prices? That’s sure to drive them up even


• I’m calling about the Concord YMCA. I’m really disappointed they’re not going to do that. I live out in that area and I’ve been so looking forward to having that place to use as a family gathering spot for my son to go and play sports and after-school care and things like that. I just think that that pool that was there — just a yucky area — and it could be such a nice place. Seems like a perfect blend of commercial and public land because who’s going to use it but families for health and fitness and wellness? And I think it’s just very sad that they’re not going to have it there, and I’m really disappointed. Seems like a perfect use of public lands ’cause the YMCA is pretty much not really huge for profit, right? So please, please, please, I hope we get to put it there ’cause it would just be great in that area for all concerned.

• I find it absolutely disgusting and apprehensible that a bunch of hatemongers and racists are trying to take the tragedy of the murders of Shannon Christian and Chris Newsom and turn it into an opportunity for them to get on their nasty little platform. Murder is murder, it is evil. This crime was committed because the monsters did it because they could — they wanted to, therefore they did it. Doesn’t matter the color of the skin of the person who committed the crime or the color of the victim’s. The nightmare for the family of the victims is only just beginning. They’re going to find out the hard way that our criminal justice system is all about protecting and serving the criminals. The victims are going to be abused and re-abused. They’re going to have perfect strangers walk up to them and ask horrible questions and treat them like they or their children did something wrong. We have too much sympathy for the monsters who commit these kinds of crimes. It’s time we started being tougher on first offenders. It’s time we start making violent offenders be held accountable for the actions that they choose to make. So if anybody tries to get you to participate in any kind of rally or protest trying to make this into a racial thing, walk away.

• I would really love to see the YMCA [get] some support from the community, to help out the YMCA to take over the space that was previously agreed to lease out to them over by Concord Park over there by Lakeside Tavern. YMCA is a non-profit organization, does a lot of great things for the community — including swimming lessons for needy families and helping people throughout the area. We’ve outgrown the facility here [Kingston Pike] and really need the other one there. Anything you all can do to publicize the YMCA situation here would be greatly appreciated.

• I would like to comment on the fact that the TVA is blocking the YMCA from building the swim complex off of Concord Road. I am sorely upset about it, and I am very disappointed.

• Last Sunday at 4 p.m., there were 52 cars in line on Concord Road waiting to turn onto Northshore Drive. I know there has been discussion about putting in a “round-about” (Is there a date commitment?) but why could there not be a simple (and inexpensive) stop sign be placed on Northshore in the meantime? It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this would help those of us wanting to get to the lake before dark. Does anyone know who to voice this opinion to, other than the press?


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