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Local businessman, wife cited in Loudon County

A couple accused of providing alcohol to minors in their Loudon County home denied doing so and said their daughter attends Farragut High School because they own a residence zoned for FHS.

Jack and Katharine Butturini were arrested by Loudon County Sheriff’s deputies May 6 and initially charged with one count of contributing to the deliquency of a minor. A second charge was later added.

“The simple fact is that we did not provide any alcohol,” Jack Butturini said. “I would not even begin to do that.”

Katharine said she did not provide alcohol to anyone at the after FHS-prom party, and said there was no alcohol available inside her house that night, though allegedly some of those cited with underage consumption said otherwise.

“We had nothing here and handed out nothing,” she said. “I think these kids, whoever got them the alcohol, they don’t want to turn their friends in or get themselves in trouble, and they said we did it. The truth will come out. We did not buy, serve, or give alcohol at all.”

Both Katharine and Jack said none of their invited guests were cited for underage consumption.

“Our kids were fine. Our kids were not arrested. Our kids had not been drinking,” said Katherine. “These kids, after all the other parties, thought they’d come out here and see if we were still up, I suppose.”

Jack, in response to allegations his family does not reside in Knox County, said he lives in a residence at 753 Hidden Glen Lane, which is currently zoned for Farragut High School.

“We are in the process of moving out [to a lake home in Lenoir City.] We’ve lived here during the summers for four years. We have property and a small home on Hidden Glen Lane. It’s zoned for Bearden, Farragut, it’s kind of literally divided down the middle. That’s our residence for Farragut, and we are going to start renting that house now,” he said. “We had it so Katie could go to Farragut.”

Katharine, said, “We have an acre that [Jack’s father] deeded to us for a dollar.” She said there is a house on their acre of land, and they have lived there since their children “were in kindergarten.”

She added, “I don’t know why we have to go into that. We have enough issues. We’ve gone through the School Board and they checked our zoning … They knew where we were, they came over there, they checked all this, and they know where we lived. Where Katie lived is not an issue here, really.”

Jimmy Davis, assistant chief with Loudon County Sheriff’s Office, said breathalyzers were not administered to any of the people cited for underage drinking, but officers used field sobriety tests and officer observation to determine if charges were necessary.

He said officers observed people for the “smell of alcoholic beverage on their breath, if they appeared intoxicated by unsteadiness on their feet, slurred speech, bloodshot eyes, the normal. Officers observation first, and then most of [the officers] ask them. In a lot of these citations, you’ll see ‘admitted to drinking.’”

He said he could not comment on what kind of evidence was found on the scene.

The couple has been charged with two separate offenses.

“The first charge was contributing to a minor, and the second charge was providing alcoholic beverage to a minor. A minor in alcohol-related charges like that is from a person who is eighteen to twenty years old, under the legal drinking age but not a juvenile. It is a different statute,” Davis said.

Twenty people were charged at the Butturini home. The only names released are: Willson Tyler Akers, Kaylah Ashleigh Badeaux, Mason London Burks, Robert Lewis Greeley III, Michael Scott Krahl, Ryan Charles Prout, Kathryn Rachel Machiela, Rachel Marie Mountain, Kenneth Mark Mubarak, Vincent Douglas Nutile, William Clay Wilhoite and Andy Aaron Wyatt.

Seven people were under age 18 and the name of one person over age 18 has not been released.


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