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• This is about the intersection at Concord Road and Northshore [Drive]. Time and time again on weekdays there’s 60 and 70 cars lined up there trying to get on to Northshore [Drive]. We need a stoplight, or we need a four-way stop sign to give people on Concord Road a chance.

Editor’s Note: There is a three-way stop at the intersection of Northshore Drive and Concord Road.

• This is in regard to the YMCA having a new building built over on Northshore. TVA really needs to get with it. The YMCA is a wonderful organization that reaches out to the community. I am a senior who lives in Farragut. I’ve been a member for almost three years and it’s a wonderful place to be. We desperately need a new building — so come on TVA, get with it. There are a lot of people who really want this.

• I heard something disturbing recently. It seems like two cheerleaders from Farragut High School were placed on probation from the squad due to being arrested for public drunkenness … why do we act shocked when our kids go to parties where alcohol is available?

• I would like to say how proud I am of the graduating class of Farragut High School for the year 2007. They had huge accomplishments this year, and I was so proud of their behavior and their attitude at Project Graduation at the Fort Sanders Health and Fitness Center. I felt like the students were appreciative and grateful and behaved so well. And it was just a pleasure to spend the evening with them. And I recommend this program to all future classes graduating from Farragut High School. Again, thank you so much, students, for all the memories.

• Regarding the article of the local businessman and his wife accused of providing alcohol to minors, I thought the coverage was not balanced. It allowed the local businessman an opportunity to save his reputation and paint himself as the victim. Although the article did report the charges leveled … it gave the couple ample space for damage control. Excluded from the newspaper report was [a deputy quote saying] “upwards of fifty cars parked on or near the couple’s … residence.” … The deputy’s statement that the couple poured out most of the alcohol before they could gain entry. … For a newspaper that has been strong in its journalistic content, this article fell flat. …

• I first joined the YMCA at the fitness center, but it didn’t take me long to realize that the YMCA is a community center. The programs it offers the community is unmatched at any other fitness center in town. The Farragut Y provides community sports programs for our youth, serves as a drop-off point for Meals-on-Wheels, provides tutoring for school-aged children, serves as a host site for art programs, karate and dance programs to name a few. Most importantly, the YMCA provides scholarships to those in need so they can come and participate, improving their health and the lives of their children. It’s hard to understand why TVA waited so long to bring up these issues of public land use. The YMCA is a great fit for that property, but will continue to serve the community no matter where it is located.

• I hope it’s not to late to thank whoever was responsible for Project Graduation at Farragut High School. My son came home not grumpy and tired but filled with excitement about the wonderful activities, the food, the [inaudible] and the time he just spent with his fellow classmates — some he will probably never see again. I sure hope this is ongoing when my youngest graduates.

• I just spent anywhere from five to 10 minutes sitting on Northshore westbound at 5:30 because of the new three-way stop. When I approach the Concord Road and Northshore Drive intersection, there was one car at the stop sign on Concord Road, and the traffic was backed up from the stop sign on Northshore all the way back to Lakeside Tavern. I think we definitely need a traffic light.

• I think the stop signs at Concord and Northshore have really helped. Even today, during the holiday traffic, they worked very well. There wasn’t really that big of back-up in any direction. I think a round-about would be a bad idea. The stop signs should stay. With a round-about, if you’re hauling a large boat coming off of Concord and turning left, it’s going to have to be a pretty good-sized roundabout in order for you to make a turn and not have whatever you’re hauling sling over into the other lane. And you’ve got a railroad to one side, and a pretty good-sized hill to the other. I think the stop signs are going to do it. Thank you for bringing those in, we greatly appreciate it.

Editor’s Note: According to plans, the round-about will be quite large.

• Just a reminder to everyone that we are in a drought situation. Please, cut back on watering lawns, gardens, washing cars. It’s important right now that we conserve the water that we have in order to maintain its quantity and its quality.

Editor’s Note: That includes topping off your swimming pools.

• I’d just like to congratulate whoever it was, whichever government official it was, that had the common sense to finally put the three-way stop signs at the corner of Concord Road and Northshore. I’ve been through there several times, and the traffic just moves wonderfully now. I don’t know what it’s going to be like in one of the real heavy back-up traffic times. But during normal times of the day, and other things, it’s just wonderful. We should have done that years ago. I don’t know why they did that — maybe it’s just a temporary measure ’til they put the roundabout in, but it sure works well. So thank you Mr. or Mrs. Government Official.

• I can’t believe that somebody finally had enough sense to put three-way stops at the intersection of Concord Road and Northshore. I’ve been through there two or three times now, and the traffic just flows great. Sure would save a lot of money if they would leave it like that.

• I’m calling to complain about the number of traffic lights in the Turkey Creek area. This is amazing when you drive through here, there’s a traffic light about every hundred yards. What on earth is there one doing across from Gander Mountain? That’s like a private driveway, how do they warrant a traffic light? I just don’t get this at all.

Editor’s Note: The numerous traffic lights are to calm traffic so Parkside Drive won’t be another speedway such as Kingston Pike.

• I was reading my copy of the [farragutpress recently], and I saw that they caught the [alleged] person who robbed the Sonic — and shock-of-shocks, he has [previous charges against him]. I’d like to know when our defense attorneys, the public and our district attorney are going to learn that when people get caught [allegedly in above example] with a weapon, breaking and entering, robbing people, selling and using drugs — this is usually not the first time. In 1994, a young man got caught with an illegal weapon, possession of drugs [and] stealing a car. And the defense attorney convinced our district attorney he’s never done anything like that before. A few months later, he and his friends murdered my parents. When he got on the stand, he testified how he’d been using and selling drugs since he was 14, breaking-and-entering into cars and stealing and so-forth. Yet, charges against him for the felony possession of drugs and a weapon and stealing a car were dropped. No probation, community service, no stay out of trouble for five years and maybe his sentence will be commuted. We’ve got to be tough on first offenders, because if we’re not they’ll be a second, third, fourth and fifth [offense]. And people die.

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