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Business offers home-school students classes

Some parents have opted to teach their children at home, and one local businessman is reaching out to the families that take responsibility for the education of their children.

Seong “David” Eun, owner of Eun’s Martial Arts Center at 11110 Kingston Pike, started conducting a class at 1 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays to accommodate the needs of parents who home-school their children.

“I started doing this about eight months ago,” Eun said. “Parents had come to me saying they would like to see a class for their children during the day because night classes were to difficult.”

He said he has about 20 home-school children who participate in the class.

Elizabeth O’Sullivan said she was one of the mothers who asked Eun about creating such a class. Her son, Micah, 11, has been studying with Eun for nine months and the day class really helps fit into her educational plan for her son.

“My two older children are black and brown belts in karate,” she said. “Micah wanted to learn, but we needed something during the day instead of the evening hours.”

As a result of the class, O’Sullivan said her son has an increased sense of coordination and better feelings of


She said the class didn’t really add anything to Micah’s social skills because, she said “home school children tend to have better social skills than those in the public education system.”

Debra Huber said she home- schools her children, Thomas and Joseph, both 12. She also approached Eun about the class because the time frame met her needs for her sons.

“Home-schooled children have structure, but I believe there needs to be further reinforcement of the structure,” she said. “Master Eun’s class offers group interaction and a good type of discipline.”

Huber said the class gives her sons the confidence and the ability to deal with personal disagreements in a verbal and physical manner.

“We teach our children if someone is bothering you to first tell them to stop, then if they don’t quit to walk away and go tell a teacher or a parent,” she said. “We had a real life situation where a relative was hitting our kids and they were blocking the punches. Master Eun teaches them to deflect conflict.”

Dawn Kinzel is another home-schooling parent who sends her children to participate in Eun’s class. Her children — Trysten, 11, Cameron, 9, and Chandler, 6 — have benefited from the class.

“He [Eun] has a great sense of humor,” she said. “I think the kids really respect him. He makes them work hard. It’s like a really intense P-E class. He teaches them humility and respect for adults.”

Kinzel said her children have benefited from the program in their development.

“I think when an adult says something, they have a better level of respect for people,” she said.

“I would like to get the word out to other home-school families that this is an option they have,” Eun said.


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