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police reports

• April 17: Officer was dispatched to Grigsby Chapel Road. The victim stated that his neighbor, who lives behind him and two houses to the right, threatened to shoot both of his dogs tomorrow.

• April 17: Police officers were called to Lanesborough Way on a natural death.

• April 18: Police responded to Everet Road where the victim stated that he was contacted by his bank about some bad checks. After talking to the bank, he discovered that his ex-girlfriend had taken some of his checks and had cashed them without his


• April 18: Officer reported that the complainant states her husband had construction equipment stolen from Fox Dale Lane. No suspects at this time.

• April 18: Police were dispatched to Kingston Pike, the victim stated that someone forced open her storage pod that was behind her business. The victim has limited information at this time.

• April 18: Police responded to Shirecliffe Lane, complainant stated someone bent the door open on the Ford truck and cut the lock off the door and took tools that were inside.

• April 19: Police officers were called to the Wendy’s off Kingston Pike. Complainant stated that the suspect apparently stole $112 from her assigned cash register. The suspect is employed by the restaurant as a cashier. There are no known witness to the alleged theft. It was discovered after the money count of her register.

• April 20: Police responded to Butterfield Lane. Victim stated that the suspect had called his residence and then hung up once he answered the phone. The suspect information was provided by the victim’s caller ID. Victim stated that the calls have served no legitimate purpose of communication and are inconvenient to him.

• April 20: Police were dispatched to East Tennessee Heart Consultants off Parkside Drive. Complainant stated that an unknown person(s) stole items from their office. Complainant advised there were no signs of forced entry. She said besides the doctors the only other people with access to a key are hospital security, maintenance and cleaning personnel. One of the employees said she wasn’t sure if there might have been some samples of asprin and nitro glycerin spray in the black bag.

• April 20: Officers were called to Raceland Way where the victim called to report the arrestee was out of control. Victim was called from Farragut High School and informed the arrestee was suspended from school for Monday and Tuesday for disobeying a teacher. When the victim told the arrestee he was grounded he began arguing with the victim. When officers addressed the arrestee, the arrestee began to argue with the officers. The arrestee was taken into custody for disorderly conduct.

• April 21: Police responded to Caroustie Point where a complainant stated someone took the wallet from the car. The doors were locked.

• April 21: Officer was dispatched to Kingston Pike for an automobile accident involving two vehicles, a white Camry and a black Saturn. The victim, the driver of the Camry, stated that she was stopping for a redlight while traveling west on Kingston Pke when the suspect, the driver of the Saturn, hit her from behind causing very minor damage to her vehicle. There were no injuries and both vehicles were driven away.

• April 21: Police were called to the Petros Truck Stop off Watt Road. Complainant stated someone drove off without paying for gas. Complainant advised suspect vehicle was late 80s to 90s import truck, dark in color.

• April 21: Police were dispatched to Pony Express Drive. Complainant and suspect are ex-boyfriend and ex-girlfriend and have two children together. There is an on-going case against suspect for assault on the complainant. Complainant stated the suspect has been calling her mother’s house trying to locate her and the calls are coming from Knights Inn in Lenoir City. Complainant was adviced of the process to obtain and order of



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