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Waterford resident pleased with three-way stop, How long is ‘temporary?’

Waterford resident pleased with three-way stop

We are pleased with the favorable comments in presstalk about improved traffic conditions at the Concord Road-Northshore Drive intersection. Speaking for the Waterford Homeowners Organization, which initiated the three-way stop sign plan over a year ago, and to the credit of State Rep. Parky Strader, who contributed his support, we now have accomplished much of this endeavor.

Might farragutpress be in a position to publish a diagram of the proposed “round-about?” What is a “round-about?” Is it a “jughandle” of the type on Edgemoor Road at Bull Run? Or is it a traffic circle? The latter concept has proven obsolete elsewhere in other states, but the Edgemoor improvement appears to be quite successful. However, it does include a traffic light.

However, in our situation, we have simply advocated the three-way stop signs plus a short continuous third land westbound on the state highway portion from Northshore to Concord Road. This would complete the project and at practically no additional expense. Future experience will determine whether or not a traffic light would be necessary.

We also thank farragutpress for helping to keep this matter before the public.

Pete Ascher


How long is ‘temporary?’

I read with amusement the caption accompanying the picture of the “temporary” three-way stop signs at the intersection of Northshore Drive and Concord Road.

I couldn’t help but conjecture how long this “temporary” inconvenience might languish until the proposed traffic-regulating round-about might be started, much less completed. Months? Perhaps a year from now?

These examples might shed some light on how long the citizens of Farragut might be inconvenienced during the pending intersection construction, which appears to have begun (sort of) this past week.

I call these cases in point Farragut’s “Pyramid Bridges” as the Egyptians built their monolithic monuments in seemingly less time.

Let’s first take the deconstruction/reconstruction of the relatively short bridge span (I’m guessing less than 100 feet) connecting Turkey Creek and Virtue Roads.

This little project was begun months ago and would appear yet to be less than 75 percent completed. During these months I’ve driven by days on end when, if there were any workers at all on the site, they seemed to be ardently talking only about local high school sports. Most days I’ve seen only a few pieces of idle construction equipment longing for human attention. At least the Egyptian Pyramid engineers actually lived on site and supervised some semblance of work being done.

Secondly, I will cite the Northshore replacement bridge project, which is also taking eons to finish. I’ll give you that that new span is a few hundred feet longer than its Turkey Creek Road sister project, but give me a break. I likewise have driven by the Northshore digs where the place looked like a long forgotten impound lot for abandoned pick-up trucks. Even on bright sunny days there was nary a living human in site much less doing an iota of actual construction work.

Again, inanimate construction equipment poised but nonetheless completely idle.

In contrast let me now call your attention to an incident in Oakland, Calif., which happened just a little more than a month ago. Some bozo was driving his semi-trailer fuel tanker at breakneck speed over a ramp the locals out there call the MacArthur Maze (more affectionately just “The Maze”). That compilation of spaghetti-like ramps and bridges connects interstate arteries and is a vital part of their unsightly landscape not to mention commerce. The truck exploded on the I-880 connector ramp and literally melted the bridge away.

Work began just nine days after the crash of April 29 and was finished this week, roughly in only one month.

This included demolition of the shattered materials and structure, ordering and receiving custom made steel bridge members, and actual construction of the replacement ramp way.

Although there are lots of obvious differences among these referenced projects, I use these as illustrations of my point. The kind people of Farragut, at the pace they can expect in completing the Concord/Northshore round-about, will be extremely frustrated for a very long period of time. I’m guessing the project will be completed “round-about” next year at this time.

Ed LaFrance



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