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ē Iíd like to thank the powers-that-be that put in the three-way stop at Concord and Northshore. Overnight, the first day of service, the traffic problem has just increased multi-fold. And Iíd like to thank those that very economically fixed a very serious problem. See, we donít need a roundabout or any of those kinds of things. A three-way stop seems to resolve the issue.

ē†Iím calling about the proposed roundabout on Northshore Drive and Concord. I think thatís a fabulous idea. Iíve seen them work in other cities and just transform clogged traffic marvelously. More power to the road commissioner or whoever, and get it done as soon as possible.

ē I think itís wonderful for a caller to thank those responsible for FHS Project Graduation, and to hope it will happen in the future for the callerís younger children. Project Graduation happens because ordinary parents and citizens step up to volunteer thousands of hours, and hundreds of businesses cheerfully volunteer goods, prizes and services. We are always short of help. The caller can go a step further instead of just hoping. He or she can volunteer to make sure this project continues. One hour or many hours. One prize, or service, or many. All our efforts are welcome.

ē Iím glad we now have a stop sign at Concord and Northshore, I think thatís been needed for a very long time ó and thank you for putting it up. And as far as the lady that commented that traffic was backed up all the way back to the marina, I would just go ahead and call that a lie. Iíve never seen a back-up that far just off of a stop sign unless thereís a wreck there. I very seriously doubt a stop-sign backed it up that far with only two cars on Concord Road. Ö

ē I was reading the Through the Lens in the farragutpress [recently] and wanting to give my comments about the stop signs at the intersection of Concord Road and Northshore. I think they should have put the stop-signs there in the first place instead of spending all this money on the roundabout.

ē Itís my understanding that the blithering twits that held this so-called ďsupport rallyĒ in Knoxville Memorial Day weekend to supposedly support somebody about something in the Shannon Christian and Chris Newsom murders who were a bunch of racist bigots, are planning another one for June 17 and are going to pull the Clan in. I thought it very interesting these people are not from the Knoxville area. I have yet to speak to anyone in or around Knoxville who thinks that these murders had anything to do with race. Everyone agrees it was a crime of opportunity, it was because these people are evil. They can do it, therefore they do. It has nothing to do with race. Evil is evil, pure and simple. I do hope the families of Shannon Christian and Chris Newsom contact an attorney and look into suing these so-called Arian whatever groups for the emotional distress and damage they are causing them by imposing addition torture and torment and abuse on these poor people, when they are already going through any parentís worst nightmare. And, of course, soon theyíll be traversing the criminal justice system, which is a nightmare for anyone who has had someone they loved murdered. Stand up, write your editor, write your Congressman ó letís not let these bigots and racists and idiots poison our community.

ē I noticed in [last] weekís presstalk, the editorís note that says on conserving water that that includes not topping off your swimming pools. I happen to be one of those people who has a swimming pool and lives in Farragut, and I lose about one inch of water a week from evaporation and maybe splashing and things that I have to top off in my pool. If I donít do that, over several weeks, then the skimmers donít work ó you have to shut your pool down. So itís almost mandatory to either keep your pools full or donít operate íem. And I donít think itís fair to ask the people with the swimming pools not to operate them when, in any given evening or early morning, you can go around Farragut and see dozens and dozens of homes with expensive sprinkler systems, and commercial business with big sprinkler systems watering thousands of gallons of water to keep their grass and flowers green. As long as theyíre not banned from doing that, I donít think you should ban people with swimming pools from keeping them full. In my case youíre talking about a very few gallons of water compared to what one sprinkler head would put out in a weekís time.

ē On the three-way stop at Northshore and Concord, I thought initially that would be a good idea but Iíve changed my mind because now theyíve exchanged one problem for a larger problem. The traffic westbound on Northshore was backed up all the way to the Concord boat dock. Typically, on Concord Road itís only a couple hundred yards. So, I think it was a bad idea and needs to be reversed.

ē I would like to thank the governmental or traffic powers-that-be for the intersection of Concord and Northshore. The cost of three minimal stop signs has improved that situation immensely, and without the cost of a roundabout or even traffic lights. I think itís a wonderful solution at minimal cost. The backed-up traffic has just ceased since the signs were put up. I think it was a wonderful idea and should be forwarded on to traffic officials that the problem has been resolved. And again I thank those who have made that choice. I realize there still some construction going on there, but the stop signs have resolved the problem at little cost to the


ē Impact fees charged to developers make perfectly good sense. Why shouldnít a developer, whose mega-development dumps even more cars onto our roads and kids into our overcrowded schools, be required to help fund new road improvements for new schools? It is very disturbing to see developers build roads on the cheap in their new subdivisions only to turn around and ask the town of Farragut to take over these roads, which requires the town to come up with money to upgrade these roads to town standards. This is an outrage and should be stopped. Some would argue all the developer does is pass on the impact fee to the home purchaser. But so what? The end result is our town gains additional revenue to pay for the developersí efforts of squeezing ever more people into rapidly diminishing green space. And please, spare me the argument that developers arenít going to build here because of the impact fees. That makes no sense. Farragut is a desirable community, and there will always be a developer who will always want to build here with or without an impact fee. Plus, impact fees are a growing trend across the country. The only question on the table is not if, but how much should the town charge.

ē In reference to the new three-way stop signs at Northshore [Drive] and Concord [Road,] I think itís interesting that now the one long line of traffic typically on Concord Road is now three long lines ó one on Concord Road and one in each direction on Northshore. What is more interesting is that people coming off Concord are now, more than ever, approaching the stop sign as a yield and simply running it to head west on Northshore. I make this comment as I am sitting stopped on Northshore heading east and am about the fifteenth vehicle back.


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