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Town Leisure Planning Committee meets

The Farragut Leisure Services Master Planning Committee continued to work developing a 10-year plan for Farragut during its meeting Tuesday, May 8.

The committee, created last year by the Farragut Board of Mayor and Aldermen, is slated with the task of developing a 10-year plan for the direction of the town Leisure Services department. During this meeting Committee members were getting input from town staff for future possibilities.

One of the things members discussed in the meeting was the possibility of creating some type of graphic information system, detailed maps of Farragut, its parks, greenways and recreational areas. Associate town administrator Gary Palmer said the town had the capability to produce the information.

“For our purposes, eventually I’d like to see something that has every water fountain and park bench on it,” Sue Stuhl, Leisure Services director, told committee members.

“I’d like to see something where you could look at different things,” Tom Rosseel, Committee member, said.

Palmer told committee members the GIS system available to the town could be useful to committee endeavors.

Rosseel suggested the committee consider some type of interactive display for a kiosk or a Web that would allow students and visitors to click on a link and perhaps have four or five historical photos from the area pop up.

“There’s so many things I think you could do,” he said.

“The possibilities are endless — the staff is not,” Stuhl said. “Maybe the interactive stuff could be for future recommendations.”

“Could this have an impact on other areas, such as stormwater?” Mike Karnitz, committee member, said.

“It could have a lot of uses, “ Palmer said.

Stuhl said since this was a 10-year plan, perhaps the Commit-tee could consider this for the future. She went on to discuss four of the wants her department has for the near term and the far term.

One of those needs in the near term was for an

additional vehicle for the


“We currently have a van and a truck and seven people using them right now,” Stuhl said. “It’s just not enough, especially when you consider we have McFee Park coming online in the near future.”

Another thing Stuhl said her department is looking at as a long-term goal is more office space. Conditions at Town Hall have about reached their maximum capacity level in terms of space for staff members.

“I don’t know what the answer is,” she said. “We’re tapped out on space for the staff and the museum.”

A short term goal Stuhl would like to see happen is some type of turf management system for the parks, especially the athletic fields.

“One of the things that came up during our public meetings was a request for a better turf management program,” Stuhl said. “I think it would behoove us to spend five-thousand dollars and get a plan in place. I think having a plan would make an impression.”

Another long-term goal of leisure services, Stuhl said, is to have more shelters available for rent in town parks.

“We’re getting a lot of calls about shelters,” Stuhl said. “I did some checking around to other parks and the one at The Cove [at Concord Park] is booked until September.”

Committee member John Williams asked about the status of the shelter in Campbell Station Park.

“It gets rented, but it doesn’t hold that many people,” Stuhl said.

While on the topic of rental facilities, Committee members began to discuss the possibility of a multi-use community center in Farragut.

“I think a large, multi-use facility for weddings or other events could bankroll itself,” Williams said. “I think that’s a future option.”


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