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Golf course targeting: approaching the ball

The eyes can do strange things in lining up a golf shot.

Step up from the side and, even if you have perfect vision, clearly visualizing the true ball-to-target line becomes much more difficult than from a position directly behind the ball.

This is why almost every good golfer moves into the address position as much as possible from directly behind the ball, rather than from a side-on angle.

This helps create a sharp mental impression of the basic reference line by looking directly over the ball to the target.

The more closely one can continue to track that line visually as they move into the shot, the better impression of it they will retain as they finally move to the side of the ball.

When most people take up golf they want to go out immediately and swing the club and attack the course, and that is perfectly understandable. The trouble is that most will not consider to actually learn how to do this.

Golf is really two games. The first is ball striking: shotmaking-the physical side. The second is strategy: tactics, course management, self-management, which is the mental and emotional side.

How well a person plays depends on how well he or she learns both elements of the game.


Focus on juniors, consideration for other players:

Players should always show consideration for other players on the course and should not disturb their play by moving, talking or making unnecessary noise.

Players should ensure that any electronic device taken onto the course does not distract other players. On the teeing ground, a player should not tee their ball until it is their turn to play and players should not stand close to or directly behind the ball, or directly behind the hole, when another player is about to play. This information may be found in the 2007-2008 Rules of Golf.

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Keith McElroy is program director of The First Tee of Knoxville, home of the Knox Area Junior Golf Association, and PGA Professional for Concord Park Golf Course who teaches adults and juniors. Call 865-966-9103 or e-mail: Web site is


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