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• Bravo, bravo, bravo. Why did it take so long to put a three-way stop at Northshore and Concord Road? That’s all we need — no roundabout, no stoplights. A three-way stop is excellent.

• I’m at the intersection of Northshore and Concord with the new [three-way stop signs]. There’s absolutely no traffic on Concord, but Northshore is backed up all the way past the entrance to Concord Park and Eagle Glenn subdivision. I guess the experiment’s not working very well.

• About the suggestion of a the three-way stop at Concord and Northshore Drive: It works perfectly. Oops, it was me, Joe Citizen, a year ago, not a politician or government official. No kickback is necessary, either, it was common sense; and it works just as good as a turnabout that is now in progress. More study time should have been given to this three-way. The turnabout, or stoplights, will cost the taxpayers $100,000 or more. Can we get an estimated price on the cost of the turnabout?

• The intersection of Concord and Northshore, the three-way stop seems to be a perfect solution at little to minimal cost. And I wonder why they’re continuing on with the major disruption of the mature trees and killing off of everything in that area when the three signs seem to really have fixed the traffic problem? Thanks to those who put up the signs.

• I was wondering if anyone could explain to me why we’re taking a perfectly good thing like the three-way stop signs that probably didn’t cost, I wouldn’t think, over a $1,000, and replacing it with probably tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of a roundabout when the stop signs are working fine? If we have that much excess money, why don’t we put it into something useful, like something to maybe help lower gas prices ’cause a roundabout’s not really going to do any good if you can’t afford to drive on it.

• I would like to comment about the building at the corner of Campbell Station Road and Kingston Pike. I believe it’s West Knox Chiropractic and Rick Terry Jewelry Designs. They’ve just totally refurbished that building there with new paint and some new signage and [inaudible] and everything. It just looks great, and I would love it if some more of the Farragut buildings and businesses would do the same. It just really helps with the beautification of the community.

• I read the presstalks every week, and it seems like there’s not a week that goes by that there’s not a report in the police reports of someone’s car getting broken into and their pocketbook stolen out of it with all their credit cards. I was just at The Cove and was walking back to my vehicle, and getting into my vehicle I looked in the car next to me and there was a pocketbook wide open on the top. If you don’t want your items stolen, don’t leave ’em out in plain view. If you leave ’em out in the front seat of your car, I mean, you kinda deserve to have your windows broken out and everything stolen.

• I’m calling after reading the article that Tom Rosseel wrote in the farragutpress Thursday, June 7. I was wondering, has anybody contacted Cosco to see about locating a warehouse here in West Knoxville? I think one is needed and would be appreciated and used.

• Shame on [town leaders] for trying to politicize the assistant town administrator position. Thank goodness for [the] aldermen [who] vot[ed] the right way, in favor of keeping the ATA as an independent entity.

• It was idiotic to put the three-way stop at the corner of Concord Road and Northshore. The people that go north-south have other options, they have Virtue Road to get north-south. The people that travel from Pellissippi west to Choto can only travel on Northshore. Therefore, it hurts us immensely — and this is the only option that we have.

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