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• May 7: Police responded to Massey Electric off Kingston Pike. Complainant stated that property was taken out of a trailer at the construction site they are working on. Complainant does not know exactly what day this happened. Complainant has no suspect information.

• May 7: Police were dispatched to the Kroger Shopping Center off Kingston Pike. Victim stated she last saw her purse in her vehicle when she was at Kroger talking to two friends. The victim stated she left her two friends in her car while she took cash from her purse to buy items from Kroger. Victim stated that when she returned to the car friends left in another vehicle and she returned home. The victim stated that she went back to her vehicle and noticed her purse was missing. The victim stated that her credit card had been used at the Walgreen’s pharmacy in Farragut before she could discontinue it.

• May 8: Police were dispatched to the Clayton Bank and Trust off Kingston Pike. Complainant advised that the old O’Charley’s building that their company purchased and is remodeling had been hit by vandals four times since February 2007. Someone is spray painting graffiti on the building. No suspects.

• May 9: Police were called to Boyd Station Road. The complainant stated that she discovered some medication that is prescribed for her husband missing from his room. The complainant stated that the suspect was the only person at the house that day. The suspect was there to do yardwork and a door to the house had been left unlocked for him to use the bathroom and the bathroom he used was next to the victims room where the medication had been sitting in plain view. The complainant was making the report due to the victim not being able to because of health reasons.

•May 10: Police were dispatched to Brochardt Boulevard to investigate a possible suicide.

•May 10: Police were called to the Rush Fitness Center off Kingston Pike. Complainant stated she had her purse locked inside her locker. When she returned her envelope of money containing about $100 was gone. Complainant has no suspects.

• May 11: Police responded to Campbell Lakes Drive. Complainant advised person(s) unknown stole property from the bed of his truck while parked at the Holiday Inn Express.

• May 12: Police responded to Farragut United Methodist Church off Kingston Pike. Officers met with Department of Children Services officers to remove children from an individual. All three victims had been residing at the church through a mission program. The complainant advised that allegations of suspect threatening to harm her children was brought to her attention. The complainant was removing the victims from their mother for the night pending an investigation. The children were placed in the custody of the complainant without incident. Family Crisis was notified of the


• May 13: Police were dispatched to the Petro Truck Stop off Watt Road. Complainant stated he had left the keys in the truck and the doors unlocked. When the complainant returned, the truck was gone. Complainant stated truck had numerous places with damage, such as, rail near step, radiator damage, and plastic around step damaged. He also stated the hood had the words “Powered by Hidden Lake” painted on it.

• May 14: Police were called to Butternut Circle. The victim stated person(s) unknown entered his vehicle and stole his stereo. The vehicle was unlocked and parked on the street in front of the residence. The victim advised he was at a friend’s residence.

• May 15: Officers were dispatched to Woodchase Drive to a domestic call. When officer Belliveau was exiting the residence he witnessed the suspect vehicle back from the driveway and strike the side of his police cruiser that was parked on the side of the roadway. The vehicle driver stated that she did not see the vehicle parked on the side of the roadway as she was backing from the driveway.

• May 15: Police were dispatched to Willow Creek Gold Course off Kingston Pike. The victims had placed their golf bags at the bag drop stand. The victims stated that they went inside the clubhouse to pay and when they returned outside their bags were gone. The victims stated they did not notice anyone hanging around the bag stand. The vicitms were instructed to try to get an itemized list of the clubs and any other items in their bags.

• May 15: Police were called to the Frame Smart off Kingston Pike. The victim states that she was working at the Frame Smart when a black lady asked if she could use the restroom. The victim told her where it was as she helped another customer. The suspect left and the Visa credit card company called the victim and asked her if she had used her card at Walgreen’s and at Parisians. She told them no, she was at work, so she went to the back where her pocketbook was and her credit cards were gone, so she started cancelling all the cards that she could think of. The suspect only took credit cards.

• May 15: Police responded to Parkside Drive. Complainant advised person(s) unknown broke the front passenger side window of her vehicle and stole her purse. The front passenger side door lock had also been


• May 16: Police responded to the Petro Truck Stop off Watt Road. Unknown suspect had wiring for a headlight repaired and left without paying his bill. The charges were approximately $66. Complainant stated that the suspect was a hispanic male, balding, and had a beard.

• May 17: Police reported the complainant stated she went through the drive-thru of Kentucky Fried Chicken off Kingston Pike. Complainant paid for her order with her card but does not recall getting it back from the cashier. Complainant could not find her card. Complainant went to First Tennessee to tell them that she had lost her card. The bank informed her that a hold had been placed on her card due to suspicious activity. There had been nine charges made to her card, totaling approximately $300.

• May 17: Police were called to Butternut Circle. Complainant stated an unknown suspect took items from vehicle parked in her driveway. She stated that the vehicle was unlocked and she believes the suspects were scared away by her barking dog. No damage to vehicle at time of report.

• May18: Police were dispatched to Cranwood Drive. Victim stated that someone knocked on her door. She looked out and didn’t see anyone so she went back to bed. Later she heard something in her garage so she went into the garage to see what it was. Victim said there was a male in her garage who spoke with an accent. He told her he was going to sleep in the garage. He ran out the back door. Victim stated that the suspect had a black, semi-automatic handgun in his hand. The suspect took a box of cheese cake squares from the victim’s freezer. Officers found several pieces of cheese cake in victims yard. Officers also found a side window to the garage


• May 18: Police responded to Everett Road. The victim advised that when she got out of her car that it jumped into gear and ran over her. The car came to rest in a ditch across the street. The victim was transported to Parkwest Medical Center by Rural Metro.

• May 18: Police were called to Baptist Hospital West off Parkside Drive. Complainant stated she accidentally left her purse behind a chair in the hospital waiting room. An unknown suspect took the purse and used one of the debit cards to withdraw money from her account. While on the phone with the complainant, her husband, who is still a patient at the hospital, called to tell her that the hospital informed him that they know who the suspect is. Complainant was transferred to communications for an officer to be sent out. Complainant was advised to follow up with Fraud and Forgery Department.

• May 18: Police were dispatched to Campbell Station Road and I-40. Complainant advised that her boyfriends vehicle broke down and was left on the side of I-40 and Campbell Station Road. Complainant advised the vehicle was left along the side of the road and when they went back to get the vehicle with a wrecker about two hours later, it was gone. The vehicle was locked. No suspects.

• May 18: Police were dispatched to Lanesborough Way. Complainant stated she left her vehicle unattended in the parking lot with the doors unlocked. When she returned she realized that her wallet had been removed by someone from her purse.

• May 18: Police were called to Kingston Pike. Complainant stated she had her vehicle parked outside. When she returned to the vehicle she discovered the passenger side window broken out, and found items missing from the vehicle. She has no suspects at this time.

• May 18: Police were dispatched to the Petro Truck Stop off Watt Road. Complainant stated that an unknown suspect drove off the premises of the victim business without paying for a fuel purchase of approximately $20. The tag on the suspect vehicle does not match the description of the suspect vehicle given by the complainant.

• May 18: Police were called to Asheville Highway 1. Complainant reported that while she was reviewing her security video tapes, complainant observed that suspect had taken money out of the cash register and put it in her pocket. Upon conducting a check of the funds, complainant discovered that the funds were missing.

• May 19: Police responded to Fox Den Country Club off Fox Den Drive. The victim said that an unknown suspect pulled open his locker at the country club and removed his golf bag. He stated the suspect took the golf clubs from the bag, replaced the golf bag in the locker and closed the door. The hasp securing the locker door was bent backward. The victim said an initial inventory showed no other items had been taken.

• May 19: Police were dispatched to the Petro Truck Stop off Watt Road. Complainant advised unknown suspect pumped approximately $35 worth of gasoline into his/her vehicle and drove off without paying. No vehicle description or tag.

• May 19: Police Officers responded to Duzane Drive on a report of a disturbance involving a firearm. The complainant stated that his 8-year-old grandson was playing in the neighborhood with several dogs when the dogs ran into the suspect’s yard. He stated that his grandson told him that he ran into the suspect’s backyard trying to retrieve the dogs when the suspect came out with a pellet gun and acted as if he was going to shoot the dogs. The complainant stated that he went to the suspect’s house and asked him about the incident. The suspect told officers that his dog had been attacked and almost killed in his back yard by some dogs in the neighborhood and thought these dogs were responsible for it. He stated that this was the reason that he had the pellet gun out when he saw the child, then he put the gun up and told the child to keep the dogs out of his yard.

• May 20: Officers were called to Baptist Hospital West off Parkside Drive. The defendant had a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage upon his breath and person. The defendant had red, watery eyes and slurred speech. The defendant was unsteady on his feet and is an endangerment to himself.

• May 21: Police were called to the BP gas station off Watt Road. Complainant stated someone pumped $72 in gas and drove off. Complainant believes it to be a gray pickup truck.

• May 21: Police were called to Ida Hertzler Lane. The victim advised person(s) unknown entered her vehicle and stole items from her purse. The victim said she found her purse this morning sitting on top of her sister’s vehicle who is visiting. She stated that the door locks on her vehicle are not working properly. The vehicle was parked in her driveway.

• May 21: Police responded to Glen Iris Lane. Complainant advised that the front passenger side mirror had been broken off of her vehicle. It is unknown where the incident happened. No suspects.

• May 21: Reporting officer was called to Farragut High School office regarding a laptop computer. Upon arrival, assistant principal Norton advised the Acer Travel mate had been stolen from a desk in the teachers workroom. Complainant advised the computer was on his desk Friday afternoon, but missing when he arrived that morning. It should be noted teacher workrooms are unlocked and the computer was not secured in any way. Saturday school make up session occurred the next day, during which the computer was probably stolen.

• May 22: Police responded to BigTree Lane. Complainant stated someone stole his vehicle. No suspects at this time.


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