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police reports

• May 22: Police were called to Campbell Station Road. The victim said she was driving in stop-and-go traffic on North Campbell Station Road, when the vehicle in front of her starting rolling backwards. The victim said she sounded her horn, but the other vehicle struck the front of the victims SUV. The suspect vehicle then left the scene without stopping. The victim said there is a small amount of damage to the front of her vehicle.

• May 22: Police officers were dispatched to the First Tennessee bank off Kingston Pike. Complainant stated suspect has been coming into the First Tennessee bank and cursing the employees. Suspect has also made several calls in which he threatened to “shoot the place up.” Complainant stated the bank has closed all the suspects accounts and sent him cashier checks for his balances. Suspect was also sent a letter by certified mail stating he was not to go on First Tennessee bank property.

• May 22: Officer responded to AmSouth Bank off Kingston Pike on an alarm called in by AmSouth securities. Property was checked. No signs of criminal activity were found. There have been three prior alarms.

• May 22: Police responded to Butternut Lane. Complainant advised person(s) unknown gained entry into unlocked vehicle and stole items inside. Complainant did not report this at the time. Complainant was contacted by Louden County, who advised they had found the stolen items. Louden County advised complainant would have to make a report with Knox County in order to get back items.

• May 22: Police were called to the Petro Truck Stop off Watt Road. The arrestee was charged with public intoxication. The arrestee was at the Petros preparing to pump gas in his vehicle. The arrestee was confronted by on site security until officers arrived. The arrestee was extremely unsteady on his feet, had slurred speech and had a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage about his breath and person. The arrestee was so intoxicated he posed a danger to himself and others.

• May 22: Officers responded to Hughlan Drive. The victim/complainant stated that her ex-boyfriend came over to her residence and began arguing with her and was trying to push his way into the house and pushed her to the ground. The complainants boyfriend/victim tried to get the suspect to leave the residence and the suspect hit him several times. The complainant’s mother and father/victims were also hit several times by the suspect while trying to get the suspect to leave. The suspect was gone upon officers arrival. The complainant was treated at the scene by Rural Metro for a cut on the hand. Domestic Violence Rights were given both written and verbally.

• May 23: Officers responded to North Watt Road for an attempted suicide. Rural Metro transported the victim to Parkwest Medical Center.

• May 23: Officer responded to Butternut Lane. Victim told officer a key to his truck was stolen. Victim did not report the theft. Victim stated he went to drive the truck and found the driver side fender, door, undercarriage and several other parts had been damaged from an apparent accident. Victim also stated gas had been run out and mud was all over the truck. Victim does not know how this damage occurred. Victim believes an unknown suspect stole the key, returned the next night and took the truck. Victim believes the damage occurred while an unknown suspect was in possession of the vehicle. The unknown suspect then returned the vehicle to the address in its current


• May 23: Officer responded to Childrens’ Hospital for a dog bite victim. Victim stated that he was walking home from school, when victim passed Sonja Road. A dog opened the gate and knocked him down. The dog bit the victim on the left shoulder. Victim went to the door of the residence, a teenage boy opened the door and let the dog into the residence. Victim was treated for a dog bite and released. Animal Control was notified of the incident.

• May 24: Police were called to Campbell Station Road. The complainant stated suspect(s) unknown kicked in the front door of the residence. No other damage to the residence or missing property at time of report.

• May 24: Police were dispatched to Hughlan Drive. The victim said her husband (the suspect) had gone to their children’s soccer game and had accused her of driving there intoxicated. She said he would not allow her to drive the children home and that he drove them himself. She stated she had one drink and that her adult child had driven them. At the victim’s residence the suspect and the victim got into an argument over the situation. The suspect left prior to officer’s arrival (he has another residence). Reporting officer spoke with the suspect via telephone. He said he called the victim and one of her friends answered the phone, and he told him that the victim had been drinking. He said he went to the soccer field to provide safe transport for his children back to their residence.

• May 25: Police responded to I-40 and Campbell Station Road. Victim stated her vehicle had broken down on the side of the interstate and was unlocked. The vehicle had been taken by unknown suspects. Victim had limited information about vehicle due to recently buying it. Victim advised to fax in proof of ownership.

• May 25: Police were dispatched to CBBC Bank off Kingston Pike. Complainant stated suspects entered bank and attempted to cash stolen check. X-ray 1, Lt. Lee took check and tape. Suspects advised complainant there names and suspect had his drivers license number on check.

• May 26: Police responded to the Petro’s off Watt Road. Complainant stated that an unknown suspect came in and asked her some questions about the price of a Play Station 3. When the complainant turned around to use a adding machine the suspect left the building with the Play Station in an unknown direction. The Play Station had an unknown game in it. Total value approx. $750.

• May 26: Police were called to Big Tree Drive. Complainant stated an unknown suspect rummaged through his unlocked vehicle. No property was reported taken at time of report.

• May 26: Officer responded to Lost Tree Lane. Complainant stated an unknown suspect opened an account in her name using an old address and phone number. The account was opened with Direct Merchants Bank Master card. Purchases have already been made to the account. Complainant stated her ex-husband still lives at the old address but she is unsure if he did this.

• May 26: Police were dispatched to West Kingsgate Road. Complainant stated an unknown suspect egged her vehicle and home. Complainant stated it appears they may have tried to throw the eggs at a security light on the side of the home. Complainant was able to wash the egg off the vehicle and thinks it will wash off home as well.

• May 26: Officer responded to Sugarwood Drive. Complainant stated an unknown suspect took vehicle from the driveway of the home. Complainant stated the vehicle was possibly left unlocked and may have had an extra key in the glove box.

• May 29: Police responded to Dundee Road. Complainant advised that she forgot and left her purse with it’s contents in the garage. When she went to get the purse at a later time the purse with its contents had been stolen.

• May 29: Police were called to Kingston Pike. Victim stated that he would not pay the suspect for a week pay due to a civil contract. After the suspect left she went outside the business and spit on the hood and kicked the left front headlight, causing a scratch on the plastic lens.

• May 29: Police were dispatched to Butternut Circle. Complainant advised that her daughter who is 18 stayed out later than she was supposed to and complainant told her that she still had to be home by midnight. The daughter left her mother a note telling her that she was leaving home and apparently left and has not been seen or heard from since. She did not show up for work either.

• May 29: Police officer responded to the BP gas station off Watt Road. The complainant stated that an unknown female asked for some cigarettes. When she received the cigarettes, she ran out of the business without paying and left the area. No further incident occurred.

• May 31: Police were dispatched to the Walgreen’s pharmacy off Kingston Pike. Complainant advised unknown suspect(s) entered the store and took items from the store. The male carried the backpack out of the store on his shoulder. One female was heavy set wearing a skirt and top with sandals or flip flops. The other female was younger and smaller in size, but complainant was unable to get a good description. The male was a thin, tall male, wearing a beret cap with a bill on it. He was also wearing a t-shirt and brand new Nike shoes. The car was parked in front of the store and they were able to obtain a partial tag.

• May 31: Officer was called to West End Avenue. Police were advised that suspect did use a Visa credit card belonging to the complainant in the amount of $18.41 at TCBY off West End Avenue. The credit card was left at Kentucky Fried Chicken off Kingston Pike by mistake after she ordered food at the business. The suspect did also use the card at Kentucky Fried Chicken in the amount of $5. The suspect did give a statement that he used the card at both places and that he did forge the card holders name.

• June 1: Police were dispatched to Battlefront Trail. Complainant advised his wife has been receiving harassing phone calls from the suspect since 2006 and continuing until the present. She has received approximately 98 phone calls since they began. This situation stems from a neighborhood association board election. The suspect was not satisfied with the election results and thus started calling the victim repeatedly. The suspect calls so frequently that the victim has gotten to the point she cannot answer the phone. She has upgraded to Call Block List through the phone company. The victim stated the suspect has also been sending e-mails to other residents of the neighborhood saying that she lies about neighborhood business in order to further her own agenda. Victim stated this was simply not true. As a result of the harassment, the victim is in fear of her safety and the safety of her family. Victim and complainant were advised on prosecution and would like a follow-up with detectives.

• June 2: Police responded to Old Tavern Circle. Complainant advised unknown suspect(s) rolled her front yard with toilet paper. Complainant stated this has happened several times recently and when suspect(s) finished rolling the yard, suspect(s) knocked loudly on her front door. Complainant advised she would not like to list any suspect information at this time.

• June 2: Officer was dispatched to the CVS pharmacy off Kingston Pike on an alarm call. All entry ways to this business were checked as well as the perimeter. All was found to be secure. CVS Alarm is the company with four priors this year.

• June 2: Officers responded to Lake Mill Lane for a disturbance. Upon officers arrival the victim stated that the suspect came to her residence asking about a sweat shirt that her seven year old daughter had borrowed from the suspects seven year old daughter, when the victim told him she could not find the shirt the suspect became angry and started yelling at the victim that he wanted the shirt back. The victim stated she attempted to close the door but the suspect forced it back open still yelling he wanted the shirt back. The victim stated that the suspect grabbed her on the right arm trying to pull her to him but the victim pulled away and closed the door and the suspect went to his vehicle and left yelling he would be back. The suspect was gone when officers arrived the victim stated that the suspects actions did put her in fear for her safety and that of her family. The victim was advised her rights by officer.

• June 3: Officer was called to the Pilot gas station off Campbell Station Road. Complainant stated a black male pulled up to the pump in a lifted blue SUV and pumped gas into his vehicle. He then got back into his vehicle and drove away without paying.

• June 3: Police responded to Watt Road. Complainant advised unknown suspect(s) busted his front passenger window out. Complainant advised as far as he could tell no items were taken from the vehicle.

• June 4: Officer responded to Union Road on an alarm call. Upon arrival victim stated he was the home owner and found his front door standing open with with no signs of force. Officer checked house and found nothing disturbed and nothing missing at this time.

• June 4: Officers were dispatched to Oran Road concerning a domestic problem. The complainant had left the residence before officers arrival. The victim stated that he and the complainant were arguing over the family being evicted. The victim stated that the complainant became enraged over the argument and struck him in the face scratching him under the left eye. The victim showed officers the injury under his left eye and also admitted to pushing the complainant against the wall by her neck. The victim was offered medical assistance which he refused. The victim was advised of his rights.

• June 5: Officer responded to Kingston Pike. The victim stated unknown suspect(s) gained access to his locker and took his wallet and items that were in the wallet. The victim advised he did not put a lock on the locker and suspect(s) did not take his watch or other items.

• June 6: Police were called to Lovell Road. Complainant called from Mississippi to advise that three suspects had stolen their cleaning products. The suspects took a U-Haul trailer with the products from an address on Lovell Road. The trailer was later found and the supplies are still missing. Complainant advised that the suspects may be in middle Tennessee selling the products.

• June 6: Officers responded to Bridgemore Boulevard on a theft of property call. Complainant stated that someone had stolen the business/victims outdoor patio set. Victim stated that the patio furniture was valued at twelve thousand dollars. Complainant was advised that detectives would contact him.

• June 6: Officer responded to The Little Green Garden off Chowning Drive. The victim stated he has had approximately 45 gallons of gas taken from one of his trucks at his business.

• June 6: Officers were dispatched to Grigsby Chapel Road. While the victim and his wife were out, he believes one of the suspects gained entry to his backyard, took off his dogs collar, and let the dog out of the backyard and into the streets. The fence was unlocked due to the victim leaving it open for his landscaper. After the victim returned home, he drove around the area and was able to recover his dog, the collar was missing. The victim has had problems with the suspects for the past year and a half. Suspect #2 has previously made threats against the victim’s dog before.

• June 7: Officer was dispatched to U-Line Transport off Watt Road. The complainant stated that his company was contacted. The suspect claimed that one of the complainant’s trucks was broke down in Knoxville and needed two new tires. The company dispatcher gave the suspect a T-check number for the repairs to be done to the vehicle. Later the company was able to contact their driver and found that the truck was not broke down in Tennessee. The unknown suspect had used the T-check number to take $750 from the victim’s company. This was done without the victims consent, permission or knowledge.

• June 7: Officers responded to Farragut Commons Drive on a report of a threatened suicide. The victim was transported to Park West Medical Center by Rural Metro.

• June 8: Police were dispatched to West Kingsgate Drive. The victim called to report the arrestee was out of control and destroying the residence. The victim stated she took the arrestee’s hat and then he began yelling at her. The arrestee then took the victim’s purse and refused to give it back to the victim. The arrestee became enraged and began throwing items throughout the residence. The arrestee was still argumentative with the victim upon officers arrival. The victim stated she was afraid of the arrestee. The arrestee was taken to juvenile. The victim was advised of her rights under the Tennessee Domestic Violence Law.

• June 9: Police were called to Ida Hertzler Lane. Complainant stated he believes that suspects broke into his parents residence, stole items from the residence, then stole his father’s vehicle. Complainant stated he believes that they did it because they stole his vehicle in Scott County. Witness stated that he believes it as well because they broke into his residence.

• June 9: Police officer was dispatched to Dixie Lee Liquors off Kingston Pike. Victim stated that the suspect took two 1-liter bottles of liquor and stuffed them down her pants then left without paying. Victim stated that he walked outside to confront the suspect and to have her come back inside the store to talk about the theft. Victim stated that when he was writing down the suspects tag number the suspect put her vehicle in reverse and struck the victim. Victim stated that the suspect then left east on Kingston Pike. Victim stated that he was not injured at time of report. Victim has video of theft at the store.

• June 10: Officer responded to Kroger grocery store off Kingston Pike. Victim stated while in Kroger someone stole her checkbook. No suspect information. Victim advised to cancel her account.

• June 10: Police officer was dispatched to Derby Run Drive. Victim and suspect are boyfriend/girlfriend and live together. Victim stated that suspect became angry because she hid his wine. Suspect then tore up the house looking for the wine and grabbed victim by the arm and twisted it. Victims right arm was red and a little bruised. Suspect was arrested for Domestic Assault. Victim was advised of her Domestic Violence Rights and given a card.

• June 10: Police reported that complainant advised the cell phone was lost at an unknown location.

• June 10: Officer responded to Hickory Woods Drive. Victim advised that she had suspects helping her pack to move. Victim noticed cash and check missing from her pocketbook. Later victim found her jewelry box closed, victim stated box is always open. Upon checking victim found ring to be missing.


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