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Ingles reveals Farragut plan

The former Regal Cinemas movie theater site in Farragut will soon see new life.

Farragut Municipal Planning Commission members approved a site plan that would turn the movie theater site into a new grocery store with a gas station and car wash toward the front of the property during its monthly meeting Thursday, June 21.

“As part of this site plan, they will be constructing the Ingles shopping center itself,” Com-munity Development director Ruth Hawk told commissioners. “There will be a gas station and they will be removing the building where Sound and Cinema was. It will be a car wash.”

The gas station, she said, would be west of the proposed car wash.

“You’ll recall there is an entrance at this location,” Hawk said, indicating the former Sound and Cinema building. “They’ll be removing that, which allows for greater stacking distance at the traffic signal.”

Hawk said all of the islands in the shopping center would be re-built to come into compliance with town standards. The angled parking striping would be redone and a grassy area would be added to the rear of the existing shopping center to allow for better tractor-trailer traffic flow.

Hawk commended engineer Mark Bialik on his development of the shopping center design, especially given the large scope of the project.

“This was a pretty good piece of work here,” she said.

The front of the proposed Ingles would have gabled ends, a pharmacy-drive-thru and matching gables on the car wash.

“The gas station that goes with the car wash has the same architectural style,” Hawk said. “There will be sidewalk constructed on Boring Road and Kingston Pike as part of this project. That will be a real big benefit for people walking through that area.”

Hawk said she has seen residents walking through the shopping center parking lot. The new sidewalks would offer residents other options.

“Currently the town experiences flooding at the entrance to the former movie theater,” Bialik said. “As part of this project, we are going to be adding two inlets and also piping all along Kingston Pipe to eliminate the ditch that is just off the edge of the pavement. It’s going to be a good benefit to the town.”

“Ruth, the existing buildings will remain?” Mayor W. Edward “Eddy Ford said.

Hawk said the rest of the buildings, as of this point in time, are scheduled to remain.

“I’m not implying anything about the future,” she said.

Bialik said the buildings would remain, although Ingles intended to come back at a later date and update the façade of the existing structure.

Ingles spokesperson Ron Freeman, not present at the meeting, said via e-mail the proposed store would be 80,000 square feet.

“We’ll keep the existing store open until the new building is completed,” he said.  “Our current employees will move into the new building.”

Freeman said the new store would be one of the larger ones in the company chain. Construction could begin by fall with a 2008 proposed completion date.


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