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Local student donates hair to Locks of Love

A Farragut 8-year-old already knows how it feels to give to charity.

Ginny Hale, a rising third-grader at St. John Neumann Catholic School, donated 10 inches of her hair to Locks of Love in May.

“I wanted to cut my hair to give it to the children whose hair is falling out to make a wig,” Ginny said. “I like to help others. I was lucky to be adopted, so I wanted to help others.”

Dan and Suzy Hale of Farragut adopted Ginny from China when she was 10 months old. Suzy said she and Dan have made an effort to make Ginny aware of how fortunate she is.

“We’ve tried to talk to her and teach her about charity, especially about children who do not have as much as she has. She is adopted from China. We talk about that, and she realizes there are still lots and lots of children, especially girls, still left in the orphanages back in China that will not ever be adopted. She knows that for the most part she is lucky, and that she has a lot to be thankful for,” Suzy said.

Ginny said she hadn’t heard about Locks of Love until she got the idea about donating her hair from her mom.

“My mom told me I should cut it for Locks of Love, and I said O-K. So I cut it and sent it,” she said.

Suzy said, “We told her about [Locks of Love]. She’s seen other little children’s pictures in the paper that’s done it, and she decided she wanted to do that. People are always telling her, because she does have that Asian hair, that her hair is beautiful. So she wanted to make another little child happy, and let them make a wig for them.”

She added, “She let her hair grow, and grow, and grow. That was hard. We don’t like to keep it too long, because it is very, very, very thick, but she decided that was what she wanted to do.”

This is the first time Ginny has donated her hair, but said she doesn’t think it will be the last.

“I got excited [after it was cut], because I like to help others,” Ginny said. “I plan to let it grow out and donate it again.”

She said she missed her long hair “a little bit,” but her friends helped her feel better.

“They said they liked my new look, and they were glad that I cut my hair,” she added.

Suzy said, “It took a year [to grow enough hair]. It grows fast. We usually do cut it in the summer, because she’s a swimmer, and we grow it out over the school year. … We cut off more than we normally do. We measured it, and it was ten inches. They said even if you don’t have ten inches to go ahead and send it, and they will sell it to make money for their wigs. So either way it’s a donation.”

Anyone interested in making a donation to Locks of Love, a non-profit organization that provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children, can do what Suzy did, and visit the charity’s Web site,

“I went on the Web site. They give you all the information of how long it needs to be. They tell you how to cut it. When you cut it and mail it, it has to be in a ponytail,” Suzy said. “They tell you to put it in a little plastic bag and then a manila envelope. They give you the address in Florida to send it to.”

Ginny is the granddaughter of Hazel West of Farragut.


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