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Horne appointed to UT Board

Doug Horne has come full circle on Rocky Top.

Forty years after earning his Bachelor of Science degree in industrial management from The University of Tennessee, Horne will assume a seat on the school’s Board of Trustees.

“I was thinking [in late June] when the Governor [Phil Bredesen] called me, ‘it’s ironic, I graduated forty years ago,’ so it’s a nice, round number to be asked to be on the Board of Trustees,” said Horne, president/CEO of Horne Properties, Inc. and owner of Horne Radio, LLC and Republic Newspapers, parent company of farragutpress.

A 1963 Farragut High School graduate and lifelong Farragut-area resident, Horne was among four new members appointed by Bredesen in late June to fill the 26-member Board, the governing body for all UT affairs (23 voting members).

“I’ve always been highly interested in The University of Tennessee. Been active in supporting them financially, both academically and athletically,” Horne said, which included his efforts as state Democratic Party chairman from 1999 to 2000. “I was a member of the Chancellor’s Associates, I’ve promoted the continued increase in educational funding for the university, and K-through-twelve, too.

“We’ve always been looking for funds, not only for a regular budget, but also capital improvements at the university. I’ve always been concerned about getting more investment monies for U-T.”

Sharing his feelings about the honor, “When you get an important position in the state, the state land-grant university, it’s humbling — it’s humbling to be asked to do this,” Horne said. “It’s a great privilege, an honor and a duty. I’ll do the best job that I can.”

Horne will represent the Second Congressional District on the Board and replaces William B. Stokely III, president and chairman of The Stokely Company. Terms run six-years for all voting members except student representatives, with all appointment and reappointment power solely held by the chair.

“He chose to appoint the people he did, you don’t really campaign for anything like this,” Horne said. “If you’re visible and you’ve done things in the state, if you’ve participated in matters of the state, helped try to move

the state forward; and local


Horne, 62, said he has no agenda for university change “at this time,” adding, “I’m going up there to learn and listen.

“I want to go into the meetings and I want to review everything that’s been happening with The University of Tennessee. I’ll have a specific committee assignment, I’m sure.”

Held three times a year, the next scheduled Board of Trustees meeting is Nov. 8-9 in Knoxville.

Joining Horne are Robert Talbott and Charles Anderson Jr., both UT graduates from Knoxville, and George Cates of Memphis.

“The other three he appointed, I think, are all very good candidates,” Horne said. “I was impressed.”

Talbott, president of Holrob Investments, “worked at Horne Properties for twelve years, Bob was our attorney,” Horne

said. Talbott replaces Susan Richardson-Williams.

Anderson replaces James Haslam III, retired CEO of Pilot Corp. “I’m a big fan of Jim Haslam, he’d been on board since 1980, he was the longest serving board member,” Horne said.

Other Trustees: Dr. John D. Petersen, UT president; Andrea J. Loughry, vice chair; Anne Holt Blackburn; William Y. Carroll; Barbara C. Castleman; Spruell Driver; Ken Givens (state Commissioner of Agriculture); James E. Hall; Rhynette N. Hurd; Jerry L. Jackson; Deseriee Kennedy; James L. Murphy III; Lana Seivers (state Commissioner of Education); Karl A. Schledwitz; Don C. Stansberry Jr.; Charles Wharton; James L. “Bucky” Wolford; Anna York (student Trustee), and non-voting members Richard G. Rhoda (non-voting as executive director of Tennessee Higher Education Commission); prof. John Schommer (UT-Martin) and UTM student Brittany McGruder.


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