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Nicely not in step with governor, reader says

BioTenn and its implied connections are not comparable to ethanol in any of its forms. They are not the same. Mr. [Gerald] Nicely (Guestview, July 5) apparently ha[s] not kept up with Gov. [Phil] Bredeson (sic) and his actions concerning the state budget.

He vetoed a bill to subsidize production of ethanol and a 1.5 percent gas tax at the pump as well, to the chagrin of several others.

Professor Steve Levy of [The University of Tennessee] and I had made a reasoned case to the governor about the extra pollution caused by ethanol, no matter where it comes from. He said he thought his actions were of compelling type.

We told the governor after his latest action that we thought it was just such action at the state level that was needed. Broad initiatives are being taken in California and New York and Michigan. These programs go beyond the short-range approach to securing clean efficient fuel for the roads of the federal government.

There are lots of things that will work, including the production of biodiesel fuel whether from switchgrass, tree bark or from the husks of sugarcane. All those things are a long way away, but the collection of oils and greases of all kinds can be done locally and, in fact, is being done here. That needs a promotional campaign for collection at restaurants, machine shops, automobile service stations and even homes, wherever waste fat and fiber go to waste.

Richard Berry



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