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• I want to know what’s going on with the McFee Road construction. It’s taking an absurdly long time to complete that road. What’s the schedule for completion? I thought it was supposed to be completed for sure this summer.

• Something needs to be done about the vending machines at our local post office. Have you ever noticed when you go in there, there’s always a long line and it seems the machines never work.

• In addition to the plans that Farragut Baptist Church has for their humongous growth on top of the subdivisions adjacent and behind them, they apparently have the intention of completely closing off the only road in and out of Belleaire Subdivision, Belleaire Drive. They have not talked to the residents about this. They apparently have already contacted the town council to get this approved. I’d like to know just where they’re going to put the road, maybe twisty turny on the back of their property across Farragut Crossing connecting with Kingston Pike, possibly a long, very dangerous windy road. And also, whose tax dollars are going to be paying for this. I somehow don’t think the church is going to offer to pay for a road. And also I don’t think it’s quite legal that they can just go in and shut down a county road. But they seem to think they have the right to do anything they want.

• So what is the point of the daily paper’s big story on the flower grower who is upset because he just can’t make up a sign and stick it in his front yard. It just looks like someone has a vendetta against the town of Farragut. As [a town of Farragut] alderman pointed out there are allowances for temporary signs and all this guy has to do is fill out a form and follow the rules like the rest of us. You can’t allow people to just make up signs and stick them in their yards. What would our town look like if this were allowed? [The mayor] was quoted as saying: “If you change the law for one person you have to do it for everyone.” Shame on [the] alderman for throwing our town’s signage law under the bus in a blatant attempt to curry favor with the anti-sign elements of the business community. And please, why persist in dragging up yesterday’s news. So business owners have to actually follow rules in Farragut that they don’t have to bother with in Knoxville and Knox County. So what? I say good for Farragut to have these strict standards and I would hope our elected officials remember who put them in office. It’s the residents of Farragut, not the business community. I would also hope the farragutpress is responsible in covering this kind of story and would do a better job of presenting both sides.

Editor’s Note: The caller has incorrectly identified the person quoted in this story as a Town alderman. He is in fact a member of one of the Town’s boards.

• Okay, in addition to wanting to spend all this money and have this humongous expansion for the First Baptist Church, they now want to close Belleaire Drive and shut it down, close it off. It is the only road in and out of Belleaire. There are no other accesses, there are no empty lots that can access another road. They’re talking about possibly routing something somewhere, but number one, whose property are they planning on taking away to do this. And who are they expecting to pay for it? Taxpayers shouldn’t have to and they have a huge parking lot with plenty of access on Kingston Pike, so while they’re doing all this construction, let the construction trucks go in and out of there. Quit trying to destroy a neighborhood.

• I renewed my car registration renewal in Farragut Town Hall on July 2 and when I handed the person my two-page renewal, she threw the top page in the wastecan. Before leaving the desk I asked if the wastecan contents are shredded. Upon hearing no, I asked for my page back. This sheet contained my name, address, title, and license number and PIN. With today’s high risk of identity theft and access to pertinent information, I was very shocked and strongly recommend that the Farragut Town Hall radically change procedures. We shred everything at home. Remove address labels before magazine recycling, only put out our garbage can the morning of pickup. Let Farragut begin some improvements.

• I notice that the list of things the farragutpress will not publish in presstalk keeps getting longer and longer and now it’s something like more than a whole column. It’s about three inches long. You could just have a little notice at the bottom that the farragutpress reserves the right to edit any comment or content and length and that would take only one or two sentences, but you’re taking up a good percentage, you know, 20 percent at least of the space in presstalk but to get that redundant thing going on and on about what you won’t say just takes up space. You should consider editing it down a little.

Editor’s Note: With each issue, farragutpress has new readers who are entitled to know the rules of presstalk engagement. No one’s comments are omitted in place of our rules. Comments are omitted because they violate the posted rules.

• Yes, I enjoyed reading the article titled, “Independence Day,” in the farragutpress. In the article, a letter written by John Adams to his wife, Abigail, concerning the July celebration is quoted from extensively. However, one important sentence of the letter was not included. That sentence is the following: “It ought to be commemorated as the day of deliverance, my solemn acts of devotion to God Almighty.”

• I just saw [several] (Knox) County Council members on Channel 10. It’s clear that they just don’t get it, the nepotism and the shenanigans concerning the recent election. Either they’re just too stupid themselves or they think the voters are too stupid to understand the issues. Whether it’s right or wrong is one thing, but they act like they don’t even understand the issues in terms of nepotism in election blaming the Supreme Court for the perceptions concerning the election. Come on!


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