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Derby Chase land issue resolved

A community meeting in Town Hall Community Room Tuesday, June 10, originally touted to be concerning the $37.5 expansion of First Baptist Concord actually concerned Derby Chase.

The problem concerned some property, but was dealt with before the meeting.

Robert Fletcher, president of Derby Chase Homeowners Association, said the meeting was originally called concerning a piece of property near the Derby Chase subdivision. The property in question, he said, was known as Lot 25, a water retention area, and owned by local developer Doug Horne.

“I’m happy to say the problem has been resolved in Derby Chase’s favor,” Fletcher told the more than 100 residents at the meeting. “We found it interesting that Doug Horne had sold lot 25 to the church.”

Fletcher said the confusion resulted as a part of the property deal. He said lot 25 was, according to Derby Chase plat plans, supposed to belong to the Derby Chase Homeowner Association.

“The land was graciously donated by Doug Horne,” Fletcher said. “I think he was trying to help out [First Baptist Concord].”

He said once Derby Chase residents brought the matter to Horne’s attention, Horne immediately sought to rectify the matter.

Horne, by telephone, concurred the transaction as described.

“The attorney for First Baptist Concord is in the process of making out a quit-claim deed for the property,” Fletcher said. “It will then be deeded to the [Derby Chase] homeowner association.”

David Robinette, a member of First Baptist Concord, was on hand to discuss the Derby Chase situation. Some residents, rather than waiting for the upcoming July 23 public meeting on the church expansion, took the opportunity to vent some of their frustration on issues related to the church.

“When I come home from my church on Sunday, I have to wait for your church to empty out before I can get to my home,” said one resident.

Bob Jones, a Belleaire resident, encouraged Robinette to go to the First Baptist Concord congregation and encourage them to communicate with their neighbors.

“What I’d like to see happen is you go back to the church congregation and encourage them to talk to their neighbors,” he said. “We would like to know what is going on since it affects us.”

“We have some serious trust issues with you,” Jeanne Brykalski, another resident, said. “Three years ago, you said you had no immediate plans for this, this, or this. I have to wonder how many of those houses you are planning on destroying. You say you want to be good neighbors, but we just don’t trust you.”

Robinette said he would take residents’ concerns to church officials.


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