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• I’d like to know when the town of Farragut is going to start imposing term limits on our elected officials for a variety of reasons? But one important one being that, with term limits, large moneyed organizations would be less likely to be able to control them such as some of the large churches around here seem to be doing. Anybody else wondered about this?

• Why would First Baptist Church of Concord tear down two A-framed parts of the church when they are planning to add on to the church to make room for grades 9 through 12? Can’t they just make the school in the old A-framed part of the church? Since they own houses behind the church, tear those down for your parking lot. Close off the curb on Belleaire Drive and re-route it to Kingston Pike. There is no need to destroy Belleaire subdivision because you don’t like the A-frame part of the church.

• I would like to compliment the town of Farragut, especially the departments that take care of our greenways and our city parks. There are absolutely lovely. Everything from the planting to the caring of the lawn, everything is exceptional. We walk the different parks and greenways quite frequently. Yesterday we were down at Anchor Park, and I noticed on the west entrance to Anchor Park the Leland Cypresses that grow along the fence line. Two of the ones that are closest to the west entrance has bagworms growing on them — one tree in particular, but now has spread to the tree next to it. I don’t know if possibly you could check on those trees and remove the bagworms and treat them.

• I’m reading the latest edition of the farragutpress, and I noticed that the first new liquor store proposal is for the location of the old CVS pharmacy located next to Kroger shopping center. I’d like to know if the citizens of Farragut know that this is a parking lot where the Farragut High School students park their vehicles every day; where they hang out every week, every Friday night at Farragut High School football games. And we’re proposing to put a liquor store into this location? It’s ridiculous. People, wake up. You need to be aware of what’s going on and you need to do something about it to protect the high school students in this area.

• This is regarding the Farragut town square complex. They have a town square [plan] for the city of Farragut, and I think it’s a good idea. It would be very cohesive, kinda give a focal point to the middle part of Farragut. The thing that concerns me the most is having one developer develop the whole thing and the comments that were made by him concerning banks and drive-thrus. I think that is the least thing we need in the town center, more banks. Farragut is like the banking capital of I don’t know what. But we need eclectic shops. There was a very good article about Sweetwater, it had really cute, funky shoe store, some boutique and antique shops and kinda speaking to the heritage of the area. It would really, really be nice to see something different. Little cafes. But leave the banks out of it, we don’t need any more banks — particularly in the town square. Around the statue would be a nice place for benches and a fountain, a meeting place for people just to sit and be with their children and walk around. I really do believe that it’s a good idea.

• First Baptist Concord wants to tear down part of their church so they can build it back nicer so the appearance of it from Kingston Pike is beautiful; while the unkept, abandoned homes the church owns on Belleaire Drive for their so-called “greenspace” with huge yards are used for a parking lot every Sunday. It really makes Belleaire subdivision look bad. We are not just a dump. I’d like to know where 12,000 people are going to park once the church project has been completed?

• I’m calling about presstalk in the Farragut paper every week. I read it every week, and sometimes there’s an editor’s note trying to explain what somebody said or what somebody did or somebody made a wrong statement. Why don’t you let the people’s voices speak for themselves? They don’t need the editor to explain what they were trying to say.

Editor’s Note: That’s the beauty of the First Amendment; everyone gets to speaks, including us. Afterall, it is the “Editorial” page.

• All of us want to congratulate [the newest Farragut member] on his appointment to the UT Board of Trustees and thank him for all he has done for the city of Farragut and its people — and especially our fine school.

• A few weeks back, one of the city aldermen wrote a letter speaking of the Farragut mayor and his trips around the town of Farragut on Saturday mornings. He should be able to tell by the empty buildings in the town [that] common sense knows that Farragut does not need more buildings. If they want a statue of Admiral Farragut, put it at the school. All the people know why buildings are empty they cannot get along with the people of the town of Farragut, or some woman there. Where is the mayor? We’ve never seen him out on a Saturday morning.

• I think it would be great for the town of Farragut to have its own center town square just like historic Franklin. Historic Franklin has a roundabout with a statue of a famous soldier in the middle. It would be wonderful if the town of Farragut can model our own town to the historic town of Franklin. That would be beautiful.

• I’m reading in the paper [recently] about the proposal for this new liquor store in Farragut to go where the old CVS building was. Is that legal, being across from the high school? Perhaps you could do some research and see if that’s even legal.

• I send a big thank you to the large movie theater [Regal Cinemas Pinnacle 18] in Turkey Creek. Their customer service is outstanding, and they helped me out of a situation I had and I wanted to thank them.

• I was reading your article in presstalk about the Farragut Baptist church. I was a resident of Belleaire for 26 years and not once did any member of that church beckon my door and offer me a membership or to come visit their church. As a child I was told to leave — the children of Belleaire were told to leave the church parking lot because we were disrupting it. First Baptist church should learn that Belleaire was the original neighborhood in Farragut. It was the first one built and Belleaire should never be shut down. It’s a member of this community just as well as they are.

• We now understand a new whiskey, wine and beer store will be built beside the new Kroger across the street from Farragut schools and where it can be seen daily by our school children. The city mayor and aldermen want to make it handy for grocery shoppers who buy this kind of junk. If the city has to have a new liquor outlet, why don’t they build it in the new town? Why is all the fuss about the church outlets and forgetting about this whiskey store being built in front of our schools? By the way, how close is it to the schools? Farragut, stop this location of a liquor store for the goodness of our children.

• I do not think that we need another town square. The Town Hall is good enough, and I don’t think it’s needed.


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