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police reports

• June 2: Officers responded to Lake Mill Lane for a disturbance. Upon officers arrival the victim stated that the suspect came to her residence asking about a sweat shirt that her 7-year-old daughter had borrowed from the suspects 7-year-old daughter, when the victim told him she could not find the shirt the suspect became angry and started yelling at the victim that he wanted the shirt back. The victim stated she attempted to close the door but the suspect forced it back open still yelling he wanted the shirt back. The victim stated that the suspect grabbed her on the right arm trying to pull her to him but the victim pulled away and closed the door and the suspect went to his vehicle and left yelling he would be back. The suspect was gone when officers arrived. The victim stated that the suspects actions did put her in fear for her safety and that of her family. The victim was advised her rights by officer.

• June 3: Officer was called to the Pilot gas station off Campbell Station Road. Complainant stated a black male pulled up to the pump in a lifted blue SUV and pumped gas into his vehicle. He then got back into his vehicle and drove away without paying.

• June 3: Police responded to Watt Road. Complainant advised unknown suspect(s) busted his front passenger window out. Complainant advised as far as he could tell no items were taken from the vehicle.

• June 4: Officer responded to Union Road on an alarm call. Upon arrival victim stated he was the homeowner and found his front door standing open with with no signs of force. Officer checked house and found nothing disturbed and nothing missing at this time.

• June 4: Officers were dispatched to Oran Road concerning a domestic problem. The complainant had left the residence before officers arrival. The victim stated that he and the complainant were arguing over the family being evicted. The victim stated that the complainant became enraged over the argument and struck him in the face scratching him under the left eye. The victim showed officers the injury under his left eye and also admitted to pushing the complainant against the wall by her neck. The victim was offered medical assistance, which he refused. The victim was advised of his rights.

• June 5: Officer responded to Kingston Pike. The victim stated unknown suspect(s) gained access to his locker and took his wallet and items that were in the wallet. The victim advised he did not put a lock on the locker and suspect(s) did not take his watch or other items.

• June 6: Police were called to Lovell Road. Complainant called from Mississippi to advise that three suspects had stolen their cleaning products. The suspects took a U-Haul trailer with the products from an address off Lovell Road. The trailer was later found and the supplies are still missing. Complainant advised that the suspects may be in middle Tennessee selling the products.

• June 6: Officers responded to Bridgemore Boulevard on a theft of property call. Complainant stated that someone had stolen the business/victims outdoor patio set. Victim stated that the patio furniture was valued at $12,000.

• June 6: Officer responded to The Little Green Garden off Chowning Drive. The victim stated he has had about 45 gallons of gas taken from one of his trucks at his business.

• June 6: Officers were dispatched to Grigsby Chapel Road. While the victim and his wife were out, he believes one of the suspects gained entry to his backyard, took off his dog’s collar, and let the dog out of the backyard and into the streets. The fence was unlocked due to the victim leaving it open for his landscaper. After the victim returned home, he drove around the area and was able to recover his dog, the collar was missing. The victim has had problems with the suspects for the past year-and-a-half. Suspect No. 2 has previously made threats against the victim’s dog before.

• June 8: Police were dispatched to West Kingsgate Drive. The victim called to report the arrestee was out of control and destroying the residence. The victim stated she took the arrestee’s hat and then he began yelling at her. The arrestee then took the victim’s purse and refused to give it back to the victim. The arrestee became enraged and began throwing items throughout the residence. The arrestee was still argumentative with the victim upon officers arrival. The victim stated she was afraid of the arrestee. The arrestee was taken to juvenile detention.


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