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Horne lauded, Presbyterians share common threads

Horne lauded

Doug Horne is most deserving of his recent appointment to The University of Tennessee (U.T.) Board of Trustees. A U.T. graduate, successful businessman, good corporate citizen, and true community leader, Mr. Horne will bring a broad range of diverse experience to the Board of Trustees.

Mr. Horne was one of the first developers to bring needed commercial business to Farragut. He was a true risk taker in his investment some years ago with his purchase of the farragutpress. Under his ownership the paper has grown to a strong community newspaper with a broad readership in our town.

A recent inductee into the East Tennessee Junior Achievement “Business Hall of Fame,” Mr. Horne has played a significant role in the quality business growth of the town of Farragut over the past two decades. His business strengths, combined with his personal history of community service, will be of much value to The University of Tennessee as he serves on this prestigious board.

Mike Arms


Presbyterians share common threads

Rev. Jack Pieris of New Light Presbyterian Church stated, in your article of July 5, “The only thing we have in common with Farragut Presbyterian Church is the word Presbyterian.” He also claims we have different values!

In fact, we have much in common apart from our governance. We have a belief in Jesus Christ as savior, the Bible as the Word of God and the commandment to love God and neighbor.

He is correct in stating that the Evangelical Presbyterian Church does not find it a “No No” to be next door to a Presbyterian Church USA. Planting churches near PCUSA churches has been a strategy of the new and relatively small EPC.

Perhaps Rev. Pieris, in claiming that Farragut Presbyterian Church has different values, refers to our practice of ordaining women to ministry. While the EPC claims that local churches may ordain women, it is an issue thought to be not important enough to have a general church policy. I am unaware of any woman serving as a minister in the EPC.

We welcome our sister church, New Light EPC, to our neighborhood and to serving the community. We would hope in the future that overly broad characterizations of perceived values might be kept out of your paper so the Body of Christ not be or appear to be divisive.

Rev. Dr. Thom Nelson



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