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• OK, let’s get some facts straight. The people of Belleaire, Farragut Crossing, Derby Chase, Glen Abbey, Shiloh condominiums are not evil, they do not hate God, they do not hate Baptists or church. It’s not like they don’t want the First Baptist Church to grow. What they are opposed to is the way the church is going about it, and the way that the residents of these neighborhoods are being disrespected and treated with indifference and a total lack of compassion. It’s my understanding that First Baptist Church boasts 8,000-plus members. However, when this expansion plan was proposed to the congregation, only 1,300 people voted: 50 against, 1,250 for. If these numbers are accurate, that means less than 16 percent of the entire membership of the Farragut Baptist Church approved the expansion plan the way it is currently written. Those numbers just do not add up: 16 percent of a congregation to spend $37.5 million? If I was a member of that church, I’d be asking the administration a lot of hard questions.

• I’m sick and tired of our politicians during this time of war — or do they think we’re all dumb enough to believe this isn’t a war. Mark my words, we’re going to have to deal with this threat one way or another. Isn’t it better to do it now? [Our present congressman] seems like a nice man, but the other day he was one of four Republicans who voted for a forced withdrawal date from Iraq. Now who doesn’t believe this kind of posturing gives comfort and aid to the enemy? I think our district would be better served with a wartime congressman. The pencil pushing can come later — after we’re secure again.

• Yes, I very much look forward to Farragut having a town center. I kind of envision a town green, maybe with a gazebo where people can go up to that green area and use it. There could be public people speaking from that on occasion. But I think this is a wonderful thing if it could come to Farragut.

• A few weeks ago, a caller suggested changing the speed limit on Smith Road between Grigsby Chapel [Road] and Kingston Pike to 25 mph. I think this is a great idea. The current limit of 40 mph is too high for this stretch of road, which is hilly and runs along residential areas with frequent-entering traffic. The Weigel’s at Kingston Pike and Smith Road will make the situation worse. As it is, drivers often do a lot more than 40 on Smith Road, and they often run the stop sign at Smith Road and N. Fox Den. The town of Farragut needs to change the speed limit to 25 mph, otherwise someone is going to get killed on Smith Road.

• I’m calling about the Farragut town center, and I think it’s a great idea. But after seeing the property behind the mayor’s house, I would hope that the wooded area, maybe they would consider making that into a park instead of cutting down all of the trees. It’s just such a large area, it would make a great park. So, I was kinda hoping that someone would consider that.

• Commenting on the [presstalk] last week, I just read it, concerning the town of Farragut, the greenways, the parks. I agree with the person that wrote this: they are absolutely beautiful. I thought where I used to live, nothing could be better. But the town of Farragut does a great job. I was noticing the information about the bagworms on the Leland Cypresses at Anchor Park’s west entrance. I had noticed those. But we were walking the library park on Campbell Station Road, and the Christmas Tree blue spruce in front of the gazebo is covered with bagworms. Bagworms will kill a tree if they are not removed and treated, so I hope you notify the town of Farragut. These trees are too beautiful to lose.

• I am happy to say we’re a member of First Baptist Concord, and feel we are very good neighbors. One lady was a Sunday School teacher for over 35 years. My wife and I along with several other great people and members, took care of her doctor’s appointments, grocery buying, house cleaning and everything she needed until she passed away a short time ago. We believe these people are very good neighbors. She was respected by many, many younger adults, for the fine work she did. [The church does] fine work … with the younger people and younger adults, and many older people. Just why do some have to complain about a road?

• We believe the same law applies on term limits to the Farragut aldermen and mayor. Some people need to check on this. At the same time, how many credit cards do Farragut employees carry for various reasons, and are paid for by tax money? It could be thousands of dollars? The mayor should make this available to who uses credit cards and how many credit cards are out.

• I just wanted to know what it is with you northerners eating dinner, playing and sitting and hollering in your driveways? We don’t get it. The houses are too close together, there’s hardly any privacy as it is. We want to know what’s going on? You all are weird.

• The Farragut Project Graduation was a great event for the students. The local businesses supported the event by giving items or/and coupons. Unfortunately, my son has tried to use the [fast-food hamburger] coupons at [the company’s] Cedar Bluff [location] and they would not take them. Also, he tried to use the [popular gym] coupon and the [location] at Lovell Road would not honor them. Both coupons stated they would be accepted at all area businesses and had no expiration date. Thank you to the businesses that gave the students coupons and have honored them. Shame on the businesses that gave the students a useless coupon. In the future if your business doesn’t want to participate, just say so up front and don’t pretend to contribute.


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