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First Baptist Concord hosts Town meeting

Members of the Farragut community had an opportunity to separate fact from rumor concerning a $37 million First Baptist Church, Concord, expansion during a public meeting at Town Hall Wednesday, July 25.

Butch Eddins, chair of the FBC building committee, told the more than 100 gathered area residents one of the things the church wanted to do is separate fact from fiction.

“There are a lot of misconceptions out there that just aren’t true,” he said.

One of the misconceptions floating around, Eddins said, is that taxpayer money is going to be used in some of the work. That isn’t true at all, he said. Any work done during the expansion, including the possibility of moving the north entrance of Belleaire Road, would be undertaken at church expense.

“Another rumor going around is that we are going to tear down homes on Belleaire Road to make room for a university,” Eddins said. “No, we’re not going to start a university. We’re not going to develop a seminary”

A similar rumor going around, he said, is that First Baptist Concord is going to build a high school.

“That’s just not the case,” he said.

Eddins said church property on the east side of Belleaire Road is being considered for an athletic field for flag football and soccer, not the lighted football stadium that rumor and misinformation have spread through the community.

Flooding concerns have been on the mind of Belleaire residents, but Eddins said flood control restrictions through the town’s stormwater ordinance would prevent the possibility of flooding during the development process.

Brian Pierce, an architect with Michael Brady, Inc., told residents the church had looked at two options in the development process. Option 1 left Belleaire Road as it is now, but gave the church 1,400 more parking spaces with only two curb cuts. These cuts would be spaced about 200-feet apart and empty traffic out onto Belleaire Road.

Option 2 cuts off Belleaire Road south of the church and reroutes it northeast to run close to Derby Chase and Shiloh subdivisions.

“The only traffic on that road would be Belleaire traffic,” Pierce said. “We would have a 50-foot buffer between the road and the subdivisions.”

Pierce said the plan would be to create a buffer between the subdivisions and the road.

Belleaire resident Warren Longmire asked about the grade and elevation of the proposed road that would reroute Belleaire Road to the east of the church.

“You won’t have an elevated freeway behind the homes,” Pierce said.

Another resident asked about the time period before the church took the plans to the Town.

“About 60 days,” Dale Collins, church ministry support administrator, said. “None of our plans are final until they are approved by the Town.”


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