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• Just wanted to make a comment on last week’s presstalk about the number of people who voted in the First Baptist Concord election for their expansion. Well, if they only voted 16 percent, that’s about the same as voted in the last election for the town, so I don’t see any difference. I just wanted to make the comment, if you’re going to complain about not voting, complain as well about not voting in every other election in this town.

• This is in response to the person last week who commented about what northerners are doing out in their driveways, eating and hollering and doing all sorts of things. I’d like to know what it is with southerners sitting around on Sunday afternoons watching cars go around in a circle, chewing tobacco and spitting it in a cup while the rest of the family is out probably supervising meth labs and conducting dog fighting? Just wondering what they’re doing, what their kids are doing?

• When a single entity or organization that has immense political, social and financial power in the Farragut community makes decisions that can, or will, adversely impact other members of the Farragut community without their input, without their knowledge, without the consideration and respect of other people in this community, this creates a lot of bad and ill feelings. This is going on in our community right now. Unfort-unately, the people who are making these decisions, the people who are wanting to use different ways to grow their organization, they don’t want the same thing to happen to their community — yet they’re willing to impose this on other people. This is not how I was raised as a Christian. There’s enough segregation and separation among Americans as it is. We need to come together, we need to talk to each other, we need to rebuild trust. When you cannot depend on your town and the leaders of your town and the spiritual leaders of your community to do the right thing, this causes problems. Please think twice before you decide to make or cast a vote for something that’s going to negatively impact another person or family.

• Surely to goodness, the Farragut mayor and aldermen will not let a liquor store be built where school students park every day, and will have view of this whiskey store. It couldn’t be no more than 200 feet from school property. If this happens, it will be a disgrace to our community and our good schools. Parents beware, take notice.

• I was calling because I saw [a recent throughthelens] in the opinion section [recently] of the farragutpress, and my heart sank because I recognized the field where they’re going to put the town square. It’s my favorite field and I think it has my favorite tree, which is just to the right of the picture. And every time I drive by it I think, ‘that is the best tree in all of East Tennessee.’ I was disappointed to figure that there would be a town square there. I guess it’s better than a subdivision, but I would love it just to stay the way it is so I could look at that tree.

• I encourage all residents in the area to contact their school board officials, county commissioners and town of Farragut officials to request that they make their regular meetings available via the Internet. The technology’s there, it’s fairly cheap and will help keep the people more informed of the public business.

• Commenting on the caller last week about reducing the speed limit on Grigsby Chapel [Road], I totally agree in concept, but I don’t think reducing the speed limit is going to work. I live in a subdivision just adjacent to Grigsby Chapel where the speed limit is 25 mph, and we have a big problem with excessive speeding. Not just people doing 30, 35, but people doing 45 and 50. I think the real answer to the problem is we need enforcement of the existing speed limit laws. We need to see the sheriff’s patrol cars out there and we need to see them issuing tickets.

• [Recently] I saw a terrible wreck at Choto Road and Northshore [Road] involving five cars, one of which ran up into [a] person’s yard. And then our real estate man was hurt there very badly and had to go to the hospital in another similar accident, and have staples put in his head. Do you think we could possibly get a traffic light there?

• We’ve seen nothing in the farragutpress since March about what is holding up work on McFee Road? Is it the TDS telephone poles, or is it something else?

• Why is it that the same panhandlers are allowed to base themselves at the I-40 west Campbell Station Road exit week after week? One in particular is an older, redheadish woman with a ponytail who always appears to be crying, and I’ve noticed her there with her “help me” sign several days a week since April. What’s up with that? Come on law enforcement, can’t you tell these repeat drifters to move along?

• I think it’s great that the town of Farragut is considering installation of red-light cameras at several of the Town’s most dangerous intersection. They can come none too soon. But it shouldn’t stop there. Farragut needs more traffic speed control. Every day cars, a large number sporting Loudon County tags, go flying down Kingston Pike, Northshore — and yes, I know Northshore is not in Farragut — and the Town’s other backroads without concern for the safety of anyone. Stop signs are a joke. The Town must have developed its own language when S-T-O-P means yield. People have stated in this column that law-abiding citizens should move to the side and let these speeders go by. There just seems to be something inherently wrong about stepping aside to allow people to break the law and endanger others. Grigsby Chapel [Road] is one of the worse. I have been tailgated down that road more times than I can count. Something needs to be done.

• (Via I am so tired about hearing about the proposed liquor store in the Kroger plaza. Don’t we have laws prohibiting minors from buying wine and liquor? Has no one complained that the current Kroger sells beer? Or the gas station on the corner? Where is Big Brother going to strike next? Why don’t we let our laws do their job! If kids are going to get in trouble, they will! Punish their PARENTS (who are not doing their job). Farragut needs another liquor store; it would be real convenient when shopping at the grocery store to just go next door and buy your wine. Maybe we can keep up with the number of banks?

• (Via Last Friday evening after completing some banking at the credit union my wife and I decided to go to Aubrey’s for dinner, as the parking for Aubrey’s is terrible at best, we decided to walk from the credit union to Aubrey’s. We got to Campbell Station Road, press the walk button, got the OK to walk symbol, started across, got maybe halfway when the stop hand came on. We were in the middle of the road. The same thing trying to get across Campbell Station Road. We are not fast people, we did not dally when we got the okay to proceed light. You would have to be Carl Lewis to make across either street in the time allowed. Can these lights be adjusted? What if these were really busy roads? What about meeting the typical “I’m in a hurry” driver? We could have been hit.

• The individual who wants “to get some facts straight,” while commenting on alleged disrespect, indifference, and lack of compassion of First Baptist Concord (FBC) in the July 26 edition of farragutpress, should do just that. Some specifics to back up the allegations would be good for starters. The statistics that party so carelessly throws out needs some clarification. The total membership roll of FBC, as with any church, can be very misleading. It includes children and others who are not in a position to vote or give financially. People join churches for various reasons, and many either do not attend at all or attend only sporadically, e.g., Christmas and Easter. Moreover, as a general rule, approximately 20 percent of “active” church members provide about 80 percent of the support, and thus the decision-making. In the case of FBC there are about 2,600 who give and more than half of them give less than $1,000 a year. It is some portion of these active people who show up to participate in decisions made by the church. With that in mind, 16 percent of the membership is not so low. Even using the inflated figure of 8,000 members, 16 percent is 1,280 people. Using the more realistic figure of under 1,300 people who fully participate, approximately 98 percent voted for the project. In fact, according to FBC records, 96 percent of the people who attended the meeting wherein the votes were cast voted yes, a clear mandate. The ballot was secret, so only those casting “no” votes know their reasons for doing so. In any event, a 100 percent result would have been extremely unrealistic.


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