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police reports

• June 15: Officers were dispatched to North Campbell Station Road and Campbell Lakes Drive. The victim stated that she had parked her vehicle in the parking lot at this location to carpool with co-workers on a business trip. When she returned to her vehicle she started the car and noticed something wrong with the way it sounded. The victim’s co-worker checked under the vehicle and noticed that the catalytic converter had been cut off and removed along with approximately two feet of pipe on either side of the unit. The victim has no suspects; however, the Sheriff’s Office processed the scene and collected fingerprints.

• June 15: An employee of River Chase Construction reported to police that unknown suspects entered an address in Chapel Glen and stripped the electrical wiring and stole aluminum siding and tile flooring from several houses under construction. Suspects also damaged siding on the front porch at one building.

• June 15: A Virtue Road man reported to police that the suspect continually called his home. The suspect made accusations that the victim had harmed the suspect’s girlfriend who lives downstairs from the victim. The suspect threatened bodily harm to him and his family and also threatened to damage his property. The victim has never met the suspect but has had similar problems with him in the past.

• June 16: A man reported to police that he was traveling westbound on I-40 behind an RV pulling a trailer. The victim stated the trailer blew out a tire. The victim stated a chunk of tire blew up and hit his front windshield on his Jeep. The suspect and the victim pulled off the Interstate at Campbell Station Road. The victim’s vehicle front windshield did have a small crack in it and the suspect did admit that his tire blew out causing the damage.

• June 16: Officers responded to a domestic call at a Victoria Drive address. The victim stated she got into an argument with her son and he took off from the residence and stated he was going to a friend’s house. Domestic violence rights were given both written and verbally.

• June 16: A Brochardt Boulevard man reported to police that someone took a loaded handgun from his vehicle that was parked inside his locked attached garage. Complainant stated does not think the vehicle or the garage was burglarized. He believes the gun was taken by someone who has his permission to be in the home. He did not want to name a suspect at this time.

• June 16: Officers received a call to come to a Midhurst Drive address. The victim stated the suspect called her and threatened to assault her and also threatened to burn her rental trailer down because the victim stated she just recently had the suspect evicted from the property.

• June 17: Officers responded to an alarm call at Cents Able Cleaners off Kingston Pike and found the front door to the business had been broken into. The Business owner arrived and found that $100 was missing from the cash register. There are no suspects.

• June 17: While visiting a Crippled Mule Point residence, a complainant left her vehicle at the address and upon returning discovered her trunk to be vandalized.

• June 18: An employee of the Jiffy Lube off Kingston Pike reported to police that an unknown suspect vandalized a coke machine in front of the business. An employee from another store witnessed the crime. He was unable to get a tag number or the make and model of the vehicle. The crime may have been caught on store surveillance tapes.

• June 19: A Concord Woods Drive woman reported to police that while she was shopping at the Kroger store off Kingston Pike an unknown person stole her purse from her buggy while she had her back turned.

• June 19: A Breezeway Drive man reported to police that an unknown person gained entry into his unlocked vehicle and stole computer items valued at $4,400.

• June 19: A South Williamsburg Drive man reported to police that an unknown suspect pulled his mailbox from the ground and laid it on his front porch.

• June 20: A Brochardt Boulevard man advised officers that his shed was left unlocked and someone stole items valued at $1,100.

• June 20: A Long Bow Road woman reported to police that she noticed that the wires leading to the hot tub on the deck had been cut. She is unsure when this may have happened.

• June 20: Officers were called to a South Williamsburg Drive address on report of a vandalism to the residence. The complainant stated that he arrived at the residence to find that the mailbox had been taken out of the ground and a window in the residence had been broken.

• June 21: Officers were dispatched to a Long Bow Road address on an investigation call. When they arrived, a neighbor advised them that the homeowner was out of town and he had found the back upstairs door open. Neighbor had little information on the resident. Officers cleared the residence and everything appeared normal. Officers locked and secured the residence prior to leaving

• June 21: Officers responded to a vandalism call at I-40 West and Lovell Road. The victim told officers that she was driving on I-40 West when she saw a male throw something out of the passenger side window of a light blue truck. The victim said the item struck the front windshield on the passenger side breaking it.

• June 21: A Farragut Commons Drive man stated that an unknown suspect entered his garage that was left open and took golf equipment valued at $1,400.

• June 22: A worker at the Days Inn off Lovell Road stated to police that he had received a canceled check and realized he did not write the check. The check was cashed at BB&T Bank for $467.86 and both the suspect’s Social Security number and driver’s license number are on the canceled check.

• June 22: An Ivy Gate Lane man reported to police that he observed a red car pull into the subdivision and let a white male out. The car was driven by a white female. The car then pulled to the end of the subdivision and stopped. The witness went to where several houses were under construction. The witness observed a white male come out of the garage of a house with copper wire in his hands. When the witness asked what the suspect was doing, the suspect ran to the red car and left the scene. It is believed that the suspect was an employee of one of the subcontractors.

• June 22: Complainant advised police that someone busted the front passenger side window at of his vehicle off Lanesborough Way. Victim stated he could not locate anything missing, except possibly his insurance information. According to the complainant, the suspect is an acquaintance and does not like him and has made statements in the past to the complainant’s girlfriend indicating that something like this would happen.

• June 24: Officers responded to a domestic matter at an Osprey Road address. Upon arrival, officers observed the victim standing on the street corner. The victim stated that her boyfriend had been involved in an argument and had physically assaulted her. Officers then spoke to the suspect, who stated that the argument was a verbal argument and the victim had run down the street yelling at him and did not come back. He also stated that no physical altercation had occurred. Officers then spoke with the mother of the suspect who stated that the argument was verbal only and there had not been any physical violence. Upon speaking again to the victim, officers did not observe any physical injuries from this incident and the victim further stated that the only bruises she had were from an altercation that occurred outside the state of Tennessee on a different night. The victim and the suspect were separated. The victim was transported to Lovell Road per her request. The suspect remained at the Osprey Road residence. He was advised of his rights and given a card.

• June 25: Police were dispatched to an Ammons Lane address on a domestic disturbance call. At the scene, officers separated the victim and the suspect so that no altercation would occur. Officers interviewed the victim and found that the suspect had been trying to get him to fight by threatening him and saying things about the victim’s girlfriend. The victim further stated that they were arguing over trash and toys in the yard. The suspect said that he would leave the house to stay at a friend’s house for the evening. The suspect left the residence without incident. The victim was advised of his legal rights.

• June 25: Officers responded to a Kenton Way address where the victim/complainant stated she drove over to the suspect’s house to get a key to a storage compartment where she has stored some of her furniture and stated the suspect would not let her have the key. The suspect stated the victim has his TV and he would not give her the key until he got his TV.

• June 26: Officers responded to a North Fox Den Road address on a burglary call. The victim stated his detached garage was burglarized by unknown persons about two weeks earlier. It appeared that the suspects entered through the garage side door. Officers observed no signs of a forcible entry. The victim stated that the suspects took tools valued at approximately $1,800.

• June 26: A Shady Ridge woman reported to police that her vehicle had been vandalized while parked in the lot of Baptist Hospital West off Parkside Drive. The suspect tampered with her exhaust and left parts in the parking lot. About $1,900 worth of damage was done to the vehicle.


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