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Belleaire resident speaks out, Light needed on Grigsby Chapel Road

Belleaire resident speaks out

After reading your recent article covering the First Baptist Town Meeting in the Aug. 2 issue of the farragutpress, I was somewhat surprised and disappointed on your reporting of the event. As a resident of Farragut Crossing, I attended the meeting out of concern for how my neighborhood might be affected by the churchís expansion plans.

The Farragut Press accurately reported all of Mr. Eddins comments however, the Press left out just about all of the major issues the homeownerís in the various subdivisions had.

One example of this is regarding the issue of lighted ball fields. While it is correct that Mr. Eddins stated that there would be no lighted football / soccer fields, in the meeting he did confirm that the church intends to build two softball fields that will have artificial lighting.

Additionally, your article reported correctly that one of the options FBC is considering proposes to reroute Belleaire Drive ďnortheast to run close to Derby Chase and Shiloh subdivisionsĒ. You quote Mr. Pierce regarding the 50 foot buffer however you leave out the numerous concerns many of the homeownerís had about the safety of their children as a ramification of this option.

If this happens Bellaire Drive will run right behind several of the homeís backyards. Many of the homeownerís have children playing in their backyards. It doesnít matter if the road is heavily traveled or not. All it takes is one car to hit a child. This was a major concern that you neglected to mention.

There were other concerns voiced by homeowners which included decreasing property values and more traffic congestion which were never mentioned in the article. These were major concerns and should have been reported by the Press.

I enjoy reading the farragutpress and will continue to do so. I hope however that the omission of most of the major concerns residents had was due to poor reporting versus a bias towards a particular party.


Jonas Rice

Light needed on Grigsby Chapel Road

Concerning letters in the Press on Aug. 2 concerning traffic control on Grigsby Chapel Road As just about all drivers know, for whatever reasons, we are not going to see sherrifs on Grigsby Chapel Road, or for that matter state police patrolling on Route 40 as they did formerly, itís just a sign of the times.

I donít believe lowering the speed limit on Grigsby Chapel Road will work, just like it wouldnít on Route 40. Many if not most of the heavy commuter traffic on Grigsby Chapel isnít local residents who care about other local residents, itís pass through drivers using Grigsby Chapel to bypass the traffic and traffic lights on Campbell Station Road, especially when the elementary [Farragut Primary] school is in session.

The solution?

A traffic signal on Smith Road at the intersection with Grigsby Chapel Road.

Right now itís one of those Russian Roulette stops with aggressive drivers sneaking through in front of cautious drivers so they can get to Kingston Pike faster.

Put a light there and make the bypass drivers think twice about using Grigsby Chapel Road., right now itís a no-brainer for them.

Move the stop signs further down on Grigsby Chapel at some other intersection, similar to whatís done on Smith Road.

Bob Warshal



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