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• I am calling about [a farragutpress staff column]. I’m trying to figure it out, but they don’t seem very funny. He just seems to really not dig chicks, kinda like old 60s humor without the humor. It’s not a big deal, I’m not really worried about it. … By the time I read his [columns], I just want to beat the crap out of these chicks. It’s like, who does that anymore? I kinda get it, he thinks he’s being funny. The kind of, “[down with] these women, they [stink] at everything” kind of thing. It just doesn’t seem funny and it doesn’t seem like any of these dudes should have married. He seems to be picking a whole lot on women. I’ve got some cool women in my life. It seems weird to see a grown man kinda still doing that, it’s like 40 years too late.

• When I stop and buy gasoline on Clinton Highway for $2.65 a gallon, and then come back home to Farragut and find that it’s still $2.78 at the stations on Campbell Station Road, I just wonder why?

• I just find it interesting that in your [story] on the front page of this week’s [farragutpress] on the meeting of the Baptist Concord Church and the residents of the subdivisions that their planned expansion will affect, that you didn’t present all the facts. You mentioned that no, there’s not going to be a lighted football field. But you didn’t mention that, yes, there is going to be a lighted soccer field, there are going to be lighted softball fields. These were comments that were made, and statements made … during the meeting. And yes, there is going to be a high school, eventually. They don’t have plans for it right now because they don’t have room for it, but I heard that directly from [an allegedly informed official] and the church attorney after the meeting. You didn’t cover a lot of the facts, you didn’t cover any of the reasons why the residents are truly upset about this. Fourteen to 16 houses being torn down and parking lots. Commercial style buildings and lighted ballfields are going to be replacing green space, mature trees, houses and so forth. You all did not present a fair or objective picture in this article. You were biased toward the church. You did not do your journalistic duty.

Editor’s Note: The meeting was organized by First Baptist Church Concord to share its growth plan and that is what was covered. The church has not filed plans with the town of Farragut and until it does so, cannot build or tear down anything. St. John Neumann School built an athletic field on its property and the Town leaders would not allow lights. Your objections will be on record at the Farragut Municipal Plan-ning Commission Meeting.

• I just finished reading the farragutpress I got last night, and I was a little surprised and shocked to see that the article on the meeting from the First Baptist Church [Concord] with the residents of all the neighborhoods that opposed expansion … your article was awfully one-sided. You didn’t mention any of the issues that the residents are concerned about that are valid points that are facts and truths such as the church will be putting up and building lighted soccer and T-ball fields per their representatives. That all these parking spaces, 1,800 of them, will be replacing houses and green space, that they’re going to be tearing down the houses [inaudible]. The people who live in Shiloh, Derby Chase and Glen Abbey, if the church gets to move the road, there’s going to be people walking out their back door to a busy street. Their children aren’t exactly going to have a safe backyard to play in. I don’t understand. Why didn’t you present all the facts?

• First Baptist Concord church is trying to build its own little city in Belleaire subdivision. This is to keep its youth members from participating in anything Farragut has to offer. And if First Baptist Concord is not building a high school or university, then why expand it and turn Belleaire into parking lots and sports fields with big lights? After all, the residents of Glen Abbey subdivision don’t want Belleaire Drive put in their backyard. … [They claim] they are not going to have a lighted soccer or flag football field, they are just going to have a lighted softball field about a half-mile up Belleaire Drive, which they are hiding the truth about. And for the private drive … it would be very convenient for the softball field [participants] to use our so-called “private drive.”

• I’m calling about the presstalk comments about speeding on Grigsby Chapel and the Sheriff. Those people calling in had a very good point: where is the Sheriff’s Department in all of this speeding and what is the role of the Sheriff in all of this? It seems to me in the town of Farragut, we hardly ever see any patrol cars. We’re certainly paying for it in the form of our taxes. I’d like to think we’re getting some service. And they also have a responsibility. I’d like to see what they say about it.

• We really appreciate the story you did on [a CBFO Softball official] and all the wonderful things he has done. … We would like to make a suggestion of another major improvement he could make for the future of CBFO Softball. As school starts so early in the summer now, we and many, many families with whom we’ve talked would love to see the softball season start and finish earlier, around the time school is out. Without this change, families are having to make a difficult choice between softball and family vacations. And we fear much erosion in the CBFO league unless the season ends earlier. Other CBFO parents, please express your thoughts.

• I just wanted to say something about the recent comments about Grisby Chapel Road and Smith Road speed limits. I very much disagree that it should be reduced to 25 because we will still speed, and reducing the limit to 25 would be nothing but major headaches, and traffic backups during rush hour. I dont even see people walking on the sidewalks when I travel down the road everytime. My point is reducing the limit means more headaches and traffic clogs which is what we dont need since we have Turkey Creek for it already.

• Editorial freedom is a wonderful concept, but it does come with its responsibilities. With that in mind, the farragutpress has developed policies that will be followed regarding the publication of presstalk comments:

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That’s it. The forum is open for comments regarding anything you have on your mind — local politics, world affairs, sports, religion, community affairs, city-county unification or anything else.


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