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Webb senior posts perfect ACT score

A Webb School of Knoxville student earned a perfect score on a college preparation exam in June.

Farragut resident Greer Mackebee took the ACT test and scored a 36, which is the highest you can get, he said. I was extremely excited when I found out. I was at a summer scholars program at Baylor University in Texas. We were in the bookstore when I got a call from my mom telling me that I made the score. I ran outside and couldnt keep still for about 30 minutes, started jumping up and down.

Greers friends and family, he said, have been very supportive.

[My friends have] been very congratulatory and excited for me. A lot of them have done really well on the test also, he added. [My family has] been really excited, and they told me that theyre very proud of me. Im very thankful for the support of my family and friends, because theyve helped me a lot along the way.

Greer cites his parents, Bill and Betty Mackebee, and other family members and friends as one reason for his success.

I think what helped me a lot is that I didnt have a tremendous amount of pressure on me to do well. It didnt matter to my friends or family if I made a super-high score; they were going to be there for me no matter what, and so it took a lot of pressure off, he added.

Greer said he had taken another test in October 2006 and scored high.

I actually thought I did better on the S-A-T than I did on the A-C-T. I felt a lot more confidant, but it turned out to be the reverse, he added.

He believed all his preparation for the SAT was another reason he did so well.

I did a lot of prep for the S-A-T last summer, summer of 0-6, and that helped me out a lot, he said. I wasnt so nervous because I had already taken the S-A-T, and we did the Pre-S-A-T for three years, and we took a practice A-C-T at school, so I felt pretty well prepared. It made me a lot less nervous.

He added his eighth-grade English teacher, Leah Handelsman, helped him study over that summer.

As far as preparation specifically for the ACT, I had a review book, and I started looking through that a couple of weeks before and doing the practice problems, he said.

Of his future plans, Greer said, Im looking at some colleges, but Im not exactly sure. I havent narrowed down the list yet so its kind of long right now. Im looking to major in some kind of engineering and go on to med school.

Dont expect to find Greer holed up in a classroom all the time. This 18-year-old participates in a variety of extracurricular activities. Coached by Rob Cameron, he said a lot of his time is spent on a tennis court.

Probably the biggest passion I have outside of school is playing travel tournament tennis, and thats kind of around the southeast. That takes up a large chunk of my time. Ive played on the Webb team all three years so far. This past year we were state runners-up. I am co-chief editor of the school newspaper, The Spartan Spirit, for this upcoming school year. I announce the Webb football games over the P-A system, up in the press box, he said. This will be my second year as captain of the Scholars Bowl team at Webb. This will be my fourth year on the team. Im also a school ambassador, which means I give people tours around campus, prospective students and anyone who comes to campus and needs a tour. Im the vice president of the Debate Club. Im employed part time at Fox Den Country Club through the tennis shop there. Im a member of Cum Laude Society, which is the top 10 percent of my class at Webb.


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