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• I’m calling in response to the presstalk comments about the CBFO softball official. And I do want to say, being a CBFO parent of a daughter who’s played softball for a few years now, this year was very difficult because we were forced to make a decision between being able to take a family vacation in June, or risking our daughter’s position being able to even play for CBFO. And we’ve been told that next year we will not be given a grace period. When we sign up, we need to know that at that time when we sign up for softball we have got to agree that we will not take a vacation during the whole month of June, and wait until after all softball activities are over because apparently there are so many young people waiting to sign up for CBFO softball that if we, those children that do play, if they go on vacation and miss any games, then they are not going to be allowed to play again the next year. So I do think that’s unfair to ask families that may not have a choice on when their vacation falls, to have to give up a family vacation in order to be able to allow their child to play softball. I’ve played softball for many years, and never on any of my teams did I have to make choices like that. If a family was on vacation, they were on vacation, that’s just the way it was. You dealt with it, and you moved on. And I think that this new recommendation by the CBFO official is unfair, and I think that it should be reconsidered, and not be punishable for these young girls, that they cannot play ball the next year if they do take a family vacation during the month of June.

• I’m not a member of First Baptist Church of Concord, but I’d like to make a few comments. The person who called about a small percentage of people conducting the business, that is very common in all churches. A small percentage conduct the business and do the work, while the others are members in name only. If they build a road to the east and buffer it, and the church has no access to it, it would be an advantage to the Bellearie subdivision. Comments about the children in the other neighborhood, they need to play in their yards and not in the road. Traffic-wise, there’s a lot more members leaving the church than there are cars on Kingston Pike, so they’re involved in the traffic only. So what’s the big deal about traffic? Do people not go to the shopping malls, Turkey Creek, UT Football games, involved in the Interstate jams? Remember, if you’re a Christian, you’ll spend eternity with these people. What is the other alternative?

• … First Baptist Church of Concord’s expansion [indicates] that they want to tear down houses and build athletic fields and parking lots and destroy greenspace. So far your reporting of this emotional, volatile subject has been very one-sided and biased towards the church. I just hope that in the upcoming weeks you will take a look at all the issues and all the facts and report everything. … I saw there were quite a few people who felt that your coverage of the meeting with First Baptist Church of Concord and the residents of Belleaire, Shiloh, Farragut Crossing, Derby Chase and Glen Abbey was biased towards the church. … I am a little bit dismayed, though: you still never did address why you didn’t bring up more facts on the other side of the issue? Because St. John Neumann’s Catholic Church was not allowed to have their athletic fields lighted, that doesn’t mean the town will approve First Baptist Church. Also, the town of Farragut requires that parking lots be lighted. And the church is wanting to tear down these houses that have mature trees, beautiful lawns, all this green space, and replace it with around 1,800 parking spaces with lights. The way you reported what you reported did not reflect the journalistic integrity that we have come to expect from the Enterprise [farragutpress], and you owe the residents of these neighborhoods an apology.

Editor’s Note: As we’ve noted before, the meeting was organized by the church to convey its plans. We reported that aspect. The public will have an opportunity to go on record, by name, when the issue comes before the Farragut Municipal Planning Commis-sion. Also, many of the anonymous callers to this column have indicated that the church’s plans are already approved by the Town, which is simply not the case.

• Just wanted to comment on First Baptist Church, Concord’s project. I just wonder, what is going on at the church that so many people want to attend? There’s a need for growth, and a need for additional parking. What’s going on there? It must be something that the people that so are against everything need to check out. It could be a very positive thing, and I’m sure that it is. Another thing I’d like to point out is, there’s a liquor store going up down in Farragut where Kroger is at. I don’t see a lot of outrage coming from the people about that. But when the church, which has done a lot of great things in this community and has been a good corporate citizen, tries to do anything, we have all this outrage. I just don’t understand.

• I just thought I’d let you know that Ooh-rah is not a Marine thing, Gung-ho or Semper-fi is. Ooh-rah is an Army thing (as referenced from picture/caption in Aug. 9 edition). You’ve got that with the Marines and the manager of Ingles store.

• After considerable thought and discussion with other people regarding credit card use by the county mayor’s employees, we don’t see much difference in them paying the money back and someone robbing a store and getting caught, then the people that were caught telling the police, “We’ll just give their money back,” and then go free. It seems like there should be some jail time or a sentence, whatever goes with a robbery or stealing. We don’t know, but it seems like a sentence of some type should apply in addition to giving the money back.

• What does Farragut need with the new traffic caution light [cameras] that is going to be installed? We understand the company installing the new caution cameras will pay Farragut $15 per ticket and the company will get the remainder of the city grabbing fee. This shows people that Farragut officials are after every dime they can get. We hope Farragut will have to pay for the rear-end collisions the cameras cause.

• With regards to a traffic light at Smith [Road] and Grigsby Chapel: I’ve lived here for 13 years, it’s extraordinarily rare to see somebody not abiding by the stop sign rules in a courteous manner. Don’t contribute to road rage by adding more stoplights to Farragut.

• I think will all the power outages that we’ve been having, I think that when people come to an intersection where a red-light is out, not working, everybody needs to treat this as a four-way stop; not just one main road having the right-of-way. But if everybody would treat it as a four-way stop, it would make traffic a whole lot easier.

• This is in reference to the people commenting on the KCS[O] not patrolling Farragut (regarding speeding and a number of vandalized mailboxes) in the last issue. When will the residents of Farragut, care enough, to demand their own Police Department? When will the Board think outside of “today?” “Farragut, Full Speed Ahead?” We seem to be afraid to do that because it would mean change. Our community is growing rapidly and offering a sense of safety to ourselves, future residents and future businesses would be great. It would also help alleviate the worries of speeders in our residential communities, keeping our children safe. Individual neighborhoods wouldn’t need to discuss “speed bumps” after the regular speeders get enough tickets, they may slow down, or at least continue to pay their fines to the Town, which could result in a suspended license. In addition to this, it would allow Farragut to enforce it’s ordinances, which KCS[O] do not know about (ie ... collectors in the intersections, signs on the

corners). Farragut has the need

and deserves it’s own police



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