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ē†The West Knoxville area has another county commissioner that was running and talking to just about everyone during the voting area, or claiming what friend they could get in office. We understand he has not been seen in the area, but weíve seen his name on some real estate signs in the Townsend, Tenn., area. Is he setting back, planning on running for election in the Farragut Aldermen election, or for mayor of Farragut? He was dismissed after new commissioners took office. I guess he was in office too long. One term was too long for him. Ö We have still not heard anything about the new whiskey store going into business near the new Kroger and across the street from the new Farragut High School, and where many students park their cars. I would like to know why the city-elected officials would let a whiskey store be built this close to a school? Build the whiskey store in the town area that is going to be built on the mayorís property, or the property that he has already sold.

ē OK, with all the controversy and emotions that are going on right now with the First Baptist Church of Concord wanting to tear down about a quarter of Belleaire so they can put in 1,800 parking spaces, commercial-style buildings, lighted athletic fields and so-forth that we all know at this point in time is going to negatively affect five different subdivisions minimum, not to mention impact traffic on Kingston Pike. But my question is, I thought the church arranged to have shuttle service on Sunday mornings for the Sunday services, where people could park at Ingles and Kohlís, and the shuttle would come and get them to help alleviate the parking problem? Iím sitting at Ingles right now while their church service is going on, and thereís hardly any cars here. Have they discontinued this service? Have they told people to go ahead and try to park in the grass and so on and so-forth? And those houses, and the effort to try and kinda push back at the residents of Belleaire, Shiloh, Derby Chase, Farragut Crossing and Glen Abbey? Just wondering?

ē As residents of Farragut Crossing subdivision, we need to wise up. We are so tired of our Internet continuously going down every single day. Can the town of Farragut solicit another bundle cable, telephone, Internet provider to come into this area Ö?

ē Concerning the additions and buildings for First Baptist Church, Concord, look no further than Grace Baptist Church on Oak Ridge Highway. Thatís what theyíre wanting ó call it church envy.

ē In my opinion, citizens licensed to carry handguns should be allowed to carry them in public parks. Criminals have no boundaries, and crimes against individuals can and do happen anywhere. Criminals are opportunists, and public parks often present opportunities for crimes against individuals. Has the crime rate increased to the point that it justifies allowing licensed citizens to carry firearms in our public parks? I donít know if anyone knows what that rate of crime is, but if you or one of your loved ones is a crime victim, then the crime rate has reached that unknown


ē Iím calling about the closing of [a Farragut restaurant]. Especially in reference to the comment from the owner. He says that the reason he is closing is Ö thereís no support from the town. I wish that statement was clarified. Does that mean thereís no support from the town of Farragut with respect to our government issues and business regulations? Or does that mean thereís no support from the residents? What has me concerned is that two new developments are going in along Kingston Pike that are expecting the support of the residents. If we donít have the support of the residents to support the few restaurants we do have in town, why would we go and build any more?

ē I was very interested in the article [about a Farragut restaurant], that they were closing due to problems with the town of Farragut. Since this appears to be a chronic problem with businesses and restaurants in Farragut, I feel it would be helpful if these businesses would elaborate and educate people as to what it is occurring with businesses in the town of Farragut. If there is a major problem, and Farragut is shutting down businesses by their practices, then we need to know so we can advocate for positive change. If we donít do something soon, there will be no businesses on Kingston Pike. It is already looking dilapidated and abandoned, and we need to do more work on bringing great businesses so we donít have to go to Turkey Creek every time we want to dine out. So if those restaurants could give us the information, it would be very helpful.

ē We see that thereís been a quiet time now since they first discussed having a liquor store across from the high school. And weíre assuming that itís just business as usual, that the next thing we know the liquor store will pop up in there even though weíve talked to hundreds of people that donít want this. And we just canít understand why there should be another liquor store when there are five already in the Farragut area Ö right within practically shooting distance from the high school and in Farragut. Now no small town this size needs more than maybe one liquor store, and it seems that this is a horrible thing and nobody wants it. But now, the next thing you know, the Farragut board will approve it because this is a friend, and also because they canít fill those ugly shops in that Kroger shopping center. So maybe something should be done to make the shopping center look a little better so that other stores would want to come in. Now thereís another empty vacancy there. This is a terrible thing to do, and I hope that no one will shop at this liquor store if it comes there. There should be some signs put there, and more people in Farragut should speak up and say that we do not want this. Itís the worst location I can think of for another liquor store. How many do we need?

ē Iím calling to comment on the through the lens question in the [Aug. 16] farragutpress. I think we should definitely put a traffic signal at Campbell Station Road [at Campbell Lakes Drive]. Ö I also think we should put a traffic signal at every intersection in Farragut, as well as the rest of the county. Also, if you could be so kind as to let me know when they decide to do that, I would love to get me a bid in on that government job.

ē I would like to make a comment [about a Farragut restaurant closing Ö comments regarding thereís no support from the Farragut people, the people in the town. Ö I donít agree with that. Ö While it was a decent restaurant, it just didnít fit the town of Farragut or the needs. Ö I just want to support the town of Farragut, I donít think itís the town itself that created the problem.

ē To the people calling in defending the First Baptist Church of Concord, a few thoughts: if you donít have issue with parking and traffic, let the church move into your subdivision, tear down houses, move your road and stretch the truth about lighted athletic fields. Two, if the liquor store is a community issue, I donít see the outrage from the church. Perhaps youíre too busy stretching the truth about your master plan. To the farragutpress, go ahead and defend the church. I would expect nothing less from a second-rate newspaper. And finally, where in the Bible does it say to spend $37 million on a church. Isnít this where Jesus comes in and throws the money handlers out of the temple?

ē [Concerning a Farragut restaurant closing], so I didnít know it was the duty of the citizens to support a privately owned establishment? Perhaps itís all the new restaurants, which have opened in Turkey Creek, which is drawing the crowds? Ö Letís not blame it on the citizens of the town.

ē Iím calling in answer to the person who said that First Baptist Concord has done a lot of good for the neighborhood. I have lived here for 30 years and know of nothing they have done for the neighborhood. Theyíve moved in to Farragut from Concord, bought a house and lot, moved the house and built a church. They have been buying houses and bullying the neighborhood ever since.

ē [About] the need for a traffic signal at the intersection of Campbell Lakes Drive [and Campbell Station Road], my answer is that it would be ludicrous to add a signal there. The [opinion] page [headline], ďSignal for Cracker Barrel?Ē [through the lens question] states that there is an ultimate exit on to Parkside Drive. If [this] is correct, that the town of Farragut will not allow directional signage, then we need to elect some intelligent officials of Farragut. The solution is simple, people: allow only a right turn onto Campbell Station Road. Direct all other traffic onto the alternate exit. Finally, police, start doing your jobs. [Using a quote], ďTraffic is going faster than the speed limit allows from Campbell Lakes Drive to the Interstate.Ē I think I just solved the problem and saved the town of Farragut a whole heck of a lot of money. Please elect me in the next


ē†At 4:15 on Aug. 17, a large, new beige truck dropped three bags of trash on Huxley Road. And when waved down, did not retrieve his trash.

ē†We believe that Farragut ought to have a full-service recycling center. Itís lacking, itís needed. If Farragut is counting itself to be an environmentally friendly town, then we should have that. Especially since not all of the recyclables are picked up by our current garbage


ē Putting another traffic light in-between the Interstate and Parkside Drive makes no sense whatsoever. Iím really concerned that our politicians arenít aware of a key issue in this: what about the safety of the drivers, those of us who live in Farragut who travel through this area several times a day? What about our safety and well-being? Letís not focus too much on business interests and their profit margins. Letís think more about the safety of the motorists, and getting people to and from work and school in a quick manner.


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