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Passing attack, defense click for CAK prior to season-opener

The three-yard line was good to Christian Academy of Knoxville during the 2007 Knoxville Orthopedic Clinic Kick-Off Classic Friday, Aug. 17, as both CAK touchdowns were scored three yards from the goal.

With a score of 14-0, CAK won the jamboree’s first quarter, and head coach Rusty Bradley said he feels good moving into the regular season.

“Our guys have been practicing hard all summer, all fall camp, and this is just kind of a reflection of what they’ve done so far,” he said. “I talk to our guys all the time about giving your best effort; I talk to our guys all the time about maximizing their God-given ability, and I really feel like every kid on this team has truly done that.

“That’s a testament to these players, to their commitment, and it’s been a phenomenal thing to see.”

Bradley said he was pleased with his offense, who scored two touchdowns in 12 minutes.

“I was really pleased with what we did offensively, you know, I thought we really clicked well,” he said. “I thought Chris [Cates] threw the ball well; I thought our spacing in the passing game was really good. Guys were playing fast, playing with effort, and I’m very pleased. I thought Jay Scott caught the ball well. I thought Keenan [Kolinsky] ran the ball hard. I thought our pass protection was really good. Just all around I thought we did a really good job.”

Keenan Kolinsky scored CAK’s first touchdown with a three-yard carry with 7:04 left in the quarter. The second touchdown of the game was scored by Cates, Warriors quarterback, who snuck into the end zone on a three-yard carry with 2:52 on the clock.

Going into the game, Chris said, “I felt that we were really confident. As a whole offense we were just clicking in practice, clicking in scrimmages. I felt like we’d just come out here and take care of business.”

As far as any changes he needs to make for next week’s game, Chris said, there’s “nothing I can think of.”

The defense kept the Panthers from scoring, and Bradley said, “I thought our defense did a pretty good job. We had an issue with their throwing four verticals, we weren’t getting the collision on the slot receiver running on the inside hash.

“There are some things like that we’ll have to work on, but defensively guys ran to the ball, they played fast, and I’m proud of everybody.”

The Warriors stopped Powell’s first drive with a quarterback sack, forcing the Panthers to attempt a missed 39-yard field goal. And just as Powell’s second possession ended in a punt, its third possession did not result in a score.

Overall, “I think Joseph Bennett has had a good fall camp,” Bradley said about his standout linebacker. “He’s done a good job; I’ve been really pleased with him. Up front, our defensive line’s getting better. Our kids are practicing hard.

“In the secondary Bo Sanford’s making plays for us; I’m just really pleased,” the coach added.

Bradley said “overall depth” is his biggest concern moving into the regular season opener — against Boyd-Buchanan at CAK tomorrow evening, Friday, Aug. 24.

“We’re trying to play as many guys one way as possible, but we still run into some issues where guys are having to come off the field on defense and turning around to go back out there on offense,” Bradley said.

“We’re in good condition so I think we’ll be O-K, but that’s always going to be a concern.”

Opening kick-off Friday is set for 7:30 p.m.


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