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ē Iím calling in regards to the Friday night football game between Farragut and West High School, which was played in 90 degree-plus temperature. I have never met [FHS head coach] and I have never heard anything but positive things about him. But that said, I was very disappointed in him and his staff for the lack of concern for the safety and the future of his players, some of which are counting on football scholarships to complete their college education. With a three-score lead and less than three minutes to play, he continued to play his first-team, his star players, to the very end when players on both teams were cramping up and bent over from heat exhaustion. Iím also disappointed in his lack of respect and appreciation for the reserves, which give their all every day in practice just like the first team in hopes of getting to play the last three minutes when the team is up by three scores. And also for the parents of the reserves who fill the stands every week, and give their time and money all year long, who also live for the last play or two in hopes their son might just get into the game.

ē For the record, and to make sure the facts and the truth are out there: despite what a certain member of the First Baptist Church of Concord planning committee in reference to the $37.5 million expansion that they want to do to tear down a quarter of Belleaire subdivision and reroute the road and highly inconvenience and cause negative impact on at least five subdivisions; despite this manís allegations, the majority of the Belleaire residents, whether itís on or off the record, do not want the road moved. We do not want the houses, green space and mature trees replaced by lighted asphalt parking lots, lighted ball fields or commercial-style buildings. There are two or three families in our subdivision that are supporting the expansion. Two of them are members of the church, and they live way in the back of the subdivision where the negative impact is not going to actually encroach on them for a while. But those of us who do live in the back, we still care about our neighbors in Shiloh, Derby Chase, Glen Abbey, Farragut Crossing and on the front end of the subdivision on Belleaire Road, where the citizens of the town of Farragut are going to be the most negatively impacted. Donít believe anyone who tells you we want that road moved because itís not the truth. Ö I find it very interesting that the people who have been calling in to presstalk, who seem to feel that the First Baptist Churchís expansion Ö is a positive thing. I find it very interesting that these people donít mention that they live in any kind of neighbor that they have to deal with this. They donít seem to mention anything about noise, exhaust fumes from additional cars, the fact that 20 percent of the homes in Belleaire will be destroyed, that people who are used to living in a nice, quiet neighborhood will now walk out of their front door or their back door to a very busy street. And the church cannot prevent people from parking on the road or using the road who arenít supposed to. They were asked if they were planning on having any volunteers or paying for any traffic officers help monitor this, and theyíve already said no. Please look at the facts before you actually try to help the church destroy the oldest subdivision in Farragut and make a negative impact on four others.

ē†In regards to the through the lens about the [proposed] traffic signal at the Campbell Lakes [Drive]-Campbell Station [Road] intersection, I said to [heck] with that traffic signal; letís put us in one of them roundabouts, thatís a much better idea. Good use of taxpayer dollars, too.

ē Letís look at the [proposed] traffic light being placed on Campbell Station Road and [Campbell] Lakes Drive. The city of Farragut has already spent money on property where the beer joint is located, and let the city pay for these two traffic lights for the property owners. The light on Campbell Station Road has been needed for several years. In property where the beer joint is located, cars are now parked in the roads and on the grass lots around the place. It is hurting the motel and the business, and the [restaurant] businesses. It seems the Farragut Mayor and Aldermen spend money to accommodate their friends and beer lovers and whiskey drinkers. The police should move these cars out of the road and off the grass lots. If we donít have a mayor change we donít know how much money is wasted and spent on friendsí property. These two sets of traffic lights on Parkside Drive was to help their friends and the beer joint only. Put a light where itís needed on Campbell Station and [Campbell] Lakes Drive, so people can get in and out.

ē In regards to why a lot of businesses in this area closed, I think the town of Farragut has a lot to do with that ó not the residents or anything, but our acting government. With all these stupid permits, you canít even put a ďfor saleĒ sign when having a sale outside without having to call to get a permit. Itís ridiculous, Iíve never seen anywhere else like this. You canít ever put a sign outside; you canít have a tall sign unless youíre the owner of [a local convenience store] and your political stance allows you too. Ö They just put that sign up, and it raised a lot of questions about it in the public but no one seemed to answer those questions, so I guess it all depends on who you are if you want to do business in Farragut. So if you are one of the elite people with good status, then you can do whatever you want. But if youíre the average business owner trying to make a dollar or two, then theyíre pretty much going to take it from you or make it almost impossible or not worth a hassle to get.

ē I heartily agree with the reader who called for a full-service recycling center in Farragut. Itís really sorely needed. Right now I need to drive, for my recycling, either to Dutchtown or Cedar Bluff, and thatís not really environmentally friendly.

ē Iím very disappointed to see the planned construction of the new [departmnt store in] Turkey Creek. Come on Farragut, canít you think of something a little more interesting [in retail stores]? Something other than a store thatís already located at West Town and East Town [Knoxville Center] mall.

ē Concerning putting a traffic light at the [Campbell Lakes], the town of Farragut paid for a study to be done to determine whether the traffic warranted a red-light there. The taxpayers paid for this. The town engineer reported that it was not necessary, it did not meet the criteria, that it could be looked at again in six months or a year, or whenever. However, why is our administration ignoring the advice? Why did we order a study and then ignore the advice? Out of just politics for a business when there are other answers to this problem. We cannot put a red-light at every business. Is there something else going on here that doesnít meet the eye? Ö This is directed to Concord Baptist Church: have they considered moving off of Kingston Pike, moving somewhere where it doesnít have so much impact on their neighbors? And really, it would be better for everyone. They are on Kingston Pike frontage and it seems to me that they could sell that property for a tremendous amount of money and rebuild and have all the room they want somewhere else, and everybody would be happy.

ē Editorial freedom is a wonderful concept, but it does come with its responsibilities. With that in mind, the farragutpress has developed policies that will be followed regarding the publication of presstalk comments:

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