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• I was wondering, based on the information that has been published in [farragutpress] on the new Farragut town business development, also being called the downtown district, there were several different types of businesses in the current proposed draft that were going to be prohibited from being a part of the business/downtown district. Among the types of businesses to be prohibited from this district were included as churches, stand-alone churches, and stand-alone schools. And I find that a little confusing. I was wondering if anyone knew why? … I just wanted to pass on some information to the Farragut community about the proposed master expansion plan for First Baptist Church of Concord. No. 1, they want to move Belleaire Road. By the way they’ve proposed moving it, it’s going to make a bad traffic area even worse by putting four or five entrances to Kingston Pike, and several acceleration lanes extremely close together. They want to destroy and tear down over 20 percent of the houses at the foot of Belleaire subdivision. In order to do the rest of their expansion plan, they had to purchase a house on Belleaire Drive by using, of course, church money. They overpaid an overinflated price for this house in order to get it, which of course is a matter of public record. The house is probably worth two-thirds what they paid for it. … You might want to think about that if you’re a proponent of their plan.

• I’m 9 years old and play for CBFO Softball. I think the season should end earlier because if you’re not at all the tournament games you’re not allowed to play the next year. If the season ends in late June, it’s hard for my family to go on summer vacation. I like playing softball, and also going on vacation. Please call about this matter.

• I’d like to read some discussion about the Farragut High School athletic field, the fence and the netting and the tarp and all that, that’s facing Kingston Pike. We worry so much about signs and other things, and that is just such a complete eyesore. And I wonder if anything can be done about it?

• I’m calling in regards to the comment that was made about the parking of the church. Of course, we know what church we’re talking about. About parking at Ingle’s and Kohl’s and there use to be a shuttle, well there’s no shuttle anymore because of the fact that it’s a private parking lot and the people that lease the space there pay for that parking lot to be maintained. So, if a church is going to be built in a residential area, they should supply their own parking lots for their own people who attend. I don’t believe that it’s the rest of the city’s and general population’s [job] to supply parking spots for people that are going to church.

• I find it interesting in presstalk, all the talk about First Baptist Concord, and yet there’s another church in our area that’s doing the exact same thing, that’s flying under the radar here, and doing the exact same thing, and that’s the Methodist church that’s in Thornton Heights [that] has bought up property from Thornton [residents] to the church. And as those people’s leases are up, on those rental properties, they are removing the houses and going to be doing the same thing as First Baptist Concord. Flatten-ing all the land and rebuilding a bigger church and more parking lots. I’d like to hear comments on what’s going on there.

• We have lived in Belleaire since 1980. We do not attend First Baptist Church, although our daughter attended preschool there. We have seen much growth within the Farragut community, which is reflected in First Baptist Church. We have always been thankful that we have a church at the entrance of our subdivision versus a strip shopping center, restaurant, package store, gas station or other such establishments that front on Kingston Pike from the Loudon County line into downtown Knoxville. Focusing on restricting First Baptist Church from any access to new Belleaire Drive and insisting on strict, enforceable parking restrictions for sporting or other events [inaudible] much more positively than trying to fight the expansion. The current situation of deteriorating properties and worsening traffic congestion would be replaced by a quiet residential street. Property values would benefit from the beautification of First Baptist Church and the redirection of traffic. We view this expansion as a benefit to Belleaire residents and the Farragut community as a whole.

• Well, our local TV station, Channel 10, didn’t think that Mull’s Singing Convention or Gospel music or whatever, fitted their format — so they sorta kick ’em off the air and they moved over to Channel 8. Well, don’t look like Tennessee football fits their format either, huh, it switched over there too. … Four-way stop sign at UPS store and the Kiddie day care, coming in off Kingston Pike behind Hollywood, they come down that road behind Hollywood in front of Kiddie daycare and there’s no stop sign right there, and people just whiz through there, and people don’t have to stop coming in off Kingston Pike. The only one who has to stop is the one in front of UPS, and I’ve almost got hit two or three times there. I’d appreciate it if they’d do something about this conjunction malfunction.

• Editorial freedom is a wonderful concept, but it does come with its responsibilities. With that in mind, the farragutpress has developed policies that will be followed regarding the publication of presstalk comments:

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