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Spartan Day challenges inspire Webb School sixth-graders
Of more than 90 sixth-graders, 54 of them new to Webb School

Picture two teams of five on each end of a narrow log and one goal: for team members to cross at the same time to the other side without falling off.

Sound impossible?

Not if you work with your classmates.

That was just one of the challenges presented to Webb School of Knoxville sixth-grade students during the school’s new middle school Sixth-Grade Spartan Day, Friday, Aug. 17. The event included a number of outdoor group-oriented activities.

Student T.K. Kelly said, “I learned how to work together and how much fun Webb is.”

Classmate Madeline Tisdale said she thought the event was “fun and a good way to meet people.”

Sixth-grader Kevin Gormley agreed and said Sixth-Grade Spartan Day should become an annual event.

“I think Webb should continue the tradition of Spartan Day forever so that fellow students after us will have lots of fun,” he added.

With more than 90 sixth-grade students, 54 of them new to Webb, the event sprung from the idea of building relationships among students and faculty, Webb Middle School head David Nelson said.

Students were divided into nine groups for late morning and afternoon team-building sessions.

The afternoon schedule included a variety of problem-solving/adventure games and trust activities at several different outdoor stations on the Webb campus supervised by faculty members.

Each of the group exercises provided students with the opportunity to learn about themselves, their classmates and their teachers, Nelson said.

The activities also helped students build trust among their peers and to foster an ability to collaborate.

“The students enjoyed getting to know their classmates while trying to figure out the challenges given to them,” he added. “It was a great opportunity for the teachers to get to know the students, and it allowed us to accelerate the relationship building process that is so vital to a strong school experience.”


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