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police reports

• July 11: A woman off Aronimink Point reported to police that she has been receiving phone calls from her ex-boyfriend and is afraid he may try to harm her. She also advised that she has changed her phone number and has not received any more calls.

• July 12: A Herron Road man stated to police that an unknown suspect gained entry to a vehicle belonging to his wife’s employer and took items belonging to his wife. The vehicle was parked in the garage and a door to the garage was left open overnight.

• July 13: Officers responded to a report of attempted theft off Mallard Bay Drive. The victim stated that he had been given 30 days to remove all items he wished to keep in his possession, including the house itself, prior to the start of constructioff of a new subdivisioff at that location, by the former owner of the property. Upon the victim’s arrival at the property, two unknown men were attempting to remove the air conditioner from the outside of the vacant home. Upon questioning by the victim, the two men stated that the suspect had told them to retrieve the unit from the property.

• July 12: Officers received a report of a burglary in progress off Richwood Lane. Upon arrival, officers discovered the screen off the front portion of the residence had been removed and the window slid open. Officers entered the residence and cleared the residence. The victim stated that he was sleeping in his room when his door swung open and he saw a glimpse of a white male. He then stated that the white male said: “whoops, wrong house” and then fled out of the house through the front door. The victim then armed himself with a hatchet and locked himself in an upstairs bathroom. A witness stated he came home and saw a van backed into his neighbor’s driveway and saw two white males get out with T-shirts and shorts wearing gloves. He then stated that they went onto the screened porch area and entered the residence through a window. The witness then stated that he was going to get a tag off the van and the suspects re-entered the van and fled the area. There was nothing missing from the residence.

• July 13: A Gwinhurst Road man advised police that when he last spoke to his granddaughter, she advised him she was getting off work and her friend was brining her home. Complainant states victim never came home and her cell phone was turned off. Victim stated she has never done anything like this and has no known drug problems, but has been caught drinking in the past. Complainant called to advise he spoke with the friend’s mother who went to check his residence and found the victim there.

• July 14: An employee at a Watt Road gas station advised police that an unknown subject put $29.26 in gasoline into a vehicle, laid the pump down and drove away. The complainant did not get any suspect or vehicle information.

• July 14: A Sonja Drive man reported to police that his wife had left their garage door up during the night but did not discover items missing until a couple of days later. The victim stated he was in the process of getting a list of missing items and cost of things taken.

• July 14: A woman off Pine Way Drive reported to police that unknown suspect(s) broke into her vehicle via pushing the windows down, stealing a stereo.

• July 15: An employee at a business off Island Pond Road advised police that an unknown person stole a vehicle that had the keys left in it.

• July 10: A Williamsburg Drive man reported to police that someone stole the license plate off his vehicle.

• July 16: Officers responded to a call off Sailview Road in reference to a vehicle being damaged off the Interstate. Upon arrival, officers spoke with the victim who stated she was traveling off Interstate 40 and her vehicle was struck on the passenger side near the windshied by something that fell from a white work truck that was in front of her.

• July 16: A Dominick Point man reported to police that the license plate on his motorcycle has been lost.

• July 16: A worker at a Watt Road fueling center reported to police that a white male drove off without paying for $55 in gasoline. The complainant advised there was no tag displayed on the vehicle.

• July 16: An employe at a Campbell Station Road business reported to police that two females with large purses entered the store. After the two women left, the complainant noticed several items missing.

• July 17: A Creekwood Trail woman reported to police that she suspects one of her cleaning ladies stole a bottle of Oxycontin from her residence. About 30 capsules were in the bottle.

• July 18: A man off Old Clintoff Pike advised police that a vehicle was recovered off Outlet Drive and the steering column was damaged and the radio was stolen. The vehicle was towed at the victim’s request.

• July 18: A woman off Lanesborough Way reported to police that an unknown suspect gained entry to her vehicle through locked doors. The suspect(s) then rummaged through the console of the vehicle and took items.

• July 19: A Little Dug Gap Road woman reported to police that she and the suspect work together at a Campbell Station Road restaurant. The suspect asked if he could borrow some money from her and she told him she did not have any extra money. Later, the victim looked in her purse and noticed that her check card had been moved around. The victim checked her balance and found it to be lower than it had earlier in the day. The victim has reason to believe that suspect copied her check card number and somehow withdrew $139.01.

• July 20: A man off Belleaire Drive reported to police that an unknown suspect walked into his construction site where he was building a home and took items. The home was still under construction. There are no suspects.

• July 20: Police responded to North Watt Road where a man and woman reported to police that they had been in an argument due to the suspect having a text message off his cellphone from another woman. Officers observed no signs of a domestic assault. Victim was advised of domestic violence rights and


• July 20: A Nutwood Circle woman stated to officers that her vehicle had been struck by the suspect’s vehicle off Grigsby Chapel Road. The complainant stated that the suspect traveled into her lane and struck the front of her vehicle. The suspect then continued to travel to a nearby apartment complex. Officers interviewed the suspect who stated he was unaware the vehicles made contact. The suspect’s vehicle was not damaged; however, there was evidence in the form of scuff marks on the suspect vehicle bumper, which does support the victim’s version of events.


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