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ē OK, Iíve been reading and listening and hearing back and forth about the controversy of the First Baptist Church expansion plan. They want to move Belleaire Drive, tear down a bunch of houses and basically negatively impact five subdivisions, a big chunk of Kingston Pike and anyone who goes up and down it. They keep talking about that they need more parking, they need more this, they need more that. And they say they supposedly want to move Belleaire Drive, and the drainage ponds, so they can add additional parking spaces on the east side of Belleaire Drive. However, if additional parking is the real need, thereís plenty of property south of the current building from the west side of Belleaire Drive that they own ó just add parking there, it would be close to the center of their current property, and with their current students. Ö It meets the town of Farragut parking requirements. So, the question is, what is their real reason and why are they hiding it?

ē I want to join the chorus, which apparently is growing, of persons asking that we have a full-service recycling center here in the town of Farragut. We pride ourselves as being on the cutting edge of so many things. Why canít we be on the cutting edge of being good conservationists and good stewards? I hope that this will get the attention of our town leaders.

ē I just wanted to express my concern with the new [convenience store] thatís being built on Harvey Road right up against the railroad tracks. That is a terrible location to build a gas station. Number one, it should be a green belt area. No. 2, I realize itís zoned commercial, but thereís already been two or three accidents, and thatís a very dangerous bend there. Also, we donít need a gas station ó thereís three within a two-mile radius of the Herronís Point subdivision and Hampton Bay.

ē I would like to suggest that to make the Turkey Creek-Parkside area a little bit more user friendly, during the heavy shopping months of November and December, that perhaps merchants or the Town sponsor a trolley that would run from one end of Parkside to the other so that people could park at one end and still travel easily to the other, because even during non-shopping high times now, itís pretty hard to get through that area at times and the parking is difficult as well. So thatís just a suggestion to maybe try.

ē In response to the Kingston Pike Farragut High School crossing [Through the Lens question, Sept. 6], I pick my son up there a lot of times, and the only thing that I see that is dangerous on that corner is when the light turns green for the children to cross the street, the kids that are coming out of Farragut High School have a tendency to turn right onto the road, not paying attention that kids are crossing. I think there needs to be something done about that, because numerous times Iíve seen these kids in their cars going to the right when the kids start crossing, and they almost get hit.

ē Iím calling about the [Through the Lens] about the crossing in front of the Kroger shopping center to go to the high school football games. Instead of adjusting the traffic signal, maybe a bridge for pedestrians would be the best way to solve this situation. Itís just something that Iíve seen before in different locations and it works out perfectly.

ē I was reading the article about the YMCA in the most recent edition of your paper, and I still donít know why they werenít allowed to go in Concord Park? They say itís a commercial entity. When they built [a restaurant] right on top of the park, which is also a commercial entity, that really doesnít make a whole lot of sense. I was just wondering what the feedback was about that? The Y would be a perfect fit in that spot ó I know theyíve already terminated the lease on it. I didnít understand why they couldnít build it there if the [restaurant was] built right on top of the park?

ē I recently read in the farragutpress that the town of Farragut plans to start a Wellness Program for its employees. It seems to me that the land being used for the new town center development would be a perfect place for the new YMCA. The land could be donated by the mayor, and the employees of the town could use the Y as their Wellness Center. It would be a win-win scenario for both the town of Farragut and the YMCA.

ē My daughterís an eighth-grader at Concord Christian School. We also attend church there. Weíre so thankful to have that church, itís a wonderful, wonderful place to be, and I want to ask about all the comments thatís in the paper about the expansion. Itís so needed for the school and for the church, and itís something to be thankful for instead of complain about. Ö To look at a church as a blessing, not something we have to complain about, and be thankful for this.

ē†Signage regulations by the town of Farragut are really a little stiff. People complaining about signs at athletic venues and/or the eyesore that they may cause with tarps and nets. While some people find it offensive, others find it a work of art.

ē My family has lived in Knoxville for over 16 years, and I am at times appalled by the rude and derogatory comments that are made on presstalk. I just wish more people would call and recognize the positives in Farragut instead of scrutinizing the negative. Farragut is far from a perfect place to live, I agree, but I am proud to live in a community where there are many people willing to make a difference. We may not have the best schools in the state or the country, but what makes a difference is the parents. For instance, every morning, regardless of the weather, there are parent volunteers opening car doors at the primary school. I just wanted to give a big thank you to those people in our community who do something constructive to make it a better place for us all.


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