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• So everyone who lives in the Belleaire, Derby Chase, Farragut Crossing, Glen Abbey subdivisions, and Shiloh condominiums, please be sure you attend the Farragut Town Hall meeting Thursday, Sept. 20, at 6:55. The church has made an addendum to the proposed plan they turned in, and will be discussing plans not just to build a students’ center, but their entire school. This, of course, is going to impact all these subdivisions because of the First Baptist Church’s desire to reroute Belleaire Road up against the Derby Chase and Shiloh subdivisions’ back yards, and tear down almost 20 percent of the Belleaire subdivision’s houses and replace those with asphalt parking lots, lighted athletic fields and commercial style buildings. If you or anyone you know live in these subdivisions, or you have friends and family in these subdivisions, or you travel up and down the area of Kingston Pike … if you have any concerns or if you have any questions, if you oppose this in any way, please attend.

• I wondered if anybody knew what was going on with Ebenezer Road? They have it torn up all the way from Westland to Northshore. And actually, it’s in both directions. The road looked perfectly fine to me. I don’t understand what they’re doing unless they’re trying to spend more county money. But anyway, I hope someone has an answer to that. … I just wondered if anyone knew who the engineers were, or whoever approves roads, I wonder if they were smoking crack that designed Westland Drive? It’s backed up during drop-off time at [A.L.] Lotts school, backed up from Lotts schools all the way to Pellissippi. And most of those people probably are going to the school. But a lot of us aren’t, at 7:40 in the morning. It’s backed up from Lotts to Pellissippi, absolutely ridiculous that they would have that. Two lanes and a turn-off, all the way down to Lotts school from Ebenezer. Absolutely ridiculous. I have no idea why the millions were spent on that, and they didn’t do it the right way.

• CBFO Softball was fun and challenging for the young girls who participated in it — until the season was extended through half the summer. The extended season created problems for the league because it conflicted with many families’ summer vacations, family reunions and travel plans. Many players, thus, could not make all the tournament games. CBFO officials have handled this problem with heavy-handed threats to expel girls who go on summer vacations. This creates resentment for parents and fear for the girls. We love softball. Let’s solve the problem with solutions, not intimidation.

• I agree with you [caller] who [said] that they were appalled by the rude and derogatory comments that are made in presstalk. I am too. I don’t live on Belleaire, but I think if I did I would be happy for somebody to build, at their expense, a [inaudible] road for us to use. Now come the “conspiracy” questions: “What is their real reason and why are they hiding it?”

• I was pleased that the Farragut YMCA is not going to go into the Concord Park area. Concord Park isn’t even in Farragut, and to keep this a Farragut YMCA I think that what we need to do is put it somewhere centrally located, somewhere off of Kingston Pike or at least somewhere where it’s easy to access from Kingston Pike and/or the highway. Parkside [Drive], where all the Turkey Creek development is going in, would be an option, or as was mentioned two weeks ago, the area just adjacent to Ott’s barbecue would be a fabulous place for it. … I would love to have the farragutpress to do a piece on the area’s commercial development, and the adjacent area’s commercial development such as the area where Watt Road intersects I-40. I’d love to know what they’re planning on putting there. I love to know any other ideas they have for the Turkey Creek area. I was less than thrilled with the idea of a J.C. Penney. Something novel like a Trader Joe’s or Costco’s would be much more exciting in the area.


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