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Leone wins town prize, buys bike

Rebecca Leone, a fifth-grader at Concord Christian School, won the town of Farragut’s Movers and Shakers Club’s $300 grand-prize gift certificate to West Bicycles, where she upgraded from a 16-inch bike to a 24-inch bike.

“I was very excited. I’ve never won anything this big before,” Rebecca said.

Rebecca and her second-grade brother, Joshua, both exercised for 52 hours, earning each of them the chance for the grand-prize. Rebecca’s mother, Valerie, said, “My children are extremely active, and they don’t necessarily need any encouragement to keep moving. But I thought [the program] was a good thing. They really enjoyed it.

“We’re a pretty active family as far as getting outside and playing, going to the park, taking walks, so it’s not anything that we have really talked to them about. It’s more modeled. We do try to encourage them not to sit around and watch T-V, especially if it’s a nice day.”

She said it wasn’t she nor the children’s father, George, who enrolled the children in the program, but their grandmother, Lorraine Calderon.

“The person who needs to get the most credit is their grandma for finding out about it, keeping up with it, helping with the stickers and all that. I would give her lots of credit and thanks from Rebecca and Joshua’s mom that they did that for them,” she added. “[Rebecca’s] grandmother took her to the mountains, and they went to the pool up there. We’ve been going to Fall Creek Falls [State Park], and we like the bike trails around the lake, so we did that, but she’s the one who did most of it with them.”

Calderon said she enrolled the children because, “I thought it would be something good that would keep them busy during the summertime. They’re quite active, but I thought it would be good for them to see just how long they were exercising and how long it took to fill up the pages.”

Next year, “I would think that it could be written up a little bit more, maybe have a little start-off walk or bike ride around the Town Hall or something like that to get everybody into it, but I think [the program’s] a good idea. I think the town of Farragut does a lot of nice things for the kids,” she added.

When Rebecca found out she won, “She called me up on the phone, and I could hardly understand her,” Calderon said. “I was very happy that she had won. She had been wanting a new bike, so I was very happy for her.”

Rebecca said, “I bought a bike with gears … with the $300 that I won. I’ve already ridden [the bike] around the neighborhood.”

She added she “really liked the color of the bike,” and that her friends are excited for her.

The town of Farragut had 97 total kids register for the Movers and Shakers program. There were five levels to the program, and each level had a different prize awarded.

A total of 49 kids exercised 52 hours or more and were awarded the largest prize. Each of the 49 kids who completed the highest level was entered into the grand prize drawing for the $300 gift certificate to West Bicycles. The Board of Mayor and Aldermen drew for the winner at their meeting Thursday, Aug. 23.


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