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• I’m calling to complain about this First Utility District. We and Bent Tree subdivision have endured two leaks because of their water lines. One was last November, and now we’ve got another one today. We’re very inconvenienced with no water. They need to replace these water lines, ’cause this is happening too often. I don’t know why they won’t replace the lines, they really need to do that. Like I said, it’s very inconvenient, and I don’t really appreciate it.

• For the person in the Sept. 20 presstalk that thought it would be great to have a road built by the church in their neighborhood, maybe First Baptist could build it for them? There is nothing wrong with the road that Belleaire residents have used for 50-plus years. And it is the oldest neighborhood in this area.

• I’m calling about Bent Tree subdivision. We’ve had two leaks over here in the last year, and I’m getting real tired of it. I’m without water, I’ve been without water all day, and I do need water to cook with and everything. And when you call the water company, they say, “well, we’re working on it,” and all that kind of crap. I wanted to say they should go ahead and replace these water lines over here. Obviously these are old and rusty or something, they keep having leaks in ’em. They charge these exorbitant amounts each month, and what they’re doing with the money I have no idea. They really need to replace these lines. Again, that’s First Utility District.

• First Baptist Concord’s biggest problem in getting an expansion underway is their own current leadership. They have a hard time telling the truth. At the meeting on Sept. 20, their attorney sealed their fate when he stood up and started ranting about what was legal. He and the rest of FBC’s leadership have no regards for doing what is right. A church’s mission is to bring people closer to God, but this church’s leadership seems not to be concerned about anyone who is not a member or donor of the church. Having sat through three meetings with this leadership, I have yet to see any compassion for the community’s concern, any respect for Farragut citizens and leaders, and most importantly, any heart to act as God has called the church to do. No wonder their plans are crumbling before them. They have squandered church money by grossly overpaying for properties, engineers, architects and attorneys before they even had a master plan approved by the city. Now they are desperately trying to save face. It is too little, too late. They have misled their congregation and wasted their tithes and donations. As a result, now is the time for FBC members to fire its leadership team. They has irrevocably hurt the community, insulted Farragut’s leaders and forever tarnished their ability to represent Jesus Christ in a positive way.

• As a citizen of Farragut, I was very pleased [Thursday, Sept. 20] when I attended the [Farragut] Municipal Planning [Commis-sion] meeting. The reason I went was because I live in Belleaire, and the First Baptist Church of Concord had their student center plan to be presented. The reason I was very pleased is seeing our town council and planning committee in action. I was very happy to see them asking a lot of good questions, involving citizens from Farragut Crossing, Shiloh, Derby Chase, Belleaire and Glen Abbey allowing us to ask questions. So many of us have been afraid that this major expansion that would destroy 20 percent of Belleaire would be just passed right through, whether it was piecemeal or all at one time, because the church is so large that we were afraid the town really didn’t care about our concerns. I’m happy to say we were wrong. They listened to us, they listed to our concerns, they asked a lot of questions. They did not deny the church’s plans, I want everyone to know, they just have asked for more information and a better plan than what was presented [Sept. 20], so that they can make a better recommendation for the people of Farragut, not just the residents of the five subdivisions who will be so drastically affected by this plan. The residents and the people of Farragut who were there last night were very happy to see this, even though, unfortunately, the church attorney seemed to take this very personally and became combative about it. Democracy moves people, I saw it in action last night.

• In this past week’s farragutpress, Alderman Tom Rosseel [guest view] wants the impact fee on new houses and business, as all of us guess would be around $4,000. And [Vice Mayor] Mike Haynes [guest view] seems to be against the impact fee. When you have some businesses built, it will automatically raise property taxes on the house or business. This could cause everyone’s taxes to be raised in line with these new places built to get the taxes on houses nearby in line with the new houses or businesses built. This is also a property tax. We hope this impact fee is stopped. Also, this looks like a letter by Haynes, written so he can be a candidate for city mayor. If Haynes were elected Mayor, Eddy Ford would continue to run the city of Farragut. If you don’t want the impact fee, let it be known. This is a hidden way to get your property taxes raised. Many of these people have been in office way too long.

• I really think that you need to keep your reporters away the high school football games. I mean, they can get better coverage in the News Sentinel. Come on, they’ve got better things to do on their evenings; devote it to more important news, like what’s going on and how [a local politician] is profiting from the downtown center area.


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