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Realtor urges all residents to attend FBMA meeting tonight, Former alderman candidate says ‘no’ to impact fee, Driver beware

Realtor urges all residents to attend FBMA meeting tonight

What in the name of Real Estate is going on in Farragut?! A new “impact fee?”

As a resident of Farragut I’d like to know why introduce an impact fee if we’re trying to attract homeowners and new business?

I wouldn’t buy a new home in Farragut if I had to pay a fee that was stretched out over 30 years in a mortgage and I definitely would not find it feasible to open a small or large business in the Town when I can go a few miles down the street [in Loudon County] and avoid the “impact fee.”

The only thing “impacted” from this fee is our economy, which will be in reverse should this ordinance pass. The real estate business has suffered long enough in the past few years — leave it alone.

I urge my fellow residents of the town of Farragut to attend the first hearing for the ordinance on Thursday, Sept. 27, at 7 p.m., at the Town Hall and be heard.


Karen M. Pendergrass, CTG


Former alderman candidate says ‘no’ to impact fee

This Thursday night [Sept. 27] the Farragut Board of Mayor and Aldermen will make a decision and vote on a topic that will affect every citizen of Farragut for the next 20 years.

The topic: impact fees.

The result will change the business and residential atmosphere of Farragut for years to come. It is imperative the Board make a decision to encourage local businesses and residential developers to come to Farragut. They must send a clear signal to all to come and build progressive shops, modern housing, and new ideas that will encourage us all to do better for Farragut and ourselves. They must vote no impact fees.

Tom Rosseel, a member of the Farragut Board, says we need impact fees to build roads and parks to support the new businesses and residential developments that will come to Farragut. I disagree.

I say they will not come at all (remember Wal-Mart?). Who among us wants to continue to drive to the Knoxville side of the Turkey Creek development and spend tax dollars? Who among us will not accept a Costco, a Best Buy, a Publix supermarket, a JCPenney, an Ingles supermarket and a new Kroger supermarket into the tax revenue fold to support our infrastructure instead?

They all want to come.

Will they come with an onerous impact fee?

And finally who cannot say that their property values and their quality of life has not gone up throughout all of Farragut due to the arrival of the Turkey Creek development?

So if you agree with my position, please e-mail the Board members, call the Board members, or plan on being at the Farragut Board meeting Thursday night and encourage your Board to vote NO impact fees.

The future of Farragut and our financial wellbeing is at stake!

Ronnie Rochelle

St. Charles

subdivision resident

Driver beware

Wanted to share this story of an accident I was involved in, hopefully to teach others to be aware.

My car was rear-ended while I was at the traffic light next to the Calhoun’s/Regals entrance a few weeks ago. It happened to me once before several years ago elsewhere and each time it is a shock, normally we sit and watch the light and the cars in front of us.

I got out as the people who hit me did not and walked back to ask what happened of the driver.

A young woman, long black hair, was the driver, a similar age man was in the passenger seat and a small boy in a child seat in the back behind the driver. I remember the car was a small grey sedan, maybe a Honda Accord. As the other cars began to whip around us with me asking the woman what happened, she just said she thought “the traffic was moving” and “lets exchange insurance info,” I was about third in line, all stopped at the light so the “traffic was moving” line was suspect.

Then her [male passenger] said we’d better get out of traffic and so I said, “OK, let’s pull into the lot next to us (Calhoun’s).”

As I drove down the entrance I looked back and saw no one following and when I stopped and waited I realized what happened, they took off. So the lesson learned is that even though the signs on I-40 tell you to pull over to the side for non-injury accidents and the people seem sincere enough, at least glance at the license plate in case you meet someone else who is a hit and run driver.

Bob Warshal



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