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Healthy Habitz opens in Farragut

Healthy Habitz, a health store owned by certified herbal and natural health consultant Tanna Storie, has just opened in Farragut.

Storie, who received her certifications from the Tree of Light Institute in Utah, got involved in the business after being diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 1999.

Storie said, “I have always been interested in [health], I have a degree in physical education science, so I always knew how to eat and be healthy, but then I got started down the wrong path and I started eating bad things and doing things I knew better and I got very sick.

“The doctors were not helping me and I knew there was a better way. God directed my path toward the herbs and I more or less healed myself of all that stuff. I do not take any medications and I have no health issues now whatsoever.”

Storie’s certifications each required 300 credit hours of study.

“What does it mean to be a natural health consultant? It means that I am very proficient in herbs and how they act and how they help people’s specific issues. If someone walks in and says, ‘I have high blood pressure or high cholesterol, what can I take,’ I can answer that,” she said.

Storie enjoys working in conjunction with medical doctors to determine the appropriate course of action for her clients, but sometimes, medical doctors do not appreciate her craft.

“I run into that [some], but [the client] usually does what they want to do,” she said.

She added that she normally tells the client that it is his or her constitutional right to make the choice they feel most comfortable with and that the doctors cannot force a decision on them.

“I am not allowed to use words like patient, diagnose or cure. All of thse words are patented medical terms and it is against F-D-A [Federal Drug Administration] regulations for me to use them. I have to refer to people as clients and tell t hem that this may help them. I have to speak in those very general terms,” she said.

Storie is very cautious about the products she carries in her store.

“If it is not really high quality I am not going to have it here. There is never going to be anything here with preservatives or fillers or anything artificial,” she said.

Healthy Habitz carries products from companies such as Hallelujah Acres, NOW Foods and Pure Essence Labs.

“You will not find any of these brands in supermarkets,” Storie said. “Anything in Wal-mart or a grocery store is pharmaceutical grade, which means it contains chemicals,” Storie said.

Customers can even special order herbs for their pets.

“I have a vendor who has an entire line of liquid herbs for pets. I special order those because not too many people want to give herbs to their pets now, but it is getting big.”

In addition to a small line of health food stocked in the store, Healthy Habitz also has an organic food co-op.

“There is a one time fee of $10. I order once a month and it comes in on a big semi-truck, then the clients can come in at their leisure and pick up their order,” she said.

Storie added that the food comes from the same warehouse the Nature’s Pantry and other retail stores get their stock.

“And you get it for about 15% above cost,” she added.

Healthy Habitz will have its official grand-opening on Oct. 5 and 6 and the first 25 customers who sign up for the food co-op will have the $10 fee waived.

“I think what sets me apart from other health food stores is that someone can come in and speak directly to a certified herbalist and natural health consultant and get hands on attention,” Storie said.

For more information on Healthy Habitz, call 865-777-3700.


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