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Therapists choose Farragut

Complete Counseling West, a group of independently practicing mental health providers servicing adults and children, opened its office Monday, Oct. 1, at 11808 Kingston Pike.

Michael Cohen, licensed clinical social worker, said, “We moved to Farragut because it is growing and there are needs here to be met.”

Complete Counseling West shares a building with Summit Medical Group, and though they are not affiliated with Summit, Cohen said they chose the building because the group was there.

“We focus on emotional health and they focus on the physical aspect. It sort of gives us a well-rounded approach. We can work on the emotional aspects and if there is some sort of physical basis for some of the problems, we can refer to them, or vice versa,” he added.

Before the opening of the West office, most of the providers worked out of Complete Counseling North, located off Broadway in Fountain City. Several of the therapists live in Farragut and instead of traveling back and forth will be based solely out of the West office.

Complete Counseling is a full service-counseling center. The group consists of several LCSWs as well as a board-certified child psychiatrist, a nurse practitioner, a registered nurse and a psychologist.

“Often people do not know [the difference between] psychiatrists, psycologists and psychotherapists.

“Psychotherapists do counseling, psychologists can do testing [such as] intelligence testing and testing for A-D-H-D [Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder] as well as counseling, and psychiatrists can prescribe medication.” Cohen said.

“The psychiatrist we have here does counseling and she is a PhD.,” he added.

Evi Taylor, LCSW, said the Complete Counseling team prides itself in its flexibility.

“When someone calls to make an appointment and they do not have an individual in mind that they would like to see, our receptionist will ask if they prefer a male or a female, someone older or younger, they can specify what they feel most comfortable with. Sometimes if a parent calls and there is no father, the mother might say ‘I want a male because there is no father figure in his life.’

Sometimes in marriage counseling they may want someone older who has had more experience and has been married for years,” she added.

“It’s about having a relationship,” Cohen added. “Having that person you can trust who is outside of your typical circle.”

Christine Barckhoff, LCSW, said, “We encourage people to think about what they might be best suited for, what gender or age group might better suit their needs.”

Cohen said,“One of the benefits of having this alliance [of practitioners] is that we have a lot of choices. If [someone] calls and says ‘I would be more comfortable with a female and I have this kind of insurance but I really need it to be on a Tuesday evening,’ we can go down our list [and meet that need]. We try to match up personalities as much as we can over the phone. We have the flexibility of morning hours, evening hours and weekend hours. We are able to see people when it works for them.”

Taylor added, “We are all licensed, so we can all treat whatever problems come in, but we all have specialties that maybe we see more of or that we have had more training in.”

Cohen said the group does all types of counseling.

“We do play therapy with kids, individual marital counseling, couples counseling, and family counseling,” he added.

Cohen sometimes uses his dog, Barak, as an icebreaker with children.

“It’s not really pet therapy, it’s just something I do sometimes, working with kids there is that relaxation factor,” he said.

Barckhoff said,” We are certainly available for people in the community who have mental health needs but we are also available for people going through life transitions. [People] maybe going through a divorce, empty nest, some kind of loss or aging. Lots of times people come to points in their lives when they might need some help getting through a particular event.”

Taylor said they would be offering anger management groups, domestic violence groups and other group therapy sessions.

Barckhoff added that she enjoys going out into the community and would be available if a group wanted to set up an educational workshop.

For additional information regarding Complete Counsel-ing West, contact 865-392-5753.


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