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police reports

• Aug. 1: An employee at a gas station off North Watt Road advised police that an older white male pumped $13.57 in diesel fuel and then drove off without paying.

• Aug. 1: A Newport Road man advised police that an unknown suspect stole equipment from a job site off Campbell Station Road. The complainant also advised cables and locks were cut from equipment in order for it to be stolen.

• Aug. 2: An employee at a restaurant off North Watt Road advised police that person(s) unknown stole a chicken fryer, which was sitting outside the back of the restaurant. The complainant said the regional director had told them he would be picking it up to take to another location. When they noticed it gone, they thought he had picked it up. Recently the regional director came to get the fryer so they realized it had been stolen. The value was $10,191.06.

• Aug. 2: Officers responded to a report of a dog bite off Parkside Drive. The victim stated that the dog bit him in the neck when he was trying to feed him. The victim is dog-sitting for the property owner who is out of town.

• Aug. 3: A Midhurst Road man stated to police that a bicycle has been in his yard for over a week and he does not know who it belongs to.

• Aug. 4: A woman reported to police that while she was at a restaurant off Campbell Lakes Drive, she started receiving text messages from the suspect, who was at the same location. The victim stated as she was walking to her vehicle, the suspect was waiting in the parking lot and grabbed her by the throat and shoved her down and that the suspect had a handgun in his hand at the time. The victim had red marks on her neck. The victim stated she struck the suspect a couple of times to get him away from her so she could leave. The suspect phoned in and stated that the victim had come to his house after he saw her at the restaurant and tried to get into his house and that he shoved her out the door and the victim struck him in the face. The suspect had red marks and some swelling on the right side of his face. The suspect stated that he did text message the victim, but after he left the restaurant he never spoke to her there.

• Aug. 4: An Autumn Leaf Lane man advised police that unknown person(s) damaged the hood of his vehicle. “I wish my wife was this dirty” was scratched in the hood. No suspects.

• Aug. 4: A man was found lying in a grassy area next to a parking lot off Campbell Lakes Drive. The man was intoxicated and he had a strong odor of alcohol on his breath, slurred speech, blood shot eyes, and was unsteady on his feet. The officers determined the man was a danger to himself and others. He was arrested and charged with public intoxication and transported to be booked.

• Aug. 4: Police responded to a Kingston Pike business where a witness came upon suspects at a woman’s vehicle who had the vehicle jacked up. The victim stated she and the witness discovered that the suspects had tried to cut the exhaust system off her vehicle. The witness gave a description of the suspects’ vehicle.


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